Posted on October 3, 2008

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Bailout gives IRS authority to conduct undercover operations 23:57:59
Now What? Bailout Bill Passed; Stock Market Hits New Low 23:58:59
Bailout already a failure! They already want more! Throw the bums out! 23:03:09
FOXnews: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on the Bailout 19:25:14
Homer Simpson Votes Using DIEBOLD 09:51:58
Bailout Bill Passes 263 - 171: Roll Call 23:03:10
Glenn Beck hits Bailout Bill and McCain- seriously! (Video) 04:03:18
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AIG subsidiary parties in style in OC, two weeks after bailout 23:57:57
How to make $100 million in less than a year from $500,000 23:53:15
Mother of All Bank Runs - Forbes 23:46:57
Laughs from the VP debate 23:34:43
Posting a photo? Thanks...I got it! 23:30:22
After the Lying Sacks in the MSM bully Congress into the bailout, the market ... 23:25:15
Economic Collapse in Argentina 2001 23:19:01
Tequilla...Friday night free for all..... 23:14:51
Bomb-Bomb Iran: To Avert EMP Attack? I doubt it too! 23:09:30
We are disgusted. What to do now??? Doom soon or next. 23:02:03
A must see video from 2006! 22:57:55
John McManus prophetic words from 1994 22:56:07
Become a "Wheelie Bin Snoop" for job security ?? 22:47:28
Question on the constitutional authority to incur debt 22:43:54
Zeitgeist Addendum: Came out today! Oct 3rd 22:36:16
Citi deal 4 Wachovia down 22:35:06
NEW ***Zeitgeist - Addendum*** 22:32:01
I'll just leave this here.... 22:31:39
Plagiarize me bro! 22:29:17
A way to beat the systems? Don't borrow and take your cash out. 22:25:34
I HATE O'reilly, but this is entertainment! 22:05:09
A depression and Gold...... 22:04:08
People say "believe half of what you see, and Son none what you hear" 21:59:15
I am convinced 21:47:20
VIDEO Ron Paul on bailout bill just minutes after leaving the floor. 21:42:31
How bailouts and our dishonest system are used to steal from you 21:32:33
What Now True Believers? 21:26:26
Rove may be pulled in finally 21:25:57
Is your Congressmen on this list? 21:10:22
U.S. CONTROL OVER , The bleak news just keeps coming from europe. 20:58:31
I have an about we send every Congressman..... 20:53:22
Ohio woman, 90, shoots self during eviction; Fannie Mae forgives loan 20:44:49
Chuck Baldwin live from the JBS convention NOW October 3rd 8pm central 9pm eastern 20:35:54
Serious question for all... 20:30:04
Now here's an interesting perspective on the bail out 20:27:03
Bailout is Bougus! The House MUST originate ANY bill that requires public funding, the Senate wrote this bill ! 20:20:26
★ HELP WANTED! ★ Need Talented People, Ad Designs! 20:17:00
Bank runs 20:08:34
Welcome to Zimbabwe-town, USA 20:07:07
New MUST SEE Video: Money - A Brief History of the American Dollar 19:57:58
Do you remember the cop who tazed the guy in new york on the ledge ? 19:54:32
Now Greece: The Bank Run Goes Global 19:51:18
Rep. Michael Burgess Comment Martial Law 19:49:34
Hedge fund warning. Owning gold could be banned? 19:46:05
A Pitchfork in My Lawn !!! 19:33:43
Can you help Idaho's most AWESOME candidate? 19:33:10
[Front page on Digg] Bloomberg: If you think this bailout is expensive, just wait until you see the next one. 19:30:34
Anyone else having trouble getting on C4L site? 19:27:04
Where's Glen Beck tonight? 19:01:18
bush already signed the bailout 18:58:17
How Much Money Does The federal reserve Make 18:50:33
Nice bit of.....REVENGE! DIGG IT! 18:50:17
Anybody else notice something wierd about this press release from the FDIC? 18:48:57
Another wierd 911 theory ? I was asking myself a question and ......... 18:40:10
Always Vote But NEVER REELECT! 18:39:33
It's Friday, 6:30PM EST, not too far from 9:00PM EST Which bank is going down tonight? 18:29:47
Goodbye America, We'll Miss You! 18:29:43
U.S. missile attack in Pakistan kills at least nine 18:27:47
WHAT IF... 18:27:29
Set up a "boo" task force 18:07:46
Dear Dr. Paul, 18:06:19
A little comic relief - Enjoy it while you can 18:04:40
My Senator Jon Kyl's Reason for Voting Yes on the Bailout letter 18:04:14
Ron Paul article on Faux Business News 18:02:30
**Breaking** Glen Beck Reporting Silent *Bank Run* As We Speak... 18:01:01
Daily thoughts 18:00:42
The core message right now is: Vote Third Party. Start erecting signs to that effect!!!! 17:57:03
Future Call for Revolution? 17:53:23
Public Meetings with CONgress peeps 17:37:55
LIVE from the JBS convention Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin to speak and be interviewed October 3rd SEE LINK HERE 17:37:29
How will you decorate your FEMA Camp? 17:36:12
Maybe Leo Wanta will save us! 17:33:20
US threatens to steal Iraq oil money 17:32:10
OMG! Bailout Bill Officially Translated! MUST READ!!!!! 17:30:36
Ron Paul endorses FSP 17:30:13
Hong Kong Suprise? 17:29:43
FOR LIBERTY 17:23:22
Something is going down 17:18:29
Lehman Creditors Say JPMorgan Caused Liquidity Crisis 17:15:21
The Traitors in Today's vote 17:11:01
Bird and Fortune - Subprime Crisis explained 17:10:01
Audit the FED 17:09:49
Can we get a tally....... 17:08:41
Final Roll Call Vote on H.R. 1424: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 16:57:41
**Unity Party Please** 16:57:26
Greetings Comrades Welcome to Ze New Amerika. 16:56:51
There WAS something in the bailout for US! 16:54:11
So, How Long? 16:41:35
McCain Handed The Election to Obama 16:40:48
Start calling congress 16:39:43
"The Time To Buy Is When Blood Is Running In The Streets" 16:26:31
Huckabee on Fox Socialist America 16:24:59
How to keep the bailout from getting off the ground? 16:23:15
IM not payin federal income tax anymore 16:22:00
[VIDEO] Ron Paul on CNN after bail out passed... 16:19:55
Dr. Paul on the Yahoo! finance page 16:16:51
What's really a heartbeat away: 16:13:35
RP is having an effect whether the MSM wants to admit it or not. 16:07:40
Russia vs. Georgia conflict over? Not by a long shot! 16:07:37
whats goin on with wells fargo and citi-bank right now? 16:04:45
Reacting to Bailout Passage 16:03:06
Michael Badnarik LIVE 4pm eastern here : 15:56:22
the republic is over. 15:56:21
MOLECH and MAMMON 15:53:04
Passport RFID HACKED! 15:52:54
Another soldier died in Iraq today(Oct 3) 15:44:44
Whoa... DOW continues to bite the big one. 10,360 15:40:11
After Bailout passage, DOW is 15:38:45
DIGG: See the bailout in action [PIC] 15:38:22
The House Is Now In Adjournment Until January Lets Find Out Where They Live And Peacfully Protest Outside Thier Homes Until 15:36:36
See the bailout in action [PIC] 15:36:29
I Was Feeling Angry and Depressed and Then I Got An Email From Ron Paul Suggesting... 15:35:05
***Nader Blasts Bailout CNN*** 15:34:04
The senate thought they were losing the pirate vote! - Rep LaTourette - link 15:32:49
***All Your Congress Are Belong to Us!*** 15:32:19
How bad is it? 15:29:49
Are you ready to close ranks around a single 3rd party candidate yet? 15:29:06
Nancy Pelosi - "all of us are believers in free markets" 15:25:55
Our only hope 15:20:57
Maybe our only solution..... 15:19:05
CALL A BANK - any bank! 15:15:04
DOW dropped 200 points since vote 15:05:12
Ghosts of the Great Depression 15:05:09
Congress OKs historic bailout bill; Bush signs it 15:03:13
852 users online - too bad we don't have 535 15:01:58
***Ralph Nader About Bohemian Grove*** 15:01:50
Now All The CNBC Talking Heads Are Flip Flopping On The Bailout 14:58:32
Ron Paul WILL Be On CNN With RICK 3:00 p.m EST 14:54:46
Buffitt Said 14:46:23
Dow Up 17 Points (2:41 ET) 14:39:23
10th Amendment 14:28:59
President just went to Treasury 14:28:57
The Prophet Ron Paul video showing how right he was 14:26:57
The Game is Rigged. Do not participate! 14:25:39
**Video** Money - A Brief History of the American Dollar 14:25:18
Fight Fire with Fire *UPDATE2!! 14:25:04
SILVER - where to buy? 14:19:26
The Wolves 14:09:00
*Video* - Money - A Brief History of the American Dollar **Digg It!** 14:05:39
*Bailout Passes Will Taxpayers Revolt?* 14:04:54
Terrible Resolve 14:03:46
DIGG - Ron Paul's pre bailout warning!!! 14:02:03
The way the world views Americans 14:01:22
**FINAL ROLL CALL** 14:01:21
Would I be out of line.. 13:54:34
My mistake, please disregard this post 13:53:52
Since We Have About 1,000 People Here Reading The DP 13:53:44
Secrets Of The Plunge Protection Team 13:53:26
Give Federal Reserve Notes 13:51:38
Who voted "Yes?" 13:51:09
Please provide a link to the list of turncoats and post ASAP: Udated Here it is. 13:49:19
JBS Convention LIVE HERE : Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin to speak and be interviewed! 13:49:18
LaRouche; No Bailout! they will kill you! 13:48:28
I will be voting and giving for Chuck Baldwin 13:44:57
Well, we got sold out. So, have some fun... Watch their bailout at work here: LIVE! As the DOW plummets. 13:41:50
If This Bailout Was Suppose To Claim The Markets Why Is the Stock Market Tanking? 13:31:17
*VIDEO*You're Going To Guarantee A Depression!!! Ron Paul 13:30:25
the stock market is tanking since vote 13:30:16
***********Call CSPAN Now! 1:30pm EST*********** 13:28:07
everyone at work says obama will fix it when bush is gone 13:24:18
Martial Law Survival Common Sense (learn some) 13:22:51
10.3.08 THE END OF THE USA bailout passes 2-1 13:18:55
The Bailout, McCain, and the Smoking Gun - Virtual Conspiracy Exposed! 13:16:48
How the hell to we kill the banker's influence 13:16:09
Martial Law Will Be Declared If Banker Bill Not Passed In House 13:06:00
15 minutes to socialized banking? 13:05:13
Martial Law Will Be Declared If Banker Bill Not Passed In House 12:59:41
WHY do all the AYES voters of the first bill have all this long speaking time 12:59:03
Here we go again in South Ossetia today 12:54:59
McCotter Again..Fox News is so lame. 12:54:07
***Bailout Package Doom's Day*** 12:51:54
This is just plain sad 12:42:26
BailOUT is Fraud vs. BANKrupcy is Law 12:33:40
A vote for the Bailout is a vote for China's victory and us as it's Servant 12:32:53
Here's what I wrote to my bastard... 12:32:28
thanks doc... 12:20:02
Dr Paul addressing the house 12:18:05
RP ON NOW 12:17:29
R PAul on CSPAN now for 1 minute--11:21 CST 12:17:18
Ohio D Marcy Kaptur said "NO" 12:16:12
GO KAPTUR!!!! 12:13:22
Sign up for Zogby Polling 12:12:37
How we have been Enslaved by the Federal Reserve - Great Video - Digg It! 12:09:46
Whatever happened to the $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon budget 12:09:04
has ron paul been up on the house floor yet? 12:01:53
I don't want a loan 11:58:24
Throug a child's eyes.... 11:34:12
Third party ticket charging the candidtates for the presidential debate! 11:25:00
Post your questions to RP here 11:16:20
Where is Ron Paul right now? 11:16:01
PROS and CONS 11:12:14
*Mom, Dad and Today's House Vote on the Bailout* 11:11:25
I hope it passes.Looking forward to martial law. 10:56:06
10 steps to maximize self-sufficiency TODAY *Update* 10:55:49
Congressmen threatened with Martial Law if.... 10:51:34
WelKom to the Korporations Fascist Dictatorship! 10:50:35
Lies and Fear Tactics - STOP THIS BILL!!! 10:47:04
Poll: Do You Support The Bailout Bill? 10:46:59
When this bailout fails, our next goal is to bring down those who voted yes!!! 10:43:19
Get your wooden arrows 10:35:59
It's now easier to vote Ron Paul 10:34:54
Carbon Tax Provisions Hidden in Bailout Bill 10:32:37
Roy Blunt...three important things... 10:27:40
Finding officer's name via ID number 10:14:31
Are they Voting on the Bill? 10:07:53
****!!!Call CSPAN now to oppose! 202 737 0002 10:07:16
Exciting Times! Look at the Positive for a Moment... 10:06:31
Voting has begun 10:05:35
September job losses steepest in 5-1/2 years 09:54:37
A little Friday fun 09:52:01
Bailout Plan originated in May 2007?!?! 09:51:19
Play Banker BULLSH%T BINGO! 09:37:16
Ron Paul was on Mike Gallagher Radio show 870am in Los Angeles 6:35 am 09:32:23
10-3-08 9:30 AM ET Rep. Brad Sherman on C-SPAN 09:29:54
MSM Ignores Hidden Carbon Tax Provisions in Paulson’s Bailout 2.0 09:24:11
Who Are These "Blue Dogs" 09:20:24
China Declares Financial War on America 09:19:28
Just called my Rep, they expect this bailout to pass! 09:19:20
Tell your Congressman to have coffee with Ron Paul today!!! 09:19:18
Experts Endorsing Ron Paul’s Sensible Plan To Permanently Dismantle Federal Reserve 09:04:48
California may need $7 billion dollar loan for day to day operations. 08:55:49
The exorbitant cost of a militarized police force 08:53:05
Schwarzenegger Signs Anti-Skimming RFID Measure But Vetoes Bill on School IDs 08:48:45
Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill - Great Video - Digg It ! 08:43:31
The Making Of America 2.0. Interesting article. 08:05:51
CNN pundit: "They better be glad there's not a Ross Perot in this race". 08:05:24
Swiss based UBS trading in metals only now 07:58:22
Wells Fargo-Not CitiBank-- buying Wachovia for $15 B 07:49:11
Paulson to Congress: There will be MARTIAL LAW in America if the bailout is not passed!!!!! 07:16:01
Congress Phone Bomb 07:11:43
The Silver Lining to the Bailout 06:36:21
Ok, Good night you guys! This girk is going to bed now! 06:21:46
Has the Long-Awaited National Emergency Finally Arrived? 06:20:56
My email to my representative who voted Yes! 06:02:39
The Delusion of Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils 05:49:55
Judge orders Obama to produce birth certificate 05:36:40
Cops Say Anti-Terror Funds of $22.7 Billion Are Wasted by Homeland Security! Take AOL Poll if You Agree. 05:27:04
Looks like Ron Paul will be on Fox Business at 12pm today!! 04:03:11
FBI prevents agents from telling the truth about 9/11 on PBS 03:49:57
China and us.......just a thought. 03:44:18
Jesse Ventura is getting his own show! 03:42:06
I havent heard John McCain make anyone famous 03:20:01
Experts Endorse Ron Paul's Sensible Plan to Permanently Dismantling the Federal Reserve 03:12:11
Something Wicked This Way Comes‏ by Darrell L. Castle 02:47:24
Monsters Incorporated 02:44:58
NY Times - Top Republican Leaves - Compares Party to "Dog Food" 02:43:45
Shocking Report of "Secret" Closed Session Congress Held on March 13th & What They Discussed!!! 02:41:45
SIGNS 02:31:30
DID I just make a mistake??? 02:28:05
Who pulled the 9/11 ? An independent investigation. 02:27:13
The Republican Downfall-Sarah Palin 02:22:56
Was Governor Palin Reading Her Answers?? She could have been. 02:20:31
Michael NYSTROM HELP!! 02:19:18
In "Need a girk, chatta me kort!" Please DO NOT BUMP!! 02:10:35
FacePalm: Apology 01:49:52
FAX and EMAIL BOMB the House of Representatives NOW! 01:48:24
Bailout bill forces loaners to submit FINGERPRINTS to Gov. - Digg it. 01:47:23
“This is by no means a perfect bill.” 01:30:59
DIGG: Nader Exposes Who's Funding Obama and McCain's Campaigns! 01:16:32
Ron Paul for President 01:07:59
★★ Cukoo Cukoo! "Wall Street Is Gone. It Doesn't Exist Anymore". ★★ 01:07:44
ITS MY BIRTHDAY on DailyPaul!!! 00:53:14
Watch these 2 videos 00:40:48
Where is Ghengis Khan 00:40:41
DIGG: "CHINA DECLARES ECONOMIC WAR, Demands $700bil bailout from US" 00:28:42
This is Disgusting propaganda... 00:28:30
Key Congress CONVERTS! 00:28:21
Where's jzneff now? 00:24:08
Email All of Congress at once!! 00:15:52
Lets get down to business 00:02:51