Posted on November 17, 2008

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New PBS series exposes Old Testament fairy tales 23:59:27 is dissing Ron Paul.. let's give them some love... 23:57:43
Letter to my dishonorable congressman 23:39:45
Chuck Baldwin breaks Constitution Party record for votes and tops Barr in 5 States 23:31:24
Ron Paul: "Restricting Freedoms and Choices"- Texas Straight Talk 23:15:38
A crazy idea,for now 23:10:28
NEW!! Video of Oxford peace rally "Our World Is Run By Lunatics" 22:43:37
Afghan article says US Bin-Ladin hunt phoney 22:40:18
Obama transition points to more war and repression 22:32:14
J P Morgan Chase loots billions from silver investors 22:15:31
What if FOCA passes? 21:55:43
Judge Loses It On Camera :: Jails man for sitting too slow! 21:01:32
Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of Secretary of State 20:47:50
Hitler's Children *Video* Documentary 20:31:31
IT’S FINALLY STARTED: The world will soon put the blame where it belongs! 20:24:11
WTF: Govt. Contractors Can Hire Illegal Immigrants 20:08:06
Restricting Freedoms and Choices by Ron Paul 19:23:22
The speech that got JFK killed!!!!!!!!!! 19:22:06
Have You Seen This Secret Government 19:22:05
Gold nov 17 18:56:40
newest spambots cokmuhabbet, cagri 18:50:49
Speaking of Conspiracies.... 18:07:31
A sad War Hero Story 18:07:16
How To Boost Turnout At END THE FED! Rallies 18:03:50
Gulf War Syndrome Report - It's a real illness 17:50:02
rumors of apparent Amero coin shipments to china 17:34:09
Will the DOW close in the 7000s on 11/18/08? 17:09:31
Interesting Video 16:59:10
Veterans Occupied National Archives 15/11/2008 16:52:38
National Food Insecurity Rates Climb 16:49:27
Judge loses it on cam, jails man for sitting too slow 16:36:43
Liberals smurfing Poll 16:29:51
Congress to confiscate 401ks ,IRA's, keoghs etc.. 16:19:52
Here is food for thought! 16:15:39
Ron Paul has Freemasonic Connections. PROOF!? 16:14:57
Adam Kokesh!! Oxford Ms. Peace Rally "Video's"!! 16:07:46
Our Zombie Economy 15:47:40
(3 - Solutions) (3 - Revenue Sources) (3 - Root Powers) (1 - Victory) 15:46:43
Is it time for America to stop throwing money down a hole? 15:42:37
We Are the Enemy! Don't YOU GET IT YET? 15:40:01
Obama and McCain to work together to fix the Country.... 15:34:14
Airsoft~ Urban Combat "Live Game" 15:13:15
Why the Revolution needs to oppose Prop 8 14:57:41
Question: When the dollar finally collapses 14:56:23
Lindsey Williams - Correctly predicted $50 per barrel oil. Check this guy out! 14:41:49
Tobacco vs pharmaceutical grip on media 14:36:17 Goes 4 Channels 14:01:33
Why So Many Threads Whining About Other Threads Lately? 13:53:01
Before Barack, There Was Richard 13:52:02
+ Where are the Austrians? + 13:47:39
When did Obama become "President-elect?" 13:47:11
Pearls before swine 13:45:32
WND Poll 12:37:41
Jesus was a socialist -UPDATED 12:15:51
Murdoch to media: You dug yourself a huge hole 12:04:58
Timely reminder from "Ruby Ridge" 11:46:23
CNN: American's believe Secretary of Treasury most important choice 11:38:32
Anyone read "SITTING DUCKS BECOME PATRIOT WHEELS, "A Man Called Intrepid" and PRE-WWII system for contacting Patriots? 11:37:51
Greg Craig ..New counsel 4 Obama, Get to know him.. 11:36:23
What's the scoop on the G-20 meeting? 11:25:47
Video: George Bush 10 Years Ago vs. Now 11:20:26
I have posted several threads about the Tenth amendment and how important it is 11:00:56
Ron Paul’s “2009/2010 College Tour for Freedom” 10:56:51
Citigroup to cut another 53,000 jobs 10:55:38
Obama Adviser, Possible "National Intelligence" Director is Pro-Torture 10:48:57
Questions for conspiracy theorists 10:30:59
Chemtrails 10:25:53
End the Fed 11/22 who is going & what are your plans 10:20:32
Republicans Ask ~ How Bad Is It? 10:02:06
Ministry of Truth...."Waco and Ruby Ridge were White Supremacist - Nationalist Groups" 09:38:03
If BO is sworn in.... 09:06:15
History is about to repeat itself! 06:51:27
Judge Andrew Napolitano- BAILOUT Flip Flop Unconstitutional! 06:46:29
Could this be the audit of the FED by the world banking system ? G20 humbles U.S. 06:31:11
CALL TO ACTION !! help Sen. Byron Dorgan pass this bill !! Keep the internet free! 06:00:35
Colony Collapse Disorder Debunked: Pesticides Cause Bee Deaths 04:39:50
Campaign 2012 starts now! Get involved or get out of the way. 04:28:35
The Five Stages of Collapse 04:24:43
Inhofe: Cancel the 'blank check' 03:40:56
The people need a wise redistribution of the federal government. 03:05:52
Don't Kill Our Wild Horses 02:16:59
DUI 01:56:12
More evidence of Silver and Gold manipulation 00:49:33
The Militarization of our Local Police 00:27:45
Bush will NEVER be able to set foot outside the U.S.! 00:16:33
Iraq's government approves security pact with U.S.! 00:05:22