Posted on November 19, 2008

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They did it again! Just like Nevada! 23:34:54
An Assassin's Lessons About the Financial Crisis 15:40:01
What Ron Paul is saying about 2012 10:39:57
In the Land of the Free, a new growth industry: Private Prisons 10:39:54
Jim Rogers discusses Ron Paul and the economy 08:12:09
**Is there a nation or country that has an economy based on Austrian school?** 03:48:45
Wow! 02:13:15
Hat Trick for Ron Paul Videos 11/18 CNN Interview Here 10:39:57
Ron Paul on Fox Business News 11/18/08 10:39:56
Ron Paul questions Ben Bernanke 11/18/08 10:39:55
Jesse Benton: Ron Paul May Run Again in 2012 10:39:58
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Low Flying Military Aircraft are part of Secret Military Cult 23:47:04
Print Us Out Of Taxes 23:46:37
Survey: Where Do you Get Your Gold & Silver? 23:40:52
Pledge of Allegiance 23:15:16
Daily Paul readers. I need your help please. spare a minute? 22:50:16
A Democratic Congress, unwilling or unable to approve a $25 billion bailout for Detroit's Big Three, 21:37:29
Hitler and the Real Estate Downfall - Didn't listen to RP 21:25:23
The Union: The business behind getting high 21:19:50
WOW!!! Congressman Joe Knollenberg says bailout $$ is not our money!!! 21:17:04
AIG Shelling Out $3 Million To Employees Who Were Terminated 20:58:13
Needs to be seen ,The more food imported the more likely we may run into this 20:29:59
We have to BAN Dihydrogen Monoxide 20:23:38
People's Awareness Coalition (PAC) Internet Broadcast for 19 NOV 08-8PM CST 20:14:35
Does the Constitution prevent Clinton from becoming Sec of State? 19:39:08
According to Devvy Kidd today 11/19 19:33:59
Obama Citizenship Case Moves to Next Level of Supreme Court 19:30:16
???Gold??? 19:26:27
Should Obama Ask Ron Paul to be Sec Treas? The Motley Fool thinks so 19:14:55
Hawaii Issues Poll 18:49:02
John Hagee preaches Jesus Used Ecstasy ! 18:36:13
Armed Gangs Poaching in the UK 18:31:36
Jack Blood 18:18:43
***Charts Predict Dow 6,400 in Less than a Month*** 18:18:37
George W.Bush Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame 17:24:07
Rhino: Hey JZneff 17:18:56
DOW Close 11/19/08 7,997.28 down -427.47 -5.07% 17:02:01
What Sam Adams Would Think of the Current US 16:48:04
Helicopter Ben (humor) 16:25:27
either Im a zionist who has to support Israel or Im an antisemitic bigot 16:02:19
Andrew Malcolm already delcaring Ron Paul cannot win in 2012! 15:56:15
Ron Paul is an elitist Bilderberger NWO baby eater (PARODY) 15:42:36
Ron Paul is a ZIONIST... 14:48:22
Enormous War propaganda on Huffington Post. by Nobel prize winner Paul Krugmann 14:31:46
Five Major U.S. Companies Call for Congressional Action on Climate Change, Clean Energy 14:15:16
Time to slash jobs 13:33:32
Ron Paul is our only good choice to run for President in 2012. 13:26:54
The Problem with Conspiracy Theories 13:25:57
Financial terrorism 13:06:10
Cheney indicted in odd South Texas case 12:34:19
Mark Begich wins Senate Race 12:26:04
Pentagon Wants $581 Billion–War Costs Not Included 12:09:59
War and the Economic Crisis 11:58:41
Ron Paul Discusses Bernanke Confrontation on Fox Business 11:45:51
Ron Paul On CNN Headline News With Jane Velez-Mitchell 11:45:00
CNBC Guest Talks About Plunge Protection Team 11:43:29
30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011 11:35:55
GOP Sen says Paulson may have given bailout $ to his friends 11:28:03
Big Three CEOs Flew Private Jets to Plead for Public Funds 11:21:09
Here we go again! 11:20:28
President-elect Barack Obama - nailing bin Laden is "a priority," 11:18:35
WHY GM NEEDS 25 BILLION BAILOUT : GM's New 300 Million Dollar Plant in Russia 11:14:47
Less than 60 shopping days till...... 10:54:34
Precious Metals Will Depose Cash from Its Temporary Throne 10:25:13
Obama Citizenship Getting MSM Coverage! 10:12:44
Texas grand jury indicts Cheney, Gonzales of crime 10:11:26
URGENT BREAKING!!! One Million Dollar Reward Offered For Certified Obama Long-Form Birth Certificate 10:05:00
Soaring costs for inauguration could break the bank for D.C 10:01:16
Ron Paul on True Patriotism: It's resistance to state power 09:58:08
LONDON (Reuters) - China has told police to ensure stability as its economy slows 09:17:13
Smells like bad fish 09:12:40
Not All News Is Bad says Lew Rockwell 08:40:20
AutoMaker Loans .. Mixed Opinion 08:38:42
Daily Paul - Email Targets of the Day! 08:13:23
Civilization's Last Chance? (Video) 08:09:35
Michael Nystrom: Spambot GLUK 07:43:24
California wildfires = government fraud 07:38:13
Democrats Gave Paulson Authority? 07:15:28
The Professor’s Pop Quiz: Who Controls A.I.G.? 07:00:46
Question about Fiat Currency 06:25:38
Some amendments for consideration... Let's work to get them in. 06:02:28
Growing Movement Strikes at Fed in Washington, DC 04:10:32
I should have gotten into automobiles. 03:47:26
Nigerian Scam prank call lol. The moniesss 03:43:32
If Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger & Gov Jesse Ventura got in a fight Who will win? 03:19:30
Depression 2009: What would it look like? 03:03:44
Immortal Technique Performs at Benefit Concert for Afghanistan's Children of War 02:36:51
Sing for "Change" 02:36:48
Leo Donofrio discusses his lawsuit... 02:23:08
Russian President speech at the CFR 02:10:35
Willacy County Grand Jury Indicts Vice President 01:48:58
Why Ron must run for Texas Governor - or be forgotten 01:43:17
Are Lawmakers Immune From Lawsuits? 01:38:32
The Bush Doctrine 01:15:13
Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights 01:14:46
Interrogation of an 8 yr old 00:43:41
Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in South Texas county today! 00:40:08
9/11 truthers are always right...about everything... 00:37:49
Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in South Texas county today! 00:35:25
Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews | Taking a stance against Zionism before the world falls apart 00:28:58
Bill Maher: Conspiracy Theorist 00:08:19