Posted on October 26, 2008

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Has Cash Been King for the Past 10 Years? 23:05:30
U.S. Military Launches Attack Inside Syria 21:01:48
Roubini: The Worst is Yet to Come; Global Markets May Close for up to One Week! 20:52:11
Ron Paul pays my electricity bill! 19:46:24
Nelson, Ventura, Jones Truth Concert Tonight 19:37:50
Uh Oh, the quality of the Daily Paul has gone off the Deep End... 01:50:27
Anti-War Video Featuring Adam Kokesh 00:41:09
Mock the Vote 00:05:42
Help End the Income Tax in Massachusetts! 00:00:45
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Best Video Summery of Everything happening Now. Pass it around. 23:53:12
Video: Gold and Silver in the next 30 days... 23:46:19
This sounds fishy to me 23:41:13
As I snuck into the concert, I heard, "It started the day Nixon took the country off the Gold standard..." 23:36:26
Alternative Answers for Improving Education in Poor Communities 23:32:19
The Lumpen Proletariat 23:27:56
International Healthcare 23:27:20
Did Congress give Wall Street the key to the chastity belt? And did you lose your vi 23:22:23
So who do I vote for? 23:17:12
OK, this is weird! I posted on a thread that had 3 links to videos of subliminal messages and now it's gone! 23:01:55
Chuck Baldwin will be on C-Span tomorrow morning! 22:57:45
Now that the market has started crashing, does anyone know if Peter Schiff's techinque is working? 22:46:20
Sunday pick me up. 22:41:51
Wall St. Bailout to include 70 billion in executive bonuses. 22:39:26
Campaign For Liberty Website Glitches 22:12:31
Chuck Baldwin on Bailout Bureaucracy 21:57:33
911 Truth 21:42:36
Revolutionary Monkey?? 21:39:08
Obama's Ineligibility - Fax Bomb to State Sec. of State, Attorney General, and County Clerk 21:36:58
We don't need the government to bring peace on earth. 21:22:04
Reuters: Suspected U.S. drone kills up to 20 militants [in Pakistan] 21:09:19
John Kerry wants New Deal II 20:52:12
★ C4L Important Update! ★ 20:51:13
Willie is about to perform ***Alex Jones - Willie Nelson Truth Fest Streaming Live Now! 8:24 PM - EST 20:23:29
Right, this is what we need 20:11:24
***Best Of All Nader Videos~Enjoy*** 19:44:51
Neocons and the pro-life platform 19:40:07
McWar guarantees a victory ... a close late night victory 19:28:30
US now attacking Syria! Are you freaking syrious ? 19:05:07
New Baldwin Video (Audio) on Bailout - He Is On C-Span Monday Morning 18:47:42
Vote no to all incombents unless you know good reason to keep them. 18:45:27
Lindsey Williams - Alaska Oil Boom The Energy Non-Crisis - $1.00 gas a gallon?? 18:22:56
Depleted Uranium 18:16:10
Gulf War video 18:14:13
Department of "Defense" to Spend $300M on Propaganda for Iraq 18:06:57
CHUCK BALDWIN call-in show--Mon, Oct 27th, 8:00- 8:30 AM ET 18:05:08
Is this the world crises that Biden told us about??? vaccines can kill?? 17:42:31
Height of Empire: Collectible Corruption 17:40:30
aVoiceofReason WHAT'S UP??? 17:32:25
Syria: US choppers attack village near Iraq border 17:04:11
What Ever Happened To....... 17:04:01
Michigan Supreme Court candidate RODDIS is a Paulite/Austrian 16:53:51
Show this to your friends who don't understand how the Fed inflation destroys the economy. 16:40:13
End The Fed - November 22nd 16:36:54
An interesting article on John McCain and illegal immigration 16:36:30
The Fed Causing Economic Crisis-Steve Forbes! 16:23:29
***AP Nader Sets World Record*** 15:43:54
Will Bird Flu Pandemic Be Spread Through Vaccine? 15:39:35
A Bio Weapon HAS been released in the U.S * Very Important * 15:16:37
U.S. Helicopters Attack inside Syrian borders, witnesses report 15:13:20
Am I seeing this right Dow down 513?? 15:00:19
The biggest bubble of them all is GLOBALIZATION 14:41:33
Mcalvany 2008 14:13:37
Bird and Fortune 14:13:31
Organization 13:22:20
What's it all about, Dr. Paul? 13:13:43
Learn about the bigger picture - Health 12:37:01
Vietnam Veterans Against McCain 12:31:46
Banks “We have better things to do with that money you gave us than lend it out” 12:29:28
Sgt. Major John Holland Requests McCain Drop Out 12:27:53
Jeremiah Black... 12:06:39
Ive heard some talk about the derivitive bubble, whats a derivitive? 11:51:21
Indiana Republican threatens to fight Libertarian 11:45:38
Fight over Alameda GOP seats heading to court 11:40:14
Farm Advice from Someone who ISN'T an Expert at Farming. 11:18:59
BJ Lawson needs your help for the final push 11:18:21
Glenn Beck presents the Obama National Anthem 10:16:05
Bill Maher reminds Art Laffer of his penny bet with Peter Schiff 10:09:04
Lou Dobbs: Major Public Concerns Of Martial Law In The U.S. & Army Denies Claims 10:08:26
Gates speech to encourage increased nuclear arms commitment 09:46:37
Massachusetts can Write In Ron Paul!!! BUT.... 09:21:39
Baldwin-Paul 2012 09:12:08
Will a 3rd. party solve anything in the long run? 09:11:22
Questions for IT person about money bomb type website with multi-million capacity database 08:53:16
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.... 08:00:56
news lady asked Biden if Obama is a Marxist!!!! DIGG IT NOW!!!! 07:14:02
I Guess Sex sells better than Politics.... 07:10:20
Detonating Hive Mentality: The Way Of The Outsider 05:40:09
The swindle called: Global Warming 02:21:49
NYSE Stock Market Crash Circuit Breakers No Help to Portfolios 01:35:55
The Silver Conspiracy Theory Hoax 01:33:35
Obama Citizenship Lawsuit Headed to U.S. Supreme Court? 01:30:51
How many military bases does the empire have 01:29:18
Obama National Anthem 00:24:16