Posted on October 25, 2008

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Video: C-Span Third Party Presidential Debate 23:55:10
Recession...NOPE, Depression Indicators...Volvo Truck Orders Down 99.7% 22:58:23
Jim Rogers today says Paulson, Bernanke creating a new great depression 21:15:16
The All-New Survival Food Thread. 17:25:14
NOW do you believe that 911 was an inside job? 15:23:32
Peace Mom Exposes Corporate-Shill Pelosi on Bailout in New Ad 22:58:24
Another Ron Paul on Cavuto - 10/24 Evening 11:44:45
Video: U.S. Media Avoiding Real Issues? Baldwin & Nader on Russia Today 07:54:37
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FYI: Kennedy gonna push for universal 23:52:14
Congress: What Bernanke and Hank aren't telling you 23:01:24
Should the U.S. have its own domestic intelligence agency? 22:57:46
"The End of America" Great New Video by Naomi Wolfe - Watch It FREE at: ... 21:59:46
Lessons from Argentina's economic collapse 21:57:42
couple get marijuana with order of tacos 21:50:06
US tries to impose sanctions on Russian arms to Iran without any legal basis , Russia say's nyet ! 21:42:58
Write-in ballot in MD 21:33:50
Illegal Aliens and the Housing Crisis 20:43:52
Youtube: Phil Berg-Obama citizenship vid going viral (3.15 million views!) 20:33:41
Obama National Anthem [Video] ROFL...but kinda commie scary :P 20:33:17
Gov't Generating Panic in Order to Buy Up Companies Cheap? 20:02:42
from Joan Veon: The Final Trumph of the British over America 19:35:58
Ron Paul Write-In Status in California!!! 18:57:32
GM can't afford 401 K ! 18:55:11
Obama is a card-carrying socialist 18:43:11
***If Ron Paul Campaigned This Hard...*** 18:32:44
Interesting Image. Total Peace 1937. 18:31:45
Adam Kokesh - "I am a soldier" .. DIGG for Adam! ... Are You a Man or a Mouse? 18:19:09
How will a coup help put RP in the Oval office? 17:57:20
U.S. Troops get truth mail watch the neo-cons try to sell the koolaid 17:20:20
The "Lesser" Of Two Evils May Actually Be More Evil 17:06:13
Jefferson on Rapid Immigration. 16:30:05
Check out this base money growth..... Wild 16:27:47
***U.S.of A (apathy)*** 16:06:48
Redistribution may take time to catch on 15:59:24
November 15th Protest 15:32:21
***5000 Murdered During Katrina?*** 15:26:58
It begins...."Companies start competing for bailout money" 15:06:19
Calls for "New World Governance" 14:42:26
Al-Qaeda endorses John Mccain. 13:53:02
Someone Please Help. Searching for "NO TRESPASS" Document. 13:48:33
***Freedom*** 13:39:45
Ron Paul supporter attacked and get's an "M" carved into his face :( 13:33:10
Obama-Alien: Cui Bono? 13:32:55
Government fails again; Uses for Bailout money ever shifting 13:01:56
Video: Majority of Americans Predict Voter Fraud in U.S. Election 12:45:29
China's gonna dump the U.S. dollar. 12:17:23
LDS Folks: New video underscoring importance of voting on principle 12:14:53
Principles of Liberty class--Gilbert, AZ - November 1st 12:09:37
Times blog entry mentions Dr Paul 11:56:48
Ron Paul on FOX Business w/ Cavuto 10/23/2008 11:51:18
Philadelphia Lawyers 11:34:10
B.C. man paralyzed after flu shot warns of risks 11:28:28
Help others prepare for the crash 11:05:22
Analyst blames Paulsons " illuminati " for monetary crisis 10:42:30
Chuck Baldwin & Ralph Nader debate on cspan2 10:40:31
touch screens flipping votes in missouri and texas 10:21:36
Word of the day...seigniorage! 09:45:05
U S Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 09:36:41
rp supporters file class action lawsuit against obama! 09:36:32
Judge rejects Montco lawyer's bid to have Obama removed from ballot 09:35:43
Spontaneous Order and the Ron Paul Campaign--- (why we are all so cool!!) 09:34:58
This article shows that people are CONFUSED about capitalism. 09:34:30
Please help 09:07:34
Wesley Clark--Ignores Afghanistan Question & Dismisses Gold & Silver 08:59:19
The Moral Case for Tax Havens (new video) 08:41:49
any protest in nyc about the bloomberg fiasco? 08:29:44
Congressional hearings about new plan re 401K retirement savings plans 08:27:36
Bailout Congressman Targeted In Missouri As Well!! (VIDEO) 07:29:38
End the Fed: Truth 07:10:31
Should Ron Paul now endorse McCain? Hear me out!! 06:32:22
I VOTED 06:31:13
***Out of Curiosity-Dr. Paul said he would only drop out of the race WHEN... 05:29:14
Chavez: "Comrade Bush is to the Left of Me Now" 05:13:51
The tyranny of local government (forget the Federal for a moment) 04:35:50
Police Officers Beat Up Little Old Ladies at Pres. Debate 04:29:17
Are presidential polls rigged? 04:27:17
Video of Naomi Wolf on The Alex Jones Show (10.22.08) 03:39:16
Gates Foundation paying Scientists to turn Mosquitoes into "Flying Syringes" 03:21:10
ATTN MICHAEL - "Thank you very much for this useful informations" is at it again 03:09:35
Hey, Check Your Accounts. Something Fishy Going On!! ATTN MICHAEL! 03:02:11
"W" 02:44:15
The future of Obama supporters? 02:31:02
Joe the Plumber considering challenging Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur in 2010 (one of the few good members of Congress) 01:58:11
Sure hope i'm 01:51:15
Maybe it's just the KB talking 01:20:33
Push for Early and Absentee Voting 01:18:21
I'm listening to this show on the radio 01:18:08
JUST got my Property Tax Bill!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA 01:06:12
"My Uncle used to tell me that stuff, he disappeared in 94" 01:00:11
Illuminati behind the Crash 00:49:55
MUST SEE!!! - "The End of America" New 75 min. video by Naomi Wolfe - Great!! Watch it free at: ... 00:23:55
Are you an American or a Globalist? 00:11:48
What immigration problem? 00:10:08