Posted on October 31, 2008

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Best Halloween Costume EVER! 12:46:45
BJ Lawson on Glenn Beck 10/31/08 19:29:27
I.O.U.S.A. - 30 Minute Version! 18:54:34
Goal: To destroy the GOP and rebuild it in Ron Paul's Image. 16:32:05
Naomi Wolf reaches out to the Ron Paul Revolution - Part II 14:14:09
Adam Kokesh LIVE tonight Friday 8pm EST 7pm central : Taking your calls and answering your questions. 12:46:44
Pension Time Bomb Explodes 11:37:21
Lew Rockwell interviews Naomi Wolf - Turning Libertarian 14:14:10
Funny! SNL: President Bush endorses McCain and Palin 00:00:07
All this bickering about O'bomb'a and more McWAR... 01:08:51
Weekend Watching: The Crash of 1929 18:54:35
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Obama Closing Catholic Hospitals? 23:55:01
Torn on my congressional vote 23:49:04
★Cindy Sheehan follows the constitution (ELECT HER!) Let her Debate!★ 23:47:53
AHHH!!! There are Zobamies everywhere!!! 23:18:22
Ron paul has endorsed Michael McCaul!!!!!? What's going on!? 23:12:36
you guys won't believe this! 23:03:23
Keep an eye on the Pelosi/Sheehan race. 23:02:23
MAN of THE YEAR ! ;) DIGG! 22:49:34
yard sign getting honks 22:46:17
CNN: Palin Talks 2012, Mc.Cain Aide "Speechless" 22:41:28
I.O.U.S.A. -- The Movie -- Free Online Version Now Available! 22:10:06
Grizzly Bush Photo 22:00:15
Perfect Theme Song for 2008 Election 21:47:45
executive order allows the president to bypass senate confimation 21:34:24
Could flooding the world with dollars actually be a good thing? 21:24:55
Wayne Allan Root (LP) on Live right now tune in 21:20:41
Need Help - what was the name of the incident documented that the US 20:49:51
Great article on B.J. Lawson 20:33:35
Happy Halloween! Any banks floating on top of the tank tonight? 20:12:18
This Just In ! 19:55:46
Crazy Obama Supporter 19:49:24
*McCain and Israel's Bombing of the USS Liberty*Video* 19:48:28
Banks Creating Money out of Thin Air 19:30:17
Rally For The Republic DVD Promo 19:18:21
COP says he can do whatever he wants, 19:11:45
Anyone got any creepy Videos for halloween ? check this one out :o( 19:04:16
C4L's Trailer: Rally for the Republic 18:49:11
A good Ralph Nader commercial 18:14:56
A question about chemtrails... 18:04:19
C4L website. Remind your Senators a security pact aka treaty, requires Senate Ratification. 17:47:49
AOL Poll re: FED rate cut! ** IMPORTANT** 17:26:30
C4L website. remind your senator a security Pact with Iraq( a treaty ) requires Senate Ratification 17:15:24
Want to help take down the Illuminati? 17:13:28
Black Preacher Tells It Like It Is 17:11:58
NO ELECTION???? 17:05:25
ANY EXPERTS IN THE HOUSE? - on Fractional Reserve Banking! 17:04:38
Vote Third Party! Promote Ron Paul's Four Points! 16:54:48
Banking on Becoming President 16:43:54
Socialism and the Economic Calculation Problem 16:31:05
Barcode Info. Where is your candy from? 16:30:54
Socialism and the Economic Calculation Problem 16:27:01
Nevada Republicans PLEASE read this!!!! 16:13:57
Presidential Debate, City Club, Oct. 30 [video] 16:12:24
Happy Halloween, DAILYPAUL 16:05:30
Rhino: 5 day prediction 15:57:26
The International - The Movie 15:49:05
Hang In There Everyone! 15:44:27
Gitmo at Home: Domestic Violence Courts in America 15:30:45
PHOTO OF THE DAY! 15:14:19
Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations from prepaid credit cards 15:11:30
★Adam Kokesh organizing DC rally!. ★ END THE FED! ★ Action: Sign Up, Show Up, Ante Up! $ 15:02:30
I'm voting for Hitler! 14:50:58
Another U.S. missile bombs pakistan today ! 27 dead 14:48:23
Look at all these executive orders signed by King George ! 14:34:11
16th Amendment Attacked In The 7th Circuit 14:28:19
Pinocchio Bernanke 14:21:20
Bankster Bernanke Learns how to use a Teleprompter :-D 14:14:00
Holiday "spirit" - got a ghost story? 14:10:33
Zelikow Publishes Piece on New World Order: "An Open, Civilized World" 13:47:34
Next shoe to drop! 13:45:09
***McCain's Campaign Just Got Knocked Out*** 13:40:14
Gold Coins in short supply.. Command 50% premium 13:38:44
CINDY SHEEHAN For Congress debates Nancy Pelosi at KQED 13:37:41
An Obomba loss means blood will run in the streets! 13:32:48
Hot wired 13:31:54
I need a patriotic quote, QUICKLY! 13:18:02
Should Christians vote for the lesser evil? 13:14:39
Watch Dr. Paul, Andrew Napolitano, and Others Live 13:09:01
A vote for McBama is a vote for the NWO 13:04:38
HEAVY CHEMTRAILS in So Calif..... UPDATED... HELP!!! 12:50:22
Wonderful interview: Lew Rockwell educates Naomi Wolfe 12:45:37
19th century political issue of "Free silver". 12:42:52
Banks To Us: "Thanks For The Cash - Now F**k Off, Suckers" 12:23:20
MO petition to Secede floating around 12:17:07
Incumbents - who should go? 11:56:35
WSJ: Who is "Angry Joe" voting for? 11:55:20
BJ Lawson on Beck Now! 11:33:16
Bailout Bill #2 -- It's coming 11:24:25
No money for autoworkers says Paulson 11:18:41
McCain Wins in Landslide Victory 11:18:17
House of Cards 11:16:01
★ One Person Can Make a Difference ~ The Simple Truths of Service 11:12:47
Pondering etymology. 11:05:47
Flu Mist 11:05:11
A theory...trying to connect the dots of forced events 10:47:03
You are almost certainly not paranoid enough 10:42:18
The World Without US 10:18:16
Rituals - they have them, should we? 10:00:44
My butcher sold me an empty hot dog casing! 09:35:25
American Policy Center 09:23:57
FOX News to sink Obama in the eleventh hour 09:14:52
Last minute calls for today's Mock Market? 09:14:25
This ought to be the only video the movement needs 09:07:59
As of 1-1-09 it will be much harder to pull money from 401Ks 09:07:29
McCAIN MUST NOT WIN! Rememeber that little grin on his face when Ron talked about the economy? Traitor. 09:05:56
Conspiracy of the Lght 08:47:06
Two Fake Candidates - Vote your mind 08:42:52
Psalms 23 Democratic version 08:13:40
U.S. Expects Bin Laden Message Near Election 08:05:01
Found a great article...By Greg Evensen frmr KS ST trooper 08:04:02
Goldman Sachs ready to hand out £7bn salary and bonus package… after its £6bn bail-out 07:40:04
Best places to live for Republican, Democrats, and Liberty lovers 07:33:49
Got any "fight" left in you? 06:57:59
Been here nearly a year, STILL can't find an old thread... help! 06:48:33
For REAL CHANGE feast your eyes on this BALLS WITH TEETH Plan 06:20:16
Herbert Hoover, the architect who laid the foundations for the New Deal. 05:54:49
Global Oil Production Is Falling Faster Than Expected 05:51:57
Should CFL buy TV ADs like Obama 05:29:35
Steal a campaign sign, get zapped! 05:00:37
Dr Hatem Elrafaei on peak oil & food 03:51:20
Goldwater to vote for McCain ??? 03:34:36
Cast a vote, get vaccinated! 03:32:50
100% Bailout Free! 03:04:41
How Ron Paul's 2002 predictions have come true 03:03:17
Does anyone have photos of Police State stuff??? 02:23:17
Parents to be fingerprinted by nursery schools 02:21:03
Best explanation of the bailout yet. 02:04:09
CNN Rick Sanchez Catches McCain Spokesman Mike Goldfarb Lying 02:03:51
America is dying, It is time to notice ! 02:03:04
Fed $120 Billion Bailout of Emerging Markets 01:56:21
Hello Fellow Brothers! 01:34:48
Ron Paul in xkcd Webcomic 01:17:38
I Just Sent My Final Donation For This Election 01:15:24
Obama and supporters the REAL RACISTS! LISTEN TO DEVVY KIDD NOW 01:09:11
'Tough' Economic Times, Ya' Think.. 01:02:31
"You have no right to question Obama's citizenship" 01:00:51
Kucinich Continues Investigation of Bail-Out Bonuses 00:35:47
Daily Paul on Steriods 00:28:04