Posted on November 15, 2008

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Investing in euros or other currencies 23:53:03
If Obama was disqualified, what would happen? 23:42:15
Weekend Watching: It is a Big Idea...a New World Order 23:31:18
What's wrong with the WTO? 22:29:19
Could it be as simple as pulling your money out of the bank? 22:13:29
Don't bail out my state. 22:03:12
Help Wanted For Freedom Related Web Site 22:01:44
Any legal guys out there? 21:38:39
NorthCom-NORAD joint excercise - Vigilant Shield ’09 21:31:39
Gore’s Sustainable Fascism 21:26:32
** CQ CQ CQ ALL HAMS ** 21:26:03
Obama's Fraudulent (?) Selective Service Registration Document 21:24:38
YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION - Look to the 60's and see what it's gonna take! 20:37:23
OMG---I just about blew myself up a second ago 20:34:27
Happened across this web site ,,Interesting 20:34:22
Berg: racist zionist jew & sore Hillary supporter? or a rational person? 20:06:41
Is good government a myth? 20:01:54
Iran switches reserves to gold - report 19:16:17
Want to stop Obama? Here's how... 19:01:02
***Ron Paul on the Global Financial Summitt*** 18:59:10
I read the news today, oh boy: G-20 Shaping a new world order 18:54:18
Obamonomics 101 18:40:57
END THE FED Participants 18:39:39
Tar and Feathers: Slightly Altered 18:33:18
Judge loses it on cam, jails man for sitting too slow (11/14//08) 18:21:22
Dual Israeli citizenship strikes Americans again! 18:08:56
Who/what decides the spot price of gold and silver? 17:21:37
Open Letter to Mr. Obama 17:16:20
Syndicated Media Is In 100% Partnership With Composite Government 17:07:50
Should History Be Decided In A Courtroom? 16:47:26
The streets in Chicago were FILLED with protesters!! They stopped traffic! 16:39:06
If Obama has the juice.... 16:33:46
***Constitutional crisis looming over Obama's birth location*** 16:23:25
Christian Persecutors Host U.N. Religious Summit 16:07:34
My mom, sister and I just saw something very strange..... 15:53:18
How turn computer monitor into mirror? 15:43:25
What? Do you think we are alone in this country? 15:43:17
Phil Berg on Alex Jones 11/15/08 15:10:51
(((***))) Secret WAR on our HEALTH! (((***))) 13:22:17
Proof of exactly who the terrorists are 13:03:03
Interesting study: How people of faith voted '08 13:00:18
World Meeting About Economys ?? 12:46:11
Granny's Serious Survival 12:38:58
Ron Paul - Cavuto - Nov. 15th 12:31:31
Iran converts reserves to gold! 12:24:14
Letters to the editor open thread 12:11:56
Ron: "I support term limits" 12:02:26
Perpetual Peace??? 11:34:39
Hillary for Sec of State? 11:28:01
Core Bailout Argument 11:07:43
Ron Paul to be on Neal Cavuto Fox News 11/15 11:00:22
Remember what Israel did to the USS Liberty and what our government did to us. 10:45:23
Disregard this post. I found my answer. 10:10:02
. 10:07:33
. 10:06:54
Something to pray for today 09:54:39
Mini Nuclear Plants to Power 20,000 Homes 07:41:09
Obama's Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions 07:16:05
XKCD gets it! 06:58:30
No More as Sitting Ducks, We Unite in Patriot Wheels 06:39:03
Obama to deliver weekly youtube address 06:34:31
Merry Christmushroom 06:25:46
Zeitgeist producer was on Coast to Coast ~ Nov 14 06:22:20
What the G20 meeting has come up with 05:17:51
New Hollywood movie all about banks. This is real, I'm not joking! 05:11:25
Barry Goldwater Jr. Arizona Governor 2010 04:53:07
Need a Good paying job? 04:47:14
Save the 1st Amendment Before It Is Too Late 04:18:46
Federal Reserve insider reveales a lot 03:30:24
pennsylvania drug rehab 02:58:29
We need to hire some full time butt kickers like Adam Kokesh and Veterans for Peace 01:21:18
tog2476 01:14:02
Naomi Klein: The New Trough 00:57:04
Is Rp Too Old To Run ? 00:46:48
One World Religion gets a boost from Hollywood 00:42:45
Free Talk Live Radio Host jailed over Couch 00:35:34
question: how long can raw chicken stay in the fridge? 00:22:23