Posted on October 29, 2008

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*Breaking News Nader To Debate Barr And Baldwin* 16:58:48
★Kucinich kicking ★ss on Faux News★ 16:54:46
Waxman to Banks: WTF? 15:03:59
Are Stocks the Bargain You Think? 14:39:57
Peter Schiff on Bloomberg TV 14:39:58
Hate Thought Crime Detection around the corner? Scientist say yes.. 10:06:22
"And what do you think of usury?" - "What do you think of murder?" 06:47:31
Surprise, Surprise! Congress Grew 13% Richer in 2007 10:06:21
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Pete Stark Blows Up Over National Debt 23:56:18
There's a War on Zombies? Be Prepared! 23:51:36
Rushdoony in 1968 - "four kinds of politicians" 23:42:00
Announcement! 23:37:42
A Time for Revolution; Letter to The Editor 23:14:04
Bob the Builder endorses Ron Paul 23:13:26
Donate to Jim Guest in MO. Real-ID is his #1 issue. 23:07:22
Bernie Sanders interviewed whether citizens can delegate rights to gov't that they don't have 23:00:34
Confessions of a Ron Paul Slacker! 22:59:06
RP on Rachel Maddow 10-29-2008 22:57:33
You might be bi-sexual, use this handy flow chart to find out. 22:51:29
Check out these new electoral charts , good write up about Ron Paul 22:40:32
Stang again at his best 22:29:53
Obama Late To Hearings Consistently VIDEO! 22:29:01
Well known- 'Dr. Mercola' dedicates page on his website to Ron Paul & the FEDERAL RESERVE!!! 22:26:02
Help convince this undecided voter who to vote for 22:25:38
***The Good Fight*** 22:18:52
Andrew Cuomo, 22:18:03
Doctor Paul knocked it outta the park tonight! 22:04:12
Compromising Principles? 21:54:41
***School Included 3rd Parties*** 21:11:48
Can we get a roll call!!! 21:11:11
Kirk to Spock: "must raise interest rate shield or the Klingons will penetrate" 21:11:00
Oh Boy, Now Syria is marching 20:52:24
Rhino: Opportunity 20:41:30
Everyone is a militia!? 20:26:20
and of the four, 20:12:13
It sounds like Obama wants a Line Item Veto? 20:11:35 presidential poll (Ron Paul now winning) 20:05:02
Trick or Treat ;) 19:59:52
Socialism: The Decline and Fall. 19:26:53
Lyndon Larouche 19:24:59
PAC • Groups E Letter The Ultimate Remedy Show for October 29, 2008 19:21:47
The Truth about the United Nations 19:16:15
Everyone is militia! 19:06:22
Avoid Foreclosure and Possibly Eliminate Your Mortgage 18:51:48
Why Hillary doesn't touch the subject of Barack's religion 18:45:06
JFK, MLK, RFK, RP, MN, N.Wolf, you and I... 18:34:24
Stuck on the Elevator 18:29:08
Jeff Frazee and the Young Americans for Liberty 18:09:20
Does Anyone Know If We Can Wear Ron Paul T-Shirts to the Polls (if he is not on ballot) ? 18:07:20
This picture breaks my heart 17:39:17
Gitmo judge tosses out detainee confession obtained through torture by Afghans 17:36:31
Ron Paul 17:34:49
Registered # of voters out number people in the counties in MO. 17:34:05
Dennis Kucinich On Fox Business 10/28/08 17:21:10
TIME: has a video of the rally 17:20:20
3 men with Gold confuse Sheriff's sale 17:18:48
Naomi Wolf: I have 9/11 questions, like any thoughtful citizen does 17:11:09
BBC Question Time still has some seats for tomorrow's show in DC 17:08:51
Bob Barr - Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader DEBATE TOMORROW NIGHT LIVE! LINK TO THE DEBATE HERE : 16:58:25
Great overview of the UN world government 16:50:47
Electoral college need reform? 16:41:35
***Don't Throw Away Your Vote*** 16:17:04
Glen Beck's show is over for now? 16:09:51
Crooked Central Bank Plumbing the Depths of Depravity 16:01:42
My six year old daughter's classroom election fraud! Outrage! 16:01:32
Let us start a New Church 15:55:29
Ron Paul could be spoiler in Montana presidential race 15:53:53
For Those Not Happy With The Candidates... DIGG/REDDIT 15:39:49
Joe the War Criminal 15:38:22
Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name - They Live - PUT THE GLASSES ON! 15:14:54
Has Libertarianism Ended? 15:04:17
On Face The Nation Colin Powell told Tom Brokaw that a crises is 14:51:31
Anyone following the Michelle Obama "tapes" scandal? 14:34:09
URGENT: need to find guy who put up graphs site for RP moneybomb donations last year 14:25:58
"The Mystery Of The Undecided Voter": Who and Why? 13:41:15
Somenone said " Gold would see $400 before it sees $775 again" 13:28:42
Need your opinions on the candidates 13:22:33
I HATE NPR 13:11:59
Vaccine makers can't be sued for a pandemic 12:56:11
Tonight is Obama's Primetime 30 Minute Speech 12:44:16
On the Bus With Willie: ‘Hell yeah there’s a reason to investigate 9/11′ 12:43:49
Jobs in America are evaporating, all is good! 12:37:39
Sanford - Governor of SC - on CPAN now 11:59:08
Are we about to enter the twilight zone , Bush's free zone. 11:52:43
Voting 11:50:09
Greenspan has stabbed our cause in the back!!! 11:41:41
For all you Gold Bugs 11:31:36
Domestic Terrorist? 11:26:07
Help! How do I vote? 11:24:56
Summit to finalize NWO planned - Bush apparently not up to speed... 11:22:43
Three more days to vote RON PAUL in October 11:10:26
How funny is this? 11:06:09
MUST READ article for convincing other "Christians" that war is wrong! 11:01:19
What happened to IOUSA? 10:53:30
Rusty's Rant 10:51:30
Is this how Baldwin will win EVs? 10:47:17
Check out this video about Barack Hussein Obama!!! 10:44:08
Here's an idea for the libertarians, what do you think? 10:36:20
***Great Article for those thinking about voting Obama!!*** DIGG IT!!! 10:15:59
A disturbing Halloween prop 10:06:46
Any news on Rights of Redress? 10:03:42
Best article on vaccines - sources from the gov't's own sites 09:58:30
Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank taking on claims by Paulson and Bernanke 09:41:50
This is literally NWO implementation; it IS happening before our very eyes. PLEASE ask ALL to take thi 09:30:53
Ron Paul endorses Tom McClintock(?), who said Paul "is Not Presidential Timbre". 09:05:17
Bra-Gate 08:42:43
Dr. Mercola: Why the U.S. Economy is Going to Get Much Worse 08:39:04
"Nursing shortage" - anyone else have personal experience? 08:27:13
I Am An Undecided Voter ... You? 08:20:29
Unemployment is getting out of control 08:04:53
25 Best Job markets in the US 07:53:56
Letter to Bank 07:42:16
iehuvihs, I see you - how much attention to you crave? 07:05:49
Poke that dollar with a fork, it is DONE 06:58:45
Marxist Zbigniew Brzezinski's sons are both advisors to both McCain and Obama 06:56:10
/ 06:46:48
Where is Rhino's thread? NYC broke - Rhino 10 for 10 already? 06:43:25
/ 06:41:18
/ 06:41:17
paying for the failure of Empire - 99.25% income tax rate 06:35:15
Why is the FRN rising on the FOREX index? 05:39:34
Billy Jack - Still A Patriot! 05:01:24
Maltese freemasons go public on the internet 04:25:42
Ron Paul discussing the Left/Right Illusion 03:36:58
Benjamin Fulford. A possibe outcome for the very* near future. 4 parts. 03:30:21
Are you ready for social security 2 ??? 03:25:24
Blackwater in New Orleans 03:19:17
Your daily dosage of fox news :) 9/11 truth movement interview 03:12:40
Obama running for dictator 03:03:33
Bush is pushing last minute bill to get passed for immunity for war/torture crimes 02:56:14
A Useful Common Cause 02:44:16
How The Fed Creates Bull Markets & Bear Markets 02:00:54
Call for True Patriots willing to FIGHT! 01:48:04
Wanna Help BJ Lawson even more? BJ's voter outreach program rolls out!!! Help with calls!!! 01:47:19
9/11 Somerset PA testimony 01:39:40
Common Sense: A Revolutionary Idea....DIGG! 01:31:04
Richard Dreyfuss Slams "W" Movie, Calls Oliver Stone A Fascist (VIDEO) 01:07:27
This is Good! Spreading the Wealth around Obama-style!! 00:54:03
What if McCain would have OPPOSED the BAILOUT? 00:51:38
WSJ Opinion by Napolitano. 00:50:19
Get to DC!!! 00:28:08
Did Saddam bagman help Obama buy mansion? 00:16:45
Stranger than Fiction? Possible Pres. Election Outcome 00:01:41