Posted on November 14, 2008

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New York Times: Ron Paul Answers Your Questions Pt.1 13:33:46
Quiltingsando: I got the quilt! 09:30:14
Open Thread: How do we solve the crisis? 09:30:18
Alabama Senator: "If we don't stop I'm afraid the People might rise up and stop us" 09:30:16
Ron Paul Interviewed By Hans Lysglimt At Mises Institute 09:30:15
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Barack Obama is warned to beware of a ‘huge threat’ from al-Qaeda 23:59:51
These Last Days of Humanity...Open Mic Night...(Transhumanism, *Updated*) 23:59:27
Ron Paul's Veterans day speech, Bay City, Texas 11/11/08 23:19:46
Finnishing School for potential 2012 RP Presidential candidates. 23:13:59
It's all up to you to change the system to what you like, but you need to Wake up! 23:02:38
VIDEO - Dr. Paul on the Global Financial Summitt 22:40:25
Obama using NLP? 22:26:26
Jim Rogers says get rid of dollars, buy silver 22:23:44
Ron Paul Answers Your Questions 22:19:14
Paul sympathizer gets 90 days after refusing to bully tenants 22:16:36
Six Ohio government agencies go after Joe the Plumber 22:15:50
Obama's Job Application,Questions on Gun Ownership 22:06:55
Free Internet Free ISP???? 21:56:00
Again I submit, 9/11 in Biblical Prophecy.. 21:24:28
Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan 21:18:40
Imagine the sex, bribery and coercion that is going on at the G20 meeting this weekend. 21:09:38
Phil Berg interview on Alex Jones 21:02:02
Eisenhower tried to warn the American People about the "Disastrous Rise of Misplaced Power"! 20:45:05
World leaders dine in style as they discuss financial crisis 20:36:26
Forum war erupts between Huckabee & Obama supporters 20:20:36
RIGHT NOW!!! 11/14-- AOL FRONT PAGE--RON PAUL WINS!!! >>>SEE IT NOW!! 20:18:05
***CIA Asset "Tim Osman"*** 20:12:24
AOL frontpage - Ron Paul is a winner! 20:09:43
Citi-group to lay off 35,000 20:04:13
"Racketeering on a Scale this Country Has Never Seen Before" 19:44:22
Dr. Ron Paul On The Global Financial Summit * 19:15:03
Ministry of Truth at work.... "Counting the dead gets more complicated in Iraq" 19:12:30
Just curious, what are your education backgrounds DPers? 19:12:25
Bush Warns Against 'Too Much' Government In Markets 18:44:19
. 18:44:15
Is anyone else having trouble opening 18:42:49
HORMEL FOODS struggling to keep up with SPAM demand... 18:40:54
The Dr. spews more truth. Video (11/14): 18:25:57
Ron Paul Wins .. Most Loyal Supporters 18:14:55
Just real curious-A quick Poll 18:10:56
Where is the land of the free and the home of the brave? 17:36:54
ideas on how to protect your gold and silver 17:35:49
Why don't we just Abolish the Federal Reserve? 17:35:21
Bretton Woods II; Ushering in the New World Order 17:30:26
Your Own Barack Obama Gold Dollar Coin-HURRY, SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!!! 17:29:06
The Dumbing Down of America 17:24:29
CFR talking about a return to a gold backed dollar? 17:22:01
USA Tomorrow 17:20:50
Christmas Gift Ideas 16:48:23
The "Evil" Corps 16:37:14
The Last 95 Years Without the Fed 16:30:46
Public School Dist. Issues Fake Social Security Numbers 15:49:17
Does anyone know where I can find the final vote count including all candidates? 15:46:28
Congressman Warns of Obama Dictatorship 15:45:34
Virtual Conspiracy, Hypocrisy, and "The Ministry of Truth" 15:41:36
Ron Answers Your Questions (Part 1) 15:29:33
Friday Funnies :) 15:19:40
The Bailout ~ It is called Perfidy. 14:58:21
The Revolution: A carefully controlled move on the chessboard? 14:29:35
Obama nation = Bush empire 14:23:46
Obama's tax increases won't hurt me – wanna bet? 14:20:32
We have a problem! 14:14:05
B.O. - Your Own Personal Jesus 14:06:13
Flu Vaccine 13:59:04
Rothschilds - the Barons of banking 13:54:06
Cartoon lesson for the Feds... 13:44:07
Retail sales fall by record amount in October-AP-Yahoo!News 13:32:17
Obama might pick Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State 13:29:57
Are You Smarter Than an Elected Official? 13:12:11
The One and the Same 12:51:42
Viguerie: Conservatives deserve credit for resignations of Blunt, Putnam 12:49:15
Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are 'garbage' 12:47:49
very telling interview with Rahm about mandatory "civil service"..sickening 12:15:20
UK media reports chemodoes more harm than good 27% of the time 11:45:01
H.R. 393 - Mandatory National Service for all persons within the US aged 18-42 11:23:22
viagra 11:21:15
Self-identified threat to our Constitution - any military people out there? 11:20:11
If you know partisans who just love Sarah Palin.... 11:18:54
Al-Qaida Budget Slips Through the Cracks 11:15:06
How much truth can you handle? 11:12:58
Movie About Karl Rove's Mentor: "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story" 11:12:47
Has MIC replaced Gold ? 11:04:13
Has anybody checked out the Hyperion Co.? 11:01:32
AIG to Pay Millions To Top Workers 10:56:35
Whats DOW going to do today 11/18/08 10:54:38
If you can't cure em give them exstacy ? PTSD solution. 10:38:57
The Dumbing Down 10:37:29
Know the truth or live in the dark until the truth kills you...? 10:34:25
Torture—Yes We Can? The Obama Sellout Accelerates 10:32:35
The REAL Reason Why Bush Wants to Attack Iran 10:26:39
obama needs to print some mulla 10:25:31
al-Sadr says out of Iraq NOW! 10:24:13
S.C. - Bob Conley Loss to lindsey graham Thanks to the Christians 09:27:47
Vote on how To pay for Bailouts: Temporary National Lottery or Nat'l Sales Tax 08:36:26
Huckabee supporters bring forum back in preparation for 2012 05:50:28
Youtube videos in 720p 05:05:36
PHOTO OF THE DAY! 04:17:16
Saudi arabia buys 3.5 billion in gold in 2 weeks! 04:00:57
Rahm Emanuel's Compulsory "Circle of Love" 03:24:22 ? 03:02:07
Let Them All Fail 02:52:35
an email i recieved from the media research center 02:41:09
ALL HAIL OBAMA!! Will these get some folks thinking?? 02:39:21
Ex Hitler youth's warning to America! 02:33:50
Bail out the Auto industry when they make 150 mpg cars! YES NOW! 01:42:01
What's Going On With The Dow? 01:41:37
Ballot Pic, Ron Paul and George Noory 01:35:14
SPAM BOT WARNING !!!!! 01:17:24
Rhino: Now is the time. 01:11:08
Who is buying gold these days, 01:09:15
**Ex-Hitler youth's warning to America** 00:35:39
We have a group of a@@ kickers on our side, we need to get this group funded. 00:31:50
Hillary in the news 00:08:47
Crazy Movie I just Watched - The Way of War 00:03:26