Posted on November 18, 2008

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Are You Serious About Helping Ron Paul? 11:06:45
Squawkbox spills the beans about the President's Plunge Protection team on live TV. 09:57:31
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help please 23:40:47
**Alan Keyes now suing to prove President-elect Obama's citizenship** 23:21:31
***Gnostic Gospels True Roots Of Christianity*** 23:17:24
ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11 22:47:11
JFK Jr. Assassination? 22:46:07
Chemtrails Manufartured Beneath Twin Towers -- Silver used in Processing -- Obama born in Turkey!!! 22:43:01
Another 4th Amendment violation 22:31:52
Calling up all retired military..... 22:23:39
Cheney and Gonzalez indicted 22:16:48
Max Keiser Interview is a Must See 22:15:54
Gulf War Illness is Real, New Federal Report Says 22:10:02
Anyone here hear about this.... 22:04:08
So much for the COMEX default... 21:26:43
Remember that 2 trillion dollars the FED paid out? 20:56:28
Food Riots and tax rebellion by 2012! 20:55:41
Don't forget to call you Senators about tomorrow's vote on the auto company bailout! 20:42:47
CNN lies - fake news from 1991 20:37:30
5 R-I-N-O-S Introduce assualt weapons ban! 20:34:50
Dumbing Down America Evidence: 8th Grade Final Exam Salina, Kansas 20:33:22
Mark Cuban Coincidence 20:23:18
Who Wrote The Tarp Legislation? 20:20:41
Snip it of what Huckabee mentions about Ron Paul, in his new book.... 20:17:33
This is funny 19:48:58
2 Wins For Ron Paul - AOL Poll 19:45:43
TX Grand Jury Indicts Cheney for Prisoner Abuse but Dick says He's the Victim 19:27:41
A video presented by The Ludwig Von Mises institute - Awards Ron Paul 19:12:30
Nationalize the Federal Reserve 19:11:55
Is the bailout money being invested in China? 19:11:16
Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke On Global Currency Plans 19:05:06
NY Post Gold Story 18:44:44
This was too funny---I wish I had a tape. 18:43:07
New GOP site: Republican for a Reason- let's remind them. 18:24:46
Loser CEO's on Squawk box 17:49:50
The Clinton Band is Back Together 17:38:26
Don't have money to buy gold? 17:38:11
WooHoo Amish 17:34:16
Civil Disobedience (That Might Actually Work) 17:32:31
MUST, MUST, MUST listen.... Economic Forecast with Gerald Celente 17:32:02
SILVER.... A sure thing?? 17:32:01
Confusion about central banks and the descent into a pure fiat currency 17:09:17
Baltic Shipping Index Falls 88% since Sept.1 + Prepare for Dow 5000 16:54:50
A possible unintended consequence of moving back to the gold standard 16:29:15
Small acts of rebellion 16:09:14
Why does FOX have RP on more than any other network? 15:47:26
The People's Counter-Coup by Naomi Wolf 15:45:22
Denver Post: Deadly duty for Fort Carson 15:41:39
Obama's Record on Gun Control 15:23:55
Chuck Baldwin... Our nations greatest historic Documents 15:05:44
Please READ, this is in our near future!!! PREPARE NOW! 14:45:27
Gas War in my Town 14:43:07
Store Closings We're Not Seeing On MSM - Surprise, Surprise 14:41:22
Worse Than the Great Depression? 14:33:20
Roy Blunt wants your vote 14:01:33
Gold shortage!... 13:59:47
Do Flu Shots Work? 13:55:53
Free Mark Cuban! 13:29:33
Read this 12:45:08
Canadian Police solicitation 12:38:03
JFK and the Truth 12:13:32
Alan Keyes & American Independent Party file suit against Obama 12:06:00
Ron Paul on CSPAN NOW 12:05:05
Lawsuit in NJ... Plaintiff does not want to pay taxes for the bailouts... 12:02:59
Vote for ron Paul in this poll 11:57:25
TIME shuns Ron Paul!!!!!! Top 25 in consideration for person of the year include McCain, Palin, Paulson and Bernanke. 11:35:58
FDA in China 10:46:49
*URGENT* - Help Expedite Leo Donofrio's Lawsuit!!! 10:41:02
Let's resort to TRUTH. 10:35:08
Obama to Continue Bush's Foreign Policy, Appoint Gates as Sec. of "Defense" 09:42:55
Half of primary-care doctors in survey would leave medicine 09:14:35
Do you "Support The Troops?" 09:01:27
COMEX default Nov 28 - Dec 29?! 08:10:20
Wheres Our Bank 08:01:46
Auto industry scare campaign 03:44:27
VeriChip +153.38% on Microsoft Partnership 03:43:47
We the people will be duped again and again. 03:36:58
Accused Woman Terrorist Found Mentally ill(if you believe the US's story) 03:04:29
New Interview with Ayn Rand: "If anyone destroys this country it will be the conservatives...." 02:06:17
Vote PAUL for Most Influential 2012 Republican 01:56:23
Survey Congress , 01:48:33
Has anyone heard David Duke vs. Wolf Blitzer? 01:40:26
if you were really responsible for paying an income tax, 01:30:27
Jews Lead the Charge for Medical Marijuana 01:20:53
The Money Hole according to the Onion Network 01:19:29
Obama Crimes, FULL Page Ad ! 00:41:45
New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food 00:31:36
house reps 00:28:31
Does Same-Sex 'Marriage' Affect My Marriage? 00:17:30
Pentagon's "Information Operations Roadmap" (IOR), aka Ministry of Truth 00:12:53
Private 9/11 video 00:06:06