Posted on October 4, 2008

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★ No Time to Waste! Will we keep OUR Oath? ★ 22:09:21
Ron Paul's Pre-Bailout Speech 10/3/08 10:50:33
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**GREAT SLIDE-SHOW ON THE FED!! - "Biggest Scam In History!" 23:58:10
POLL: Coward of the Week!!! 23:57:46
Movie * The Antichrist Conspirasy * 23:41:23
Last Night's Attack 23:39:54
Comfort Dollars 23:21:27
**GREAT SLIDE-SHOW ON THE FED!! - "Biggest Scam In History!" 23:07:40
All lasting change comes from outside the system 23:06:11
This is Paulson's, and Bernanke's theme song.... 23:05:54
The Crimes of The Fabian Socialist NWO 22:53:34
Christopher X & other SILVER and Gold stuff 22:45:53
Why my congressman won't be my governor, also known as why Factchecker lost Hulshof the election 22:35:00
Give Them "The Slip"! 22:29:07
Rich Lowry Masturbates to Sarah Palin 22:26:16
★ Fannie Mae Forgives Mortgage After 90 Year Old Lady Shoots Herself ★ 22:23:52
This site needs this....... 22:05:47
★ No Time to Waste!★ 21:59:37
★ No Time to Waste!★ 21:57:53
Who has has seen the best way to convert car to alternative fuel or more MPG? 21:47:36
Where are you bigmike? 21:38:23
Bailout goes from $700 billion to over $800 billion, so I guess the $100 billion extra was to switch a few nays to yays 21:25:00
Ron Paul live video October 4 9pm eastern link here 21:12:21
Zeitgest Addendum - First Half is about Monetary Policy!! 21:12:10
What is your "doomsday" shopping list for this week? 20:58:26
Question please 20:46:00
How AIG's Collapse Began a Global Run on the Banks 20:38:50
Update - HELP PLEASE! Idaho's bailout sell-out will have write in challenger! 20:16:28
Freedoms phoenix has a news story that links back to Daily Paul ? 20:12:58
A Calamity has to Unfold 20:07:04
70-yr-old woman charged with terrorism 19:34:57
Fedral Reserve Disposed of Nazi Assets 18:53:55
Congressman Ron Paul is WRONG!!! 18:31:29
Charting the Bailout? 17:58:51
A serious problem 17:51:03
Pink Slip D.C. 17:47:23
Baldwin Money Bombs? 17:34:10
Comedy Skit from 2007 which predicted the financial scams! 17:28:18
Peace with Iran? Not now, silly; it's campaign season! 15:48:21
Call For Action 15:36:55
LRC blog: what are the flaws of the banking system? 15:23:13
2nd Amendment Bomb 15:20:51
Update: What really Happened has complete details on the Bogus Bailout scam. 15:10:42
Europe on board saying no to US dollar. 15:10:23
Fellow Chicago, IL district 7 Patriots- WE HAVE A CANDIDATE!!! 15:07:46
$100,000 reward for Karl rove? 15:05:11
Actions for Social Transformation 15:01:39
Bush just murdered another 21 pakistani's 14:54:30
Obituary for a Nation 14:50:22
Why such a mess : Paulson led 2004 SEC rule change 14:42:37
Video: New World Banking Structure on Order - BBC News 14:36:51
Why did the market nose dive when the bailout passed? 14:03:44
Remember AIG? Well they've spent most of the $85B... 13:52:36
Internet Social Unrest Idea 13:52:33
Good video on money 13:43:24 Praises Ron Paul 13:40:50
Private buyer? FDIC wants you to pay, instead 13:39:15
I'm Confused ... Inflation or Deflation, Which Is It?? 13:22:32
Zeitgeist Addendum-Greatest FED expose EVER 13:22:24
LRC blog: Bailout allows IRS agents to conduct sting operations 13:21:33
Another scary Obama youth video surfaces 13:21:25
Bailout Bill Passed, What Happens Next, Inflation or Deflation? 13:14:04
Homeland Security seeks cyber counterattack system 13:12:43
A Rant AGAINST THE FDA 13:02:49
Whats going on with Silver? 13:01:09
Toxic ingredients in food/shampoos/soaps and more 13:00:35
Peter Schiff on cnn now! 12:58:20
Things for health everybody should know/Emergency or not 12:57:38
How to be a Professional 911 de-bunker now with video :) 12:53:41
People Are Afraid For Their Children's Future, I Am Afraid For AMERICA'S FUTURE 12:44:18
Advice?? 12:29:03
End the Fed - End the IRS 11:49:25
Bribing Congress 11:47:07
Links Showing All Candidates For 2008 By State 11:35:20
Looks like it's going to be up to the RP people to educate Congress and the American people. 11:22:18
Has This Site Been Hacked? 11:19:46
There Might Be a Financial Crisis, But the World's Arms Dealers Are Doing Just Fine 11:15:14
schwarzennegger approves nurse assisted suicide ? 11:04:59
NYSE Fourth-Quarter 2008 Circuit-Breaker Levels 10:50:32
Empowering the IRS Via Bailout 10:36:50
The Way Things Are - Have we been helped? 10:34:27
Urban Survival Site - Special Saturday Report-10/04/2008 10:33:45
As my e-friends, please read this (paul4won- I hate when people do this!) 10:01:09
10 Steps To Becoming A Productive Country Again *Digg* 09:26:10
CHOOSE, or have your choices made for you 09:13:54
WorldNetDaily Poll 08:44:50
Articles of interest- what a wonderful world... 08:44:00
Deflation or Hyper-Inflation? 08:36:21
Attention Michael! Another Spammer Troll is back 08:33:41
Short story contest...time to let it all come out. 08:27:53
Ron Paul Endorsed Congressmen Vote No on the Bailout 08:15:08
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on the Bailout 08:11:25
Sorcha points out some bailout BS 07:50:01
Jim Rogers - "The Fed will be gone soon." 07:48:08
H.R. 1424 - Congress Sells Soul to the Bankers & Gives Americans the Boot 07:23:54
(Video) Ron Paul debates Federal Reserve Govenor 1983 06:24:42
Stop! Solution finally found! 06:08:38
My message to congress 05:41:10
Revised* Problem accessing my post 05:24:59
After that attack, what now?? 05:10:26
Zeitgeist Addendum = Steaming Pile of NWO Propaganda 05:08:32
Zeitgeist Addendum - Watch Now! 04:35:44
Ive got at least $20 for BJ Lawson who is with me??? 04:07:23
A heavy heart 03:59:43
Financial Underground, I'm calling you out 03:46:44
Minister Farrahkan 03:43:49
Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate to Pass Bailout Bill 03:40:09
CFR "gamed" Economic Implosion in 2000 03:31:08
Where is financial underground? 03:28:59
.... 03:17:05
Don't Get Chipped 02:46:23
astearn 02:38:21
The new zeitgeist is looking good so far 02:22:45
I dont think this is fixable 01:57:31
Pres. Bush says bailout may not help now 01:53:35
Today is SATURDAY 01:52:44
Ron Paul==On Passage of the Bailout 01:49:09
3rd Party Coalition 01:38:45
Why do a bunch of our posts appear in bold type 01:37:09
Another con job: how Bush supports the troops! 01:36:30
Colognepaulist check your email 01:34:31
A little help here please 01:20:30
Government Coverup 01:19:58
Michael we can't flag. 01:18:09
US Mint suspends sales of gold buffalo after demand depletes supply 01:16:23
Ron Paul featured Fox video 01:13:44
Need a girk. chatta me kort! 01:12:30
Goodbye America. 01:03:36
Ron Paul at Mises Institute, 1984 [Video] 01:01:20
Ron_Paul_2012 00:54:37
It's up to us.... 00:52:11
Sal In Harlem with voters from Howard Stern Show 00:23:31
Others call it a waste 00:15:36
Any Lawyers in the Daily Paul House? Constitutional...anything... 00:08:58
UPDATED : Ron Paul Live now VIDEO 10PM eastern and many others from the JBS Convention October 4th starting at 2pm ET, 1pm CT 10:50:37