Posted on October 28, 2008

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Ron Paul: Spending the Economy into Oblivion 22:04:03
I love the Federal Reserve. What a good thing for our Country. 21:19:45
We cannot afford to ignore this: Halloween Candy from China? Melamine + Toxins? 21:19:46
UPDATED : 3rd party VP debate Sunday Nov 2nd in Las Vegas NV and needs your help! 16:56:37
Help! My girls are being brainwashed! 16:42:54
Naomi Wolf reaches out to the Ron Paul Revolution 22:04:04
Sarah Palin Supports New 9/11 Investigation 11:47:46
I Love You Guys 00:39:01
The End of America on RTR Radio 15:33:53
★★★ UPDATE from BJ Lawson: EMERGENCY, FINAL, LAST MINUTE MONEY BOMB needed!!! 11:47:47
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National Disgrace- Our Troops Votes Not Being Counted 23:58:47
RTD confiscates another 180 parcels of private property under eminent domain 23:39:46
Generation We? 23:36:39
Army funds synthetic telepathy 23:21:36
Why not tax the creation of money instead of consumption? 23:01:00
*Letter From An American Patriot* 22:57:03
Ron Paul and Alex Jones on the Internet 22:28:56
Voter Fraud (Video) 22:17:28
Chuck Baldwin LIVE NOW! link here 21:49:15
Now I Know Why Alex Jones Calls His Site Info Wars 21:43:08
Chuck Baldwin Coming Up On RTRRadio 21:36:30
"Norm's got to go!" 21:32:58
***Ralph Nader=Truth*** 21:28:21
CHUCK BALDWIN on radio show shortly Oct 28th Constitution 21:17:35
$2300 Obama Donor initiated probe of Joe the plumber 21:15:30
Experience? 21:14:24
Voting 21:03:02
5th of November Again? 20:45:57
Ron Paul Silver and Gold Rounds 20:23:46
40 Tactics of the NWO 20:07:15
"Debtor's prison"? 19:42:28
Moxxor - The world's BEST omega-3 anti-inflammatory and antioxidant! 19:30:00
Thank you JVWTT 19:28:51
Paul should take two states! 19:17:00
The lesser of two Evils.....Digg Please 19:05:05
When military-industrial complex and medical-industrial complex meet 18:57:45
The CONstitution 18:36:08
Putin advises China to quit US dollars 18:21:10
Senator Saxby Chambliss (GA) and GOP goons drown out any questions about bailout at campaign stop 18:12:20
Naomi Wolf vs Obamanation Presidency 18:02:31
Bob Barr on NBC... he's kind of a hypocrite.... 17:49:37
Tom Brokaw and Colin Powell 17:37:19
Personal Financial Question 17:31:01
Fox Business Channel Now! 17:19:43
Another candidate is in the Race for President 17:16:49
***OMG Nader Leads In Early Voting*** 17:08:18
*3rd Party Vice-Presidential Debate November 2nd in Las Vegas* 16:51:20
Tennessee Voting Opinions 16:32:48
Obama's 1/2 hour 16:30:16
Stock market chart question here 16:29:02
***Nader Radio Ads*** 16:27:35
A Hard Look at Gold! 16:25:24
Can someone please explain this insanity to me? 16:09:00
What's wrong with Ray McGovern today? 15:56:37
Results of The Lion and Lamb 2008 Presidential Poll...It'll shock you! 15:27:12
New Yorker: Hagel asending Mccain :Beware what falling tide leaves behind 15:23:13
U.S. dollar to remain reserve currency of choice 15:14:06
Opinion of Obama's redistribution of wealth program 15:12:40
WOW......GET ON THE HORN TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! 15:09:51
Japan unveils Robot Maid 14:58:37
In memory of an unrecognized Patriot 14:11:08
Way to unbelievable , had to post 14:03:20
The situation for McSame in Nevada on NPR, or how the Ron Paul movement bit the Republican party in the butt! 13:57:20
The Only Choice on November 4th by Lew Rockwell 13:43:14
REAL ID Media Event Oct 29, 2008 D.C. 13:39:24
Are you financing your own slavery? Have you graduated from the P.C. University? 13:16:56
The money was there all along... 12:58:40
Bruce Fein, Says Next President Must Rectify Abuses By Bush 12:55:34
Paul/Lawson 2012 12:42:38
Great Documentary: EU - Remote Control 12:19:54
Ron on the Latest Stimulus Scheme 12:18:24
Ideas on the nader/paul thing 12:17:51
Gen. McKiernan Slams Media for Negative Afghan Headlines 12:14:50
Biographies of presidents 12:12:33
★ SCRAP 401(k)s ? - HUH! 12:08:43
Poll - Please Vote Chuck Baldwin @ 1% 11:51:04
Sarah Palin Supports New 9/11 Investigation 11:37:16
Ft. Jackson to conduct "Mass Casualty Scenario" 11:10:34
Tough times: Congress grew 13 percent richer in 2007 11:07:37
Nuclear Thefts ‘Disturbingly High’ 11:00:09
Chuck Baldwin Dominionist? 10:45:38
Ohio Attorney General Candidate Robert Owens Money Bomb TODAY! 10:25:53
McCain worried about Ron Paul in Montana? 10:12:11
One party rule 10:04:36
Buy Guns and Ammo Now! 09:49:40
50,000 purged from voter rolls in Georgia U.S. 09:32:51
This is how americans are really going to be protesting 09:27:48
Anyone hear Glenn Beck yesterday? about disarming? 08:34:40
Congressman Calls for AG Investigations of Financial Crisis Culprits 08:23:47
I am considering a nasty call to Sen. Ted Stevens's office. 07:48:53
Obama redistribution story 07:42:13
AP: Whirlpool to cut 5,000 jobs 07:04:02
Ron Paul Official Write-In Ballot 06:41:10
WVA Vote Flipping Caught on Tape 06:35:02
Poll: 81.7% of Americans Say Political Corruption Played a Major Role in Financial Crisis 06:31:33
If this is right then the FRN is toast 04:44:50
Alan Greenspan: Public Enemy Number One 04:37:56
US Iraq troop deal "crushing defeat" for Bush 04:28:28
Rigged USA Elections Exposed 04:02:21
Historical Verdict on Bush Will Be Harsh 02:59:44
Just donated to BJ Lawson, MATCH ME PEOPLE! 02:28:59
Has anyone noticed that McCain ends every speech with a slew of catch-phrases? 02:14:19
A SHOCK to the SYSTEM! 01:59:31
10/27/08 Washington Journal-Chuck Baldwin President Candidate 2008 01:53:40
Ready for an election day surprise? 01:32:23
From Italy with rEVOLution ! 01:29:46
Obama's pro-war record (good to send to any liberals that you may know!) 01:07:38
Free energy? Not quite... but almost. 01:07:34
Freedom Under Siege - Ron Paul (e-book) 00:56:58
Don't Talk About the Weather. 00:34:36
"B" Girl Was A Ron Paul Supporter 00:32:12
Saturday Night Live makes fun of Biden's crazy talk 00:31:40
"The Last Enemy" 00:28:24
State Department Explains how to identify mis-information 00:24:22
The Campaign for Liberty on College Campuses 00:15:06
Lindsey Williams on rense right now! **UPDATE** ANOTHER RERUN ON NOW 11.30 MOUNTAIN TIME P.M. 00:07:26
Want a laugh while remembering why we are all conservative?? (and love our guns?) WATCH THIS !!! 00:06:28
Free energy Video 00:03:58