Posted on November 16, 2008

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Veterans For Peace strikes again, and some of you are still wondering who to back after the election, wow? 23:45:07
This week, let's hit the talk shows HARD!! 23:38:08
10 oz. Silver Bars for Sale! 23:12:32
Steven Vincent founder of ENDTHEFED.US LIVE NOW Nov 16th 10pm EST 9pm Central 23:04:54
Watch out! Another bailout is looming! 22:41:53
Truthers, Birthers, Silver Coins -- Ohhhh Myyy 22:41:26
Sean Hannity gets called 7x about 911 being inside job 22:29:17
Does Anybody Recognize Our "Land Of Liberty" anymore? Tracking cell phones -- 22:28:47
Liberty Dollar - Is this a scam? 22:13:34
Kennedy Killed By Bankers over abolishing Federal Reserve 22:02:59
British police get handheld fingerprinting devices 21:54:36
The Bill of No Rights 21:33:56
NorthCom in L.A. this weekend for homeland defense and civil support,” 20:46:58
Farming with Nature (Video) Permaculture in Austria 20:31:34
Max Keiser - 11/16/08 - somebody should issue a fatwa against Paulson!!! 19:51:30
You have no constitutional rights. No one has 19:50:50
The real price of our coins 19:48:13
One Mans Opinion on The Dollar, Oil and Stocks In the Next 2 months 19:10:18
Online poll - liberty in Eastern Europe 19:03:59
why cant rustybullship get it right? 18:52:46
John Bolton Grilled On The BBC 18:46:04
***A New Political Party Is Needed*** 18:04:24
sooo...there's some things ya wanna get rid of, eh? :) 17:55:13
Economic collapse: important upcoming events 17:31:39
AMAZING...Leprechauns admit participation in chemtrails!!! 17:27:50
Tom Cryer Attorney that beat the IRS legally in court now teaches you how. LIVE NOW 3pm EST Sunday 16:27:19
Bernanke and Paulson are Fighting the Last War 16:11:34
End The Fed Fax Bomb! (Payback For The Bail-Out!) 15:47:25
***Let's Just Be American by: Billy Craig*** New Original Song 15:43:13
Stoves for cooking and heating 15:15:06
Have the Communists taken over: Here is a central question 14:02:17
Boston Globe - What would modern day depression look like? 14:00:46
Anyone else from DP going to "End the Fed" Nashville? 14:00:04
The Issue that will doom the R3VOLUTION 13:55:37
Papers please, drug test... 13:50:07
Liars, Thieves and Crooks 13:48:18
"End the Fed" San Francisco - who's going? 13:37:22
Portland, OR - End The Fed Rally 13:11:24
Drugs.. Legal kind + food 12:24:18
(Washington Post) Reshaping of world financial system outlined. Must Read 12:15:55
Max Keiser on the G20 14 November 2008 12:13:00
Let the arrests begin? 11:06:03
North COM in L.A. Califorina Fires a Coincidence 10:56:13
Saudi Arabia buys $3.5bn of gold in two weeks! 10:28:39
Halt Israeli Nuclear program' 08:53:03
Watch Kucinich among others grilling Kashkari this is great stuff 08:39:37
A Game As Old As Empire 08:21:58
How do you feel about Obama's weekly you tube address ? 08:13:18
911-Truthers Reincarnated as "Obama-Birthers" 07:13:03
Obama skips his grandmother's funeral. wtf? 06:08:14
for all those in doubt of Obama's citizenship 06:00:09
G-20 Summit Politicians Blame Investors For Credit Crisis 04:46:21
Silver.... please read.... you do not have much time! 04:15:14
Dr. Paul on the Global Financial Summit 01:28:03
Senator Says McCain Betrayed GOP 01:27:02
Saving Ron Paul Meetup Groups! 01:23:41
The Post WW2 Era is Ending 01:18:36
FDR rant (on the lighter side) 01:10:52
Breaking Web Filters and Protecting Your Internet Privacy (Hacking!!!!) 00:26:12
And for my friend half panda-----a FREE Custom Sticker!! 00:25:33
Day In American History..could it be December 7th..? 00:00:34
ECJONNYBOY---WHAT THE F$%K!!! 00:00:22