Posted on November 20, 2008

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Video: Peter Schiff Schools Them On CNBC's Fast Money 18:54:58
Senator James Inhofe of OK: S. 3683 to Roll Back the Bailout 14:41:59
World leaders refuse to shake Bush’s hand during G20 photo-op 12:42:00
Paulson Behind Martial Law Threat 11:34:09
Crash: Say Goodbye to the Era of False Prosperity 09:00:43
Ron Paul on the End of the (Current) Fiat System 09:00:44
CHENEY / GONZALEZ on Trial in Texas ( Update ) 06:32:21
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Ron Paul was not nominated nor did he seek Leadership Role in House 23:47:14
Presidential candidate Alan Keyes, AIP leaders sue in CA court to obtain Obama citizenship proof, 23:07:30
Economy looks great for fast food chains 22:54:38 let's take it over! 22:43:22
dow loses 872.46 in the last 2 days 22:25:22
Austrian Economic Resources 22:11:53
Maybe we are making more of an impact than we know... 21:33:38
Tips on how to live during a depression A.K.A. the frugal thread 21:09:04 21:08:37
Speak the Hungarian rapper feels our pain 20:55:28
If we were nuked. 20:44:24
Texan Of The Year 20:28:42
Panicked investors send gold demand up 56% 20:17:15
Should I wait for a small rally to sell? 20:08:49
Looking For A Real American! 19:57:29
Thread on Russia/Georgia/Odessa ***TRUTH*** 19:52:59
GM Asks Customers To Beg Too 19:50:04
Call to action!!! Please vote!!!! Left-wing Daily Kos Smurfing poll!! 19:41:56
Watch this. This is before "The Great Patriot Sweep" of the 90's 19:32:03
Sanford Vs. Congress 19:05:12
This is how they will KILL us! 19:04:34
VIDEO: Rep. Brad sherman pwns the BIG 3 18:13:24
China fund in talks for stake in AIG unit 18:04:44
Ayman al-Zawahiri Releases New tape: Wasn't he dead?? 18:03:34
RP answers questions on Freakonomics blog 17:45:42
***Directions Please to Oil Bourse Info/LINK -thanks 17:37:50
Vote for Ron Paul as Treasury Secretary on CNBC Poll 17:33:51
Need some quick hits to reply to an email 17:33:32
Looking for opinions on MMA's (Money Merge Accounts) 17:31:12
Didn't we already bailout the auto industry? 17:22:26
Anyone here know anything about this guy? 17:15:59
Ready for $40 OIL ?!?!? 17:06:55
Dow Close 7,552.29 down -444.99 -5.56% 11/20/08 16:58:51
Bush hands over reigns of US economy to EU 16:58:30
Vincent Bugliosi falls in love with Michael Badnarik and his listeners 16:49:50
Ron Paul Warns That U.S. Will Support Israeli Attack On Iran 16:48:01
Here is a very easy recipe for those of us who just love to cook. YUM! 16:45:33
DOW selloff accelerates 16:41:52
The Depression Network: Escape & Evasion 16:19:58
Gallup reports GOP approval ratings at historic lows 16:16:26
Ron Paul Answers Your Questions, Part Two 16:11:15
Has anyone seen this yet? Rebuild the Party? 16:10:09
Torah Jews against Zionism 15:52:15 actually charges you to post a comment on their website???? 15:51:00
Judge orders release of 5 terror suspects at Gitmo!! 15:34:46
Constitutional question about the Federal Reserve Act... 15:28:55
Mexico Out To Capture LA! (Port Business That Is) 15:22:30
indicted for criminal conspiracy in private prison profiteering, resulting in prisoner assaults 15:15:43
Bipartisan deal reached on aid for automakers 15:09:36
Precious Metal Prices 15:07:46
Health Care and the Virtual Conspiracy 14:58:24
U.S. income tax invalid because Ohio wasn't legally a state when the 16th amendment was ratified? 14:41:12
Federal Reserve Giving Away Free Comic Books For Kids On Money 14:37:11
Poll:GOP image goes from bad to worse 14:30:33
Article. I. Section. 8. 14:25:21
Plunge Protection Team Conspiracies Linked to 9/11 Truth 14:19:56
Are Money Market Accounts and Bonds as safe as commonly perceived? 14:05:45
I'm sooo happy! 13:57:20
What it would take to convince a technically savvy 9/11 Truth Skeptic 13:47:27
Crisis? What Crisis? 13:44:19
Pakistan protests over [INTENSIFYING] U.S. missile strikes 13:16:01
Christmas, your money at work 12:42:22
Glenn beck hates 911 families... 12:27:20
US joins EU?? This should help things right along.. 12:19:35
Health "FED" 11:45:37
Iceland now "OWNED" by IMF/World Bank 11:44:02
DOW down -190 already! 11:16:16
Paul again squanders chance to press the crucial questions 11:15:50
Bush's Legacy: European Socialism 11:15:15
Look at this amazing ETF: SKF on Nov. 4 was $110 today it's $252 11:11:25
Question: Is the Federal Reserve Audited? 10:34:40
9:15am EST - FOX reports Iran has enough material to build a nuke 10:15:34
The immediate future of the GOP? Into the Abyss... 09:20:42
Can someone tell me if the Campaign For Liberty 09:18:52
Lake Forest College's very own Ron Paul 08:40:08
Delicious Irony, How the Big Three get Grilled on Capital Hill! 07:56:43
Hitler's Children (Quote page) 07:39:11
Stop the Constitutional Convention!! Both Obama and McCain are in on it! 06:57:06
Look at this economy chart , it's scary stuff. 06:38:46
China to purchase 4000 tons of gold! 04:33:05
Six biggest myths about Gold 03:25:25
On Now ! Coast to Coast: Economy 03:05:18
The seductive lure of Socialism 02:39:11
MSM Contact List for Action! 02:34:54
Consider stocking your medicine cabinet with nosodes 02:21:30
...and Buying and Buying Gold 02:02:00
john maynard keynes - I F'd up 02:01:06
CEOs fly in luxury to beg for 25 billion in public funds 01:50:11
freejesseventura says 911 was an inside job...and laughs about it! 01:49:09
Digg Time ;) Congressman Paul on Financial Services Hearing 01:40:59
Supremes to review Barack's citizenship 01:40:29
Gold coin question...... 01:17:31
Keep It Positive! 01:14:51
Info on Local "End the Fed" Rally Events 01:10:58
What if the Dow Falls to 4000? 01:10:49
JJ Johnson speaks to Senate about militia 00:09:05
Oh I'm feeling like a sucker. 00:05:07