Posted on November 11, 2008

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Adam Kokesh Trial 23:35:04
End the Fed LIVE ALL DAY VIDEO coverage Saturday November 22nd link here: 17:17:32
US May Lose Its 'AAA' Rating 17:04:39
Today, Remember The World's Universal Soldiers 12:58:47
Ron Paul: Hopes for the Future 17:17:33
Fox Business just had Gerald Celente on and he predicts a revolution 17:04:40
Warning from Richard Maybury 10:28:43
Civilian Inmate Labor Program and Prison Camps on Army Installations 10:28:42
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What is photoshopwiz's agenda? 23:49:43
Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse? 23:32:02
What's MikeLawsons agenda? 23:25:49
PUB ACC tv aired story on Weather Control-Pay attention 23:19:05
OMG! Joe the Plumber was on welfare! Twice! lol 23:06:09
Gov. Palin has her "open door" right now: Probe Alaska's bizarre voting numbers 23:01:12
Downsizer-Dispatch (, 11/11/08) 23:01:02
This should make tax payers happy??? 22:50:38
Possible Spambot 22:47:15
Schiff Newsletter 22:44:31
Bush "May Write A Book" 22:36:00
Advice from Ya'll on Job Situation 22:24:27
President of the CFR gives his orders to 44. 22:15:28
South Park??? 22:12:19
Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose 22:09:51
Please Help..... 22:05:13
There was another Ron Paul in the past. Remember Col. Charles Lindbergh? 21:56:19
Lets reflect on what has happened recently... 21:53:19
Congressman Warns Of Obama Dictatorship 21:52:34
Farmers who sued US over right to grow hemp go to court tomorrow 21:52:08
Did you know there was a Ron Paul like man in 1932? 21:15:36
Obama supporters promote communism on 20:56:58
Jewish Chief of Staff 'Outnumbered' in Obama administration 20:50:13
Is it possible to place a Lien on a home of 20:29:11
Sanford says: " taxpayers are being gamed"--thankyou rsludlum.. 20:14:36
Join ?? 19:29:03
greenSpan>Easy Money>GREED 19:28:14
You are responsible for building a Clandestine Empire! 19:07:28
Adam Kokesh and Darral Castle will be at the Oxford Ms. anti war rally!! at the court house 11-13-08 19:03:46
I need your help with formulating a good question for the elite to answer 19:01:58
When I need inspiration 18:57:21
Ron Paul to speak at the Huston END THE FED Rally! 18:54:13
Berg's site is down 18:53:22
Is anyone here expert enough on Secret Societies to know meeting dates/places? 18:44:00
Mark Sanford has 1.7 million in his campaign fund for 2012... 18:31:44
Ron Paul in "the Commerce Chamber of Secrets" 18:04:21
How the Chinese stimulus package will hurt the US. 17:56:56
Anybody have Archbishop Tutu's Address? 17:05:27
Pat Buchanan: Bigger government would have saved the economy 16:47:53
Audio of Grandma Obama: Obama born in Kenya 16:38:57
An idea forum 16:26:03
How long might it take to restore the Constitutional Republic? 16:24:45
The other shoe just fell: No. 2 mall operator warns of bankruptcy 16:22:57
Obama White House to Marshal Online Army 16:16:46
Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Have Empty Lives 16:05:17
Peace Mom Promises to Deliver Bush to Justice 16:01:28
Unknown Soldier. Cheney at Ceremony Today 15:55:15
Is it true that Obama intends to confiscate 401(k)s and IRAs? 15:54:03
Huh? There was a secret 2 Trillion $ bailout? Bloomberg is suing to find out details 15:42:58
If you search Ron Paul on youtube, you are directed to Zeitgeist 15:34:54
Perhaps Not a Prophet, but Definitely Prophetic (no it's not Ron Paul) 15:15:06
Time for Radical Action! (grassroots) 15:02:45
I just had a "Duh" moment.... 15:00:50
What is the thing that will make you REALLY take a stand? 14:55:04
So, what's the next catalyst for growth? 14:50:43
OPEN LETTER to Peter Schiff and Dr Paul, HELP!!! 14:49:05
The Conservative case for McCain. Sanford/McCain 2012 ticket 14:44:55
This is the Obama Biden's deleted Agenda Links from the weekend of Nov 7th 2008 14:34:50
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote and Vote-Switching Scene 14:31:47
Mark Sanford: Conservatives Didn't Lose, 14:25:00
Finally, A Challenge Worth Fighting For 14:13:18
Thousands of missing ballots in Alaska found 14:01:52
Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose 13:51:59
Can we send a LIBERTY LIBRARY to our Soldiers in Iraq, Afganistan? 13:48:31
I am SHOCKED..... SHOCKED..... well, maybe not 13:43:13
Huge mortgage rescue plan 13:42:22
DOW 11/11/08 8,592.17 down -278.37 -3.14% 12:40 Eastern 13:37:59
If you want to see Obama's Aganda before it was deleted 13:32:11
Is it time to be Silent?? 13:29:53
How Many In Washington Are Being Blackmailed And Who Are They? 13:14:23
can someone tell me why my forum topic was removed? 13:07:43
Ready to buy gold? 13:02:19
FOXnews Neil Cavuto interviews AIG CEO Edward Luddy 13:01:12
Obama compared to Hitler by Congressman 12:51:31
Sharia Finance Compliance Laws coming to America - WTF! 12:19:45
Wonder 12:19:02
Understanding the "Monster" Fed 12:18:42
Obama's Secret Meeting 12:01:10
My Jewish Friend Sarah is Anti-Zionism 11:48:00
Thank the Veteran's today! 11:25:05
Gov. Mark Sanford: GOP, not conservatives, lost the election. 11:18:09
Remember how Obama uses that "seal" which looks like the presidential seal? 11:11:59
Print Interview with Gerald Celente: Bailouts, Depression, Revolution & Renaissance 11:00:23
Ralph Nader puts Obama's feet to the fire ! 10:43:13
Understanding Obama Ali Sina 10:22:17
Bloomberg News sues Fed for transparency on $2 trillion in loans 10:02:46
Russia halts trading again today, markets are tanking around the globe 09:57:42
Firearms Industry Addresses Rising Gun Sales 09:25:30
Police Arrest Anti-War Protester, 80, At Mall 08:48:10
Are you people REALLY for personal liberty? 08:16:19
Happy Birthday Khan 05:21:10
This needs to be our unwavering MOTTO to the Republican Party! 05:06:37
11/10/08 - Hempstead 15: Iraq Veterans Fight for their Civil Liberties - PLEASE DIGG! 04:05:45
Hitler Mashup-Real Estate Downfall 03:34:38
The Bill of No Rights (funny!) 02:11:42
Starting to Unravel in Iceland 02:04:46
Even now, plans under way for Obama national holiday 02:04:40
End the FED 02:04:09
Judge Napolitano and Jim Rogers 2012 01:52:06
Very Interesting 01:27:59
Starbucks may be the first fluff restaurant chain to go under. 01:22:46
$ 1000 Reward 01:18:35
The mass media cannot tell the truth on key issues. 01:18:25
Report From Iron Mountain 01:08:34
Bloomberg News sues the Fed under Freedom of Information Act 00:35:25
Where is that 911 footage??? 00:32:09
Journalist Reaches From Grave To Nail Rahm 00:31:16
Federal Government revenue - what are the sources? 00:29:12
This speaks for itself 00:07:17