Posted on November 10, 2008

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The REAL Reason The U.S. Wants to Invade Pakistan (uncut version) 21:16:25
CFR of New York asking for readers to attend a panel. This means anyone. 19:45:28
Ron Paul- Brian and the Judge Link 17:17:02
Today's warning from the pharmaceutical indsutry 14:49:50
NEW ABC News video: Bin Laden aka NWO planning new terror attack much worse than 9/11 14:19:42
Ron Paul on FOX / Cavuto 4:05 pm ET Today 19:45:38
The STATE Desires Divisions and We Play Into Its Hands 13:18:02
Mish Rebuts Schiff 11:41:56
Free Speech Under Attack - DNC update 10:51:52
FED REFUSES TO IDENTIFY $2,000,000,000,000.00 BANK LOANS 10:51:53
R3volution Grassroots Documentary Teaser 19:45:37
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The best Left right paradigm parody ever. 23:38:32
***Obama-Financed Zogby Poll*** Please Read 23:25:47
***The New World Order Monetary System*** 23:06:21
Declaration of Independence 23:05:37
This might ruffel your feathers a bit. 22:51:48
***IDF/Mossad Snake To Run White House*** 22:44:30
Amero Coming soon, a must see video!! 22:25:01
Don't read this 22:23:03
Fed OKs American Express as bank holding company 22:22:30
Krav Maga 21:44:30
The REAL Reason Why Bush Wants to Attack Iran 21:27:14
YouTube's Mass Censorship (S1959) 21:05:33
***Secret Plan For IMF World Dictatorship*** 20:56:46
Building Your Wealth?? 20:34:36
DIGG!!! *** Ron Paul is "hopeful" about Obama Administration *** 20:21:38
The Purple Cow v. McDonalds: Lets see how they stack up. 20:21:34
Why did 3rd parties get only 1%? 20:18:01
Rhino, horatiusatthegate And All You Other Tools And Fools 20:17:49
County Committee Executive officers quit 20:08:32
Please help spread this video. 20:07:58
A Sticker Commemorating the Fall of the Republic 19:39:52
ONE YEAR AGO........... 19:28:53
People's Awareness Coalition E Newsletter 10 Nov 08 19:26:35
Walter B Jones 2012 19:22:36
Postal Service Looks To Cut 40,000 Jobs In First Layoff In History 19:20:53
Dec. 16th C4L Moneybomb! Tea Party for Liberty! 19:19:30
How to prepare for the upcoming depression? 19:15:15
AIG Caught Enjoying ANOTHER Junket 19:12:22
Hopes for the Future - Ron Paul 18:54:38
It's time... 18:44:53
Planning under way for Obama National Holiday 18:26:15
DIGG: Man Walks the U.S. for Liberty 18:18:36
Obama Hypocrits ! 18:12:49
Upside-down display of American flag stirs dispute 17:37:54
Am I evil for wishing that Bush declares Martial law? 17:34:25
Eurasia? Eastasia? I can never keep up. 17:33:58
***They will never silence us! Part of the Plan after the internet is shut down! *** 17:17:09
Downsizer-Dispatch (, 11/10/08) 17:04:12
Gary Johnson is a Multi-Millionaire who self funded his run for Governor. We have a wealthy candidate 16:58:37
Laboratory pets made into pet food 16:56:54
Report: Secret Order Lets U.S. Strike Al Qaeda Anywhere 16:52:07
Report: Terrorists Use Cash, Avoid Financial Ties 16:36:55
Obama's Council on Foreign Relations Crew 16:17:46
Great Duck Tales Cartoon Version of our Economy. 15:48:59
Logical arguments vs. illogical fussin 15:14:59
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hailed a new General Motors 15:00:39
Monkeys explain the stock market 14:59:29
Obama to bypass Congress after Inauguration 14:49:35
Iceland - The picture of the USA after bank failure 14:48:34
Dr. Paul To Be At "End The Fed" Rally - Houston!!! 14:33:59
HELP 14:24:43
Forced to take picture for school ID 14:11:45
Stand together or hang seperatly 14:08:59
You are responsible for this Clandestine Corporatocracy 14:06:28
Brown calls for "New World Order" to beat recession - Russia and China not invited 13:53:01
Controlled Demolition of our Financial System: Max Keiser 13:47:00
Guess what else was included in bailout bill 13:22:54
A Planned Economic Collapse - 2008 - War in America! War in Iran . 13:14:40
Dr. Paul will be on Brian and the Judge with Judge Andrew Napolitano this morning on FOX News Radio at 9:30 AM ET (8:30 CT). 13:06:26
Obama-"Changers": Can Gary Johnson, Peter Schiff or Jesse Ventura Capture their interest in '012? 13:05:24
Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose 12:58:09
Had to delete this 12:49:53
Morning Joe drops F bomb this morning on MSNBC 12:36:01
Deutsche Bank sees GM shares as likely worthless 12:20:58
Science Fiction Novel help 12:20:40
RP Republicans, Take-Over the GOP's Rebuilding Website/Forum! 12:17:42
UK's Brown: Now is the time to build global society 11:59:15
Circuit City is in trouble! 11:43:21
Gun Show Report: Flying off the Shelves! 11:37:46
150 mpg hybrid not allowed in auto shows. While we bail them out, the technology is HERE 11:35:04
Ron Paul - Past, Present, Future - Texas Governor in 2010? 11:34:41
Peaceful revolution through non-participation 11:14:30
Why should the IRS be abolished? 11:11:05
Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans 10:55:46
Ron Paul LIVE right now with Brian and the Judge 10:43:11
Things to come in the US? 10:34:51
Nation prepares for onslaught of obnoxious children named Barrack. 10:23:12
AIG Gets Bailed Out -- Again (11/10) 10:10:51
Joe Scarbrough just killed his Morning Joe career! Don't know if you caught it but he blurted out the "F-word". 09:49:08
Lessons in how to TEACH the philosophy of Liberty 09:36:04
Fed refuses to identify recipients of TWO TRILLION in bank loans. 08:53:22
O's transition chief promises LOTS of executive orders coming at us FAST 08:42:25
We have been at war with the entire world since 2004 08:36:36
In defense of Secret Societies 08:10:36
Is Obamas change "redistributive change"? 07:58:49
Gun advice please? 07:46:29
Germans & Russians Used Fluoride on Prisoners: Why Americans Can't Wake Up 06:18:06
Anyone else here a fan of The Who? 05:01:00
Obama Birth Certificate... I may have found something... 04:26:21
Kenya banking on Obama payback 04:04:35
Power for Paulville! 03:47:40
Now how surprising.... More fed money for AIG, with less restrictions.. 03:14:06
this is the exact reason!!!!!! your 401k's are gonna be bye bye! 02:54:31
Fox News Snubbed by Obama 02:51:10
The Real Great Depression 02:43:52
Bush Speaks of New World Order's Plans 02:43:20
What's Johnson's view on the sanctity of life & borders 02:34:52
NYT: Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries 01:23:22
What big news did Hillary Clinton have on Obama! PUMP 01:21:40
Discussion: What kind of "One World Currency" do you think is in the works? 00:47:41
(Reuters) UK's Brown: Now is the time to build global society 00:21:07
New World Order [digg] 00:17:34