Posted on October 5, 2008

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An upbeat note for my Ron Paul pals 23:38:20
Seriously, take a break. SNL VP Debate Parody 20:28:52
I see an Empire Falling... National Debt Clock runs out of digits 14:48:48
"The onus of responsibility falls squarely on citizens." 14:20:11
Naomi Wolf: "Arrest Bush now!" 20:28:53
Ron Paul's speech from the JBS Convention October 5th 5pm LINK HERE : 11:16:17
3rd infantry deployed in US...lets use some common sense 09:11:01
Ron Paul on Passage of the Bailout 20:04:25
Foreclosure Alley. Must See! 19:15:37
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Deutscheland bails out Hyo real estate AG 23:59:19
Please post video of Ron Paul @ John Birch Society 50th Anniversary 23:57:50
Chinese Police Units Begin Entering US To Protect Assets & Evict American Homeowners 23:40:19
One in 3 senate seats up for re-election AND the majority of the House.. 23:36:18
McCain never requested money? 23:17:54
Obama's view on the war 22:16:01
"Wall Street Socialists" 22:11:15
Ralph Nader on C-Span right now! 10:09pm EST 22:07:18
Israel will strike before Iran gets bomb - French FM 21:34:01
Ron Paul is coming to Maryland this Thursday, October 9th 21:06:23
Lovely, Silver just started tanking. EDIT: Just made a nice turn upward. 21:04:18
THE ROBOTS HAVE ARIVED!!!!!!!! say bye bye to work and jobs soon... and say bye bye to money 20:56:23
Any Video makers looking for a project? 20:55:20
The pope is pissed because less people believe in god :( boo hoo ! 20:35:39
halloween...just interested 20:20:56
Venezuela creates financial system with Iran and Russia. 20:08:35
US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,177. 20:01:24
go to CBS 60 mins right now 19:54:49
The Housing Doom :o( a new record in arizona 19:53:47
Get a load of this 19:42:57
Chuck Baldwin speech At the JBS convention October 5th 7:30 pm LINK HERE : 19:35:52
Homer Simpson Votes for Obama clip 19:31:19
Video from the Obama Youth! Looks like 1930's Nazi Germany! 19:20:04
Financial woes in Europe: BNP Paribas to take control of Fortis 19:14:39
Martial Law Immiment ! Updated 18:51:44
More Friggin Chemtrails!! 18:49:15
Ron Paul schools Fox News on economics, Democracy vs. Republic, districts ignored... 18:38:34
We don't need gas, oil OR alcohol - just water - Right Oruval? 18:15:54
Dracula Named to Head Blood Bank 17:38:26
Help me edit my new website page! 17:33:45
British commander says war in Afghanistan cannot be won 17:33:39
Get Lindsey Graham out of DC He is a LIAR 17:18:14
Lindsey Graham and John McCain LIED 17:16:22
WEEKEND MEDITATION – Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions 16:28:25
David Icke - Live At The Oxford Union Debating Society 16:27:23
We don't need oil or gasoline! ALCOHOL - The original MOTHER of all alternative fuels 16:21:05
Any Constitutional Lawyers around? 16:09:00
France To Buy 30,000 Homes, How Many Will the U.S. Own? 16:06:01
Ron Paul on the congressional oversight board for the bail out? 15:37:54
HILARIOUS SNL Skit on the BAILOUT.... it's so TRUE! + an amazing Barney Frank impression, hahaha 15:06:46
Talked to my rep yesterday 15:05:21
Chuck Baldwins speech from the JBS convention October 5th 3pm link here 14:38:54
Unbelievable!!!! 14:38:42
New Youtube Video SLAMS Obama on the economy!!! Check it out. 14:33:15
SWINDLED!! W T F????? 14:31:10
Utah Voters. Ron Paul Endorsed candidate for State congress. 14:19:44
"Both political parties have become beholden to Wall Street" 13:47:13
Australian Westpac Bank Diversified Property Fund trying to prevent investors from rushing to withdraw money 13:41:35
Please get this out 13:29:02
BREAKING: Germany prepares banking guarantee plan to pre-empt bank run 13:26:15
The House of Bush: Born in a Bank 13:19:19
For those interested in prophetic prediction 13:02:13
Call Congress: ARREST BUSH 12:47:07
*** Letting Bad Posts Die *** 12:41:44
Question about Silver Eagles 12:28:09
Dismal Choices in Indiana 12:17:14
Illustrators Needed! 12:06:40
Tina Fey/ Sarah Palin SNL Debate 12:03:37
People are so blind!!! 11:51:48
American President Idol: The GOP Candidates 11:51:44
The Biggest Bail-Out in History - Gold Market News article by Ron Paul 11:44:37
The Book Ron Paul Recommends us all to read.... 11:41:38
McCain desperate? 11:32:23
How about your doomsday "print it before the net crashes" list? 10:58:42
U.S. target of economic hit job? 10:55:37
Wall Street may shun $700Billion Bailout. 10:54:33
The Justice Department finalized on Friday an overhaul of rules that will give the Federal Bureau of Investigation freer rein to 10:42:18
Peter Schiff On CNN: "The Govt. Is Throwing Gas On The Fire - Digg It! 09:45:04
Naomi Wolfe - Give me liberty interview a handbook for american revolutionaries 09:40:43
Why home mortgages represent a massive transfer of wealth to the Banking Industrial Complex! 09:30:47
"The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone." 09:21:43
Rice openly admits to WAR CRIMES ? 09:08:50
Everyone needs to read this article 08:39:14
Money As Debt 08:18:05
Time is running out. We must act now! 08:10:53
Wallstreet: An amnesty for stupidity 08:08:43
Challenges of the New World Order 08:01:34
Is America "On Final Approach" to Financial Collapse? 07:49:33
Interesting article on the lead-up to the financial crisis 07:29:59
Devvy Kidd: Income Tax not necessary 06:22:18
Wake Up Call - Documentary about the New World Order 05:56:10
alaskaron, did you get my email last night? 04:51:39
Chuck Norris - "Ron Paul was right" / "Ron Paul is the only guy I trust" 04:27:31
End Of Nations 04:27:03
Flagging 04:17:13
Any YouTubes's yet of JBS ... 04:07:56
Oceania close at hand 04:04:01
Can you handle this?? 03:34:08
Is Michael Nystrom Anti-CFL? 03:31:06
Just for grins & giggles... 03:13:47
PLEASE don't respond to TROLLS 03:13:13
Two Black Hawks down in Baghdad 02:46:20
The witch is dead!! WOO HOO!! Thanks guys!! 02:37:21
Why Wouldn't this monetary system work? 02:34:38
The Century War, By Dan Simmons.. interesting read, long, eerie 02:34:14
FKN News : Global Slavery Crisis 02:34:05
Videoclip: Morons rescue Assholes 01:51:48
Israel... 01:24:24
Just got back from JBS anniversary 01:03:46
Anyone wonder why Cheney Loves Dubai so Much? 00:59:27
Create New Account Disabled??? 00:58:04
C4L Member Signup questions 00:29:26
National Debt Clock has to have another digit added..... 00:00:55
Call from the County Comissioner 00:00:39
10/1 Deployment Day - Eyes Out For Troop Movement -UPDATED -MORE TROOPS COMING! 20:04:24