Posted on October 24, 2008

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Ron Paul Promises to Return when Country Needs Him Most 16:02:05
This Ron Paul supporter has the right idea 15:24:15
THE MAIN QUESTION IS - Why not let the wisdom of the free market set interest rates instead of the FED? 13:35:41
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 08:52:02
Ron Paul on Cavuto 03:58:58
The single greatest thing I've ever heard discussed in a presidential debate 03:51:34
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CNN: Sarkozy Voodoo doll a hit in France haha 23:50:14
War Declared on the Elite by McCain & Palin 23:18:06
Is Obama a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S.? 22:59:23
BAILOUT FAIL! Kucinich on the Billion dollar bonuses 22:46:55
Larry McDonald 22:36:15
terrifying charts, 22:34:12
Webform and Link (EASY): Support RP's American Freedom Agenda Act 22:20:40
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! 22:12:48
Investigative Report: McCain Suppressed Info on Fellow Vietnam POWs Left Behind 22:08:55
(NEWS POLL) Should Lakeland, FL install red-light cameras? (tyranny is winning poll) 22:01:05
@ Ron Paul supporter attacked - Attacker Left 'M' on Face ... must DIGG! 21:55:11
Closed Borders, Not turning into a Good Thing for the Constitution 21:49:50
Argentina plans to seize pension funds. US likely to follow. 21:35:33
What Does $700 Billion in Gold Look Like? 21:29:41
Live in a high-poverty neighborhood? 20:49:00
Rhino: Looky what we have here. <<<Hint: It's Friday >>> 20:45:42
AE911 truth new interview with NiST'S Dr. Shyam Sunder 20:28:11
JP Morgan Chase chief Dimon received death threats 20:27:31
It is hereso ordered that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a nateral born citizen 20:25:44
Lehman Failure may cause $300 Billion Damage out of the US 20:15:24
The head of Voter watch .org on LIVE now 8pm EST 7PM CENTRAL 20:13:20
Yet another excellent "Zeitgeist: Addendum" rebuttal 20:01:10
RP made the Onion - LOL Good Stuff 19:55:02
These taxpayers might want the IRS to find them. 19:53:43
Judge orders that Obama is not natural born and must be removed from all ballots for President of the United states? 19:53:14
Antonius Pius & Ron Paul 19:45:13
SCARY!!!!! What do you think??????? 19:43:13
Power blackouts, New World Order, and Catastrophe Theory 19:31:34
On Lou Dobbs 10/24 they were reporting 19:26:00
War vs. Abortion Argument 19:20:08
Mr. Madison’s War Versus Mr. Bush’s War 19:16:23
Strike Called: LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN ! 19:16:09
Tired of seeing Chemtrails.. 19:09:00
The New "New World Order". By FML 19:01:25
the A Jones ,W Nelson ,J Ventura truth festival sunday october 26th 18:47:00
Show me a Stock or ETF better than this one over the last year? Beat 92%. 18:28:57
One From The Morton Downey Jr Playbook 18:00:52
Ron Paul Neil Cavuto Telephone Interview 10/24/2008 18:00:38
Where is the thread that had the video 17:56:56
One From The Morton Downey Jr Playbook 17:48:28
9/11 Truth Movement gaining momentum across the Country 17:32:50
Great explanation of how private coinage would work 17:27:39
Another Friday and another bank bites the dust 17:24:52
Prop 2 -- Another Look 17:20:49
Bush's Preemptive Self-Pardon: Pardon Me, Congress? 17:18:58
Liberty News Wire ... NEW! ... DIGG IT! 17:12:01
Hmmm 17:06:57
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto next it's now 4:48 EST 16:47:23
is the new world financial order coming this 11/15? 16:39:31
10/24/08 DOW closes 8,378.63 down -312.62 -3.60% 16:03:37
Chuck Baldwin and common ground with Nader 15:27:30
Resource-Based Economy? 15:24:47
Powerful message for your LDS friends 15:22:06
This kid gives hope for the future "911truth now" shirt censored 15:14:09
McCain volunteer makes false police report 15:09:22
Next in the Bailout line please: Treasury Extends Bailout Funds to Insurance Firms 15:00:16
Norwegian Soldiers Land at Fort Indiantown Gap 14:53:56
3rd Party Debate "Watch it Here" 14:49:05
Let them eat cake!!! 14:35:15
Video: President Bush Endorsing McCain-Palin 14:32:00
MUST WATCH: **Great Documentary: EU - Remote Control** 14:26:03
GM to reduce salaried workforce by 5,000+ US Auto Industry Needs Bailout to Survive 14:25:34
Ron Paul Hits Out At "Arrogant" Greenspan live on CNN 10/24!!! Watch it here NOW!!!! 14:18:14
B for BS! 14:13:41
Ezra Taft Benson warned us YEARS ago 13:47:17
***US third parties fight to be heard*** 13:44:19
Obama & DNC Admit All Allegations of Federal Court Lawsuit 13:35:03
Who here is on the ballot for a local office ? Let's help each other 13:25:42
Don Harrold on Greenspan Hearing 13:18:22
CC Goldwater Endorses Obama 13:10:25
***Ron Paul CNN Front Page!*** 13:09:18
545 people responsible for the woes of 294 million 13:06:27
All in the name of Science-- A cat that glows 13:02:35
$50,000 offered for dirt on Mccain or Obama ! 12:56:03
Zeitgeist Rebuttal - convenient link now 12:53:51
Expanding Border Powers Creating ‘Constitution-Free Zone’ That Covers Two-Thirds of Americans 12:52:16
Capacity, not combat: It's time to get behind efforts to build up Afghans' ability to run their own country 12:51:15
Ron Paul Revolution meets Freedom not Fear Protests in Germany 12:46:30
*Warmonger Obama Wants U.S. Troop Surge in Afghanistan* 12:40:49
Chrysler to let go of 25% workers next week. 12:26:44
Francisco's Money Speech - always enlightening 12:25:21
ATTN: Pennsylvania Patriots 12:13:58
***Nader Surge in Colorado*** 12:09:28
Richard Clarke states that we will have a terrorist event before the election 11:40:05
Debate clips anyone? 11:38:40
END THE FED 11:29:04
Obama Wants Immediate US Surge in Afghanistan 11:26:20
Unifight 11:12:26
Animal-Human Embryos Okayed 11:09:02
First lady wannabe Michelle Obama 11:05:27
Your Papers Please !! or get arrested in Amerika 10:21:30
Blast from the past: Ron Paul Graphs 10:15:43
***TRUTH IN the "11th hr. TV show last night?*** WOW! 10:09:25
If DOW drops 1100 before 2 PM they will suspend traing for 1 hour/ 09:31:24
Scared to imagine! 09:30:19
Fair price to pay for silver??? 09:29:44
i cannot reply to a comment on a topic 09:26:48
Silver Warning 09:16:32
WOW, WOW, WOW......I have to share this with everyone 09:14:16
Ron Paul on CNN 10/24/08 [video] 08:53:52
*VIDEO* Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 10/24/2008 08:47:47
Bush allows DHS & THS to require passengers to seek permission to fly before boarding!! 06:02:20
When dollar collapses, using gold coin for commerce? 05:00:17
Gold Coins 04:56:02
Dow futures down 548 - Update 04:48:36
baldwin broadcast ad 03:30:25
November 8th - National Open-Carry Justice Day 03:25:50
Why did Dr. Paul endorse John Culberson? 02:30:02
Scott McClellan endorses Obama! 02:17:14
Lookit This -- Obama Birth Certificate typeface not available until recently 01:58:00
****for the economic-deflationist geniuses on this site*** 01:48:14
Freedom first or Constititution First? 01:41:26
I just asked Dinesh D'Souza, "Was the Bailout moral?" 01:27:38
Baldwin Not on Texas Ballot 01:20:57
I watched this Obama video, and it gives me pause. 01:06:35
Are you an American or a Globalist? 00:46:39
Obama's grandma confirms Kenyan birth & lost lawsuit by default 00:26:21