Posted on November 13, 2008

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Another Day in Court for Adam Kokesh 09:43:51
Peter Schiff: Will China Print or Sell? 05:26:05
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***We Are Change Patriots Need Our Help*** 23:58:21
New show on Fox, "Secret Millionaire" 23:39:33
***9/11 Truth Spain MSM*** 23:32:20
Is rejecting all RP comments? 23:31:34
Why Economics is not a Science--a humorous example 23:20:07
Say it ain't so 23:19:36
Ron Paul a campaign for Liberty... 23:11:01
Whats your State unemployment rate? 23:08:43
Pentagon Launches Own YouTube 22:39:44
The Bailout and the Constitution 22:22:47
Pentagon Clears Flying-Car Project for Takeoff 21:07:15
How right was Peter,,,The big story is how wrong the talking heads were 21:02:12
RINO Season Is Now Open 21:01:19
Obama rally 20:43:29
Much more deflation to come? 20:26:59
NPR Marketplace had a series on the creation of total Fiat Debt 20:22:27
****WORRIED ABOUT YOUR GUNS**** 19:48:07
Thanks Obama! Gas prices are under $2 here! 19:47:04
Jim Rodgers.... Get rid of the dollar... buy SILVER! 19:43:27
Obama To Vacate His (seldom used) Senate Seat 19:37:38
Vote for Ron Paul as Treasury Secretary on NYT. Dr. Paul is now #3 19:36:49
Is it true JFK wanted Israel's nuclear facilities inspected 1 month before getting shot? 19:30:40
What is the G-20? What does the G-20 want? 19:26:30
"Intellectuals" 19:24:46
Gonna have a party next weekend, what to say? 19:22:23
Obama appoints another Super Zionist. Dennis Ross. lol? 19:19:15
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Obama citizenship law suits 18:55:56
***Osama bin Laden is Dead*** 18:53:13
John Stossel of "60 Minutes" Frightened by Excitement over Obama Presidency! 18:26:48
FBI file on Rahm Emanuel? 18:14:36
How To Frame the Free Market 17:48:49
Barack Obama’s Zombie Followers and The Hell That Awaits America 17:38:04
Live Ad Space Auctions on Restore The Republic Radio - Going on now! 17:09:15
Consider Every Viewpoint -- Here is Nouriel Robini's latest writing-11/13/08. His predictions have been right so far. 17:05:08
Ron Paul Meetup converts to Campaign for Liberty Meetup 17:03:32
Bush Recommendations for G20 Summit in Washington 17:00:52
Voodoo Markets 16:57:17
Emanuel volunteers Americans to do 'a lot' 16:52:25
Deflation for the long haul? 16:36:51
Funny video! Wile E Coyote Government 16:30:35
My Message to Obama Regarding Ron Paul 16:15:29
Mandatory Digi TV: Our Friend to the Revolution!! 16:07:20
Lindsey Williams was Right. Oil -> 50 FRNs 16:02:16
What the Republican Party Needs 15:46:52
Was BO's skin color chosen to make it easier to usher in the NWO? 14:58:55
A New Political Party Is Needed 14:49:29
LOL! The Money Hole... 14:46:28
What would the USA be without the Fed? 14:37:47
Please Digg Good Explanation of Great Depression History 14:34:51
The GOP Sarah Palin Campaign Continues... 14:34:24
Ask Obama to appoint Ron Paul as Sec. Treasurer! 14:31:55
***Need Some help: LTE End the FED**** 14:07:16
Need Help on Topic! 13:57:23
Stocks, U.S. Dollar and Crude Oil Video Analysis and Forecasts 13:53:44
New(s) Study Concludes: Network News' Constant Stream of Subjective Bull$hit Distorts American Citizens' Sense of Reality 13:50:42
So this Army Recruiter calls my house last nite..... 13:42:28
Move to the country-wait, that is where they want you-come back? 13:33:04
M Steele, S Anuzis, "NeoCons" seek RNC Chairman 13:28:04
how are those militias doing? 13:20:00
"IRAQ WAR ENDS" 12:54:44
Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President 12:53:32
There was another third party candidate running this year... 12:33:11
*~* Why no massive outrage - a tale of two Americas *~* 12:27:56
Please Help 12:22:09
What is Golden Guardian? 12:15:37
For Us To Restore Our Constitutional Republic, We MUST Win The War. 12:05:15
Israeli President Shimon Peres has praised the king of Saudi Arabia for his Middle East peace initiative. 12:05:14
It is better for civilization to be going down the drain than to be coming up it. 11:51:30
"Just business" or economic warfare with China? 11:34:48
I can't figure all of this out! 11:20:00
finger printing at banks? 11:16:04
Congress versus George Soros 11:06:19
Man walks from coast to coast for liberty 11:06:03
Regulators nix credit card debt forgiveness plan 11:03:27
Input for a Response to an old friend. 11:02:11
●●● GAS CHAMBERS in America: staffed, operational, may God help us all ●●● 10:58:06
Will we see 7000 territory today? 10:52:10
The G-20's Secret Debt Solution this weekend ! 10:33:08
Cash transactions may be documented electronically 10:30:35
Roubini Sees Crisis Worsening, Hurting Emerging Markets 09:21:15
For silver bugs 08:07:26
How to help Kokesh and the Hempstead 15 today - Updated 08:06:10
AR 15 Kit for all the people that want a cheaper rifle 07:29:25
What is this ? These drills make me nervous 07:17:05
Vote! Who should be in Obama's cabinet? 05:58:18
What's going on in Pakistan 05:51:16
The most beautiful chick in the world explains the NWO 05:27:40
Paulson looks like a scared man. 05:06:15
Dems preparing to investigate Bush 03:25:54
Why Third Parties Lose (And How They Can Win) 02:57:59
Bush's REGRET(S)??? 02:46:24
Will Obama Obey Federal Law concerning Marijuana? 02:44:43
Obtaining the best team possible in the shortest time-frame. 02:22:52
Big "Abolish the Fed Reserve" sign in Grand Junction, CO 01:56:33
STAMP OUT the Fed! 01:36:22
Stevens trailing in Alaska Senate Race by 3 VOTES! 01:34:57
IMF Protest 01:34:01
Neb. Job Opportunity 01:26:59
Adamgilly, spammer 01:24:26
Rare video of President Calvin Coolidge. Talks just like Ron Paul 01:19:03
Daily Kos Goes After The Federal Reserve! DIGG! 01:05:12
Real estate 00:53:19
breaking news! Joe the plumber endorses Obama 00:50:57
TEOTWAWKI is in for our financial markets! 00:28:04
"Gun Sales Surge After Obama's Election" 00:09:07
How the Republicans Blew It 00:06:11