Posted on November 12, 2008

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What are the good arguments for not bailing out the auto companies? 21:57:13
Breaking: Dow ends with 400-point loss 11/12/08 17:16:17
Conspiracy vs Pure Austrian view of Financial Crisis 16:40:48
The Insiders: How and Why America is Being Betrayed 16:40:49
Change Ohio Interviews Dennis Kucinich (End the Fed) 23:36:00
Treasury Department TARP Bait and Switch 12:31:33
GOP Chairman admits rigging Congressional Convention to exclude properly elected delegates 12:10:48
CNN FRONT PAGE: Ron Paul: Why is U.S. off track? 17:16:18
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STAMP OUT THE FED! Two Autographed 'Manifesto' copies for First to Orders 23:45:26
Jon Birch Society on illegal immigration (and other stuff) 23:45:16
Bush's parting Gift 23:43:21
Secret Senate Session: REVEALED! 22:55:06
**** Bush Caught with Paris Hilton**** (Prosecute him now!) 22:29:23
NY Times Poll: Vote Paul For Treasury Secretary! 22:28:35
GOP governors meeting on rebuilding the Party 22:23:58
Vote Ron Paul to Rebuild the GOP 22:05:19
A State Trooper's Lament... 21:59:44
Funny Video!!!!! 21:56:10
McChristians—My thoughts expressed by someone I don’t even know. 21:46:03
Digg 4 Liberty! 21:23:16
Who wants Campaign For Liberty BUMPER STICKERS??? 21:13:45
People's Awareness Coalition (PAC) Internet Broadcast for 12 NOV 08 20:26:22
Ex Goldman chief sees slump worse than Depression 20:19:56
Thankfully, 20:13:56
Peter Schiff vs. Financial "Experts" during 2006 and 2007 19:49:51
"Gordon Brown Calls For a New world order To Beat Recession" 19:43:38
Will the farmers need the next bailout? 19:33:06
Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans Leaked 19:25:47
Ron Paul strikes again! 19:15:51
I compiled the email addresses of those clowns who mocked Peter Schiff 19:08:41
(CA), Sonoma County Republicans get it right. Censure Schwarzenegger! 18:21:20
Missouri Presidential results still unknown 18:08:45
9 / 11 Conspiracy Must Not be Ignored. 18:00:22
"Gordon Brown Calls For a New world order To Beat Recession" 17:10:39
***Odigo says workers were warned of 9/11 attack*** 16:59:50
CNBC: U.S. may lose AAA rating- could go banko 16:54:05
Bailout Price Tag: $3.5T So Far, But 'Real' Cost May Be Much Higher 16:52:29
Ayn Rand Institute - Yaron Brook 16:46:32
***Another UN official goes public on 9/11 doubts*** 16:44:16
Comrade Nick Taylor;CNN article 16:26:41
Senate listens to a Black Milita Leader 16:21:45
Movie actors, anyone? 16:18:23
DIGG!!!!! ***** Ron Paul: Why U.S. is on the wrong track ***** 15:55:09
Citizen Corps? 15:42:38
Break the Bailout!!! Please Help!!!! 15:40:08
Can You believe this??!! Government is no longer planning to buy troubled mortgage assets 15:26:37
***Feds ASKING Healthy Banks to Accept Bailout Funds. YOUR FUNDS AT WORK *** 15:13:52
Hanky Panky Paulson and Uncle Ben to Pay my Amex Card 15:13:39
Golden Gaurdian Drill : Nov. 14 (Martial Law Training in CA?) 15:06:22
If you had to change Obama's policies,what would they be? 14:44:14
Vote Ron Paul for Treasury Sec NOW! 14:26:34
Need some suggestions for a banner for my End the Fed rally 14:10:02
Congressman Broun "sorry" 14:07:28
It's too bad 14:05:28
Alan Greenspan States That He Is a LIBERTARIAN and the FED Does Whatever it Wants!!! 14:02:46
Adopt A Liberal 14:00:07
NY Times is asking who you would choose as treasury secretary 13:29:44
Ron Paul's NH write-in tally: 1,092 13:25:11
Bailout Price Tag: $3.5T So Far, But 'Real' Cost May Be Much Higher 13:03:55
Pull out of IRAQ? 12:47:14
Digg troll found 12:31:08
Prison Break and Scylla 12:23:57
10% Jobless Rate, `World of Liquidation' (Video) 12:18:35
Us and the world bank..Going give 100 billion to developing countries. 11:42:12
What do we need to do as individuals? 11:36:33
The Audacity of Hype: Dissent in the Age of Obama 11:30:58
Only great minds can read this 11:09:38
As American as a money pit...Liar's Poker 11:08:21
Ron Paul recent Commentary; NY Times and USA Today 10:48:43
Check out this article, Peter Schiff is all over it! 10:23:19
Imam Who Confirmed Obama's Birth 10:01:21
RP Commentary: GOP should ask why U.S. is on the wrong track 09:58:42
The birth right of our children and our grand-children 09:51:29
British TV News openly questions 911 09:17:09
OPPOSE 'Ammuntion Accountability' 08:58:55
Rally to “End the Fed” - Sat. Nov 22 at ALL Federal Reserve Banks! 08:52:02
Protest in Barcelona against Nissan's plans to lay off 1,680 workers. First sign of worldwide riots? 07:57:07
Walk For Liberty Day 182 - Debunking the Myth Of the Presidential Election 04:21:37
EVERYONE IS MILITIA!! (For MikeLawson) 04:16:05
"Veto" Johnson may follow Dr. "Know" - Confirms Interest In 2012 Presidential Run 03:33:35
Lights Out on AIG CEO - Neil Cavuto 02:28:30
Here's list of articles that may have just convinced me to move far far away 02:28:26
GREED... some information for you! 01:58:46
Send John McCain a message 01:31:45
Militia MUSTER!!!! ---NOV 15 th--- If you are in Texas or know of anyone who is Please contact them and/or pass this info. on!! 01:11:04
Downsizer-Dispatch (, 11/11/08) 01:07:06
Ron Paul's Veteran's Day Speech 11/11/08 01:06:44
Solutions! Finally! Action Item for all. We can make a difference. 01:00:42
Does any body know why our posts are blocked by digg? 00:39:35
Kucinich's younger sister, Beth Ann, died today... 00:34:59
Did the Founding Fathers Betray the American People? 00:28:10
I need some HELP guys!!! 00:28:05
Michael Nystrom-site owner 00:14:33