Posted on November 21, 2008

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"The Reaper" Peter Schiff on Lew Rockwell's Podcast 20:08:00
The Psychological Trigger of Hyper-Inflation (Republicae) 16:31:45
The (Unofficial) Daily Paul Political Compass Thread 09:31:47
That's Capitalism! China might buy GM and Chrysler 08:49:30
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The Obama, Goldman Sachs & Rothchild connection - This inside scoop connects the dots! 23:54:27
Obama to pick the president of the the current New York Federal Reserve for Treasury Secretary 23:30:02
Lindsley Williams on Alex Jones 23:28:26
Betting Choice 23:13:45
why when people have guns do they shoot their mouths off? 23:10:46
coper guys seen this?? 22:55:36
The Police are OUR Enemies! 22:52:10
Good Luck and God Speed to all the FED Protestors! You ARE the true patriots!!!!!! 22:37:11
Propaganda is making the Truth Movement Totally Irrelevant 22:31:57
Ron Paul on Scott Horton's Antiwar Radio 11/21/08 22:15:13
Fun Friday 21:05:04
New Campaign for Liberty video (funny). 20:51:48
Could it be... that our Revolution actually starts on the day of the remembering of the BOSTON TEA PARTY? 20:42:51
The Real America 20:39:36
The Scott Loper Story 20:34:52
A.I.G. = All I Can Get (my favorite – NOT!) by Jim Magee 20:29:58
Radio interview with Kenyan Embassy, Ambassdor confirms Obama born there 20:22:58
Obama Taps (CFR member) Geithner for Treasury Secretary. 20:13:17
Someone PLEASE explain this to me... 19:53:05
In My Neighborhood 19:40:33
Obama's Attorney General on Marijuana 19:36:47
Obama not a U.S. citizen, confirmed by Kenyan Ambassador - UPDATE - DIGG! 19:31:20
Hand-outs for Fed Protest..... PLEASE KEEP BUMPED 19:23:23
A brown skinned president with a Muslim name is perfect for ushering in the NWO! 18:45:58
COLLAPSING THE ECONOMY IN THE BUILD UP TO WORLD WAR III: 11 of the Most Important Economic Events of the Last 11 Years 18:37:06
When will the dollar fall again? 18:05:03
Republican Abe Lincoln Used Deceit and Deception to Start the Civil War 17:56:32
Libertarianism Vs. Communism 17:52:09
How about the banks?? Anyone getting their plug pulled today? 17:44:56
Lew Rockwell’s interview of Mark Thornton regarding enlarging our federal representation 17:27:44
So what do the real Socialists think about the current situation?? 17:24:25
Geithner as Treaury Secretary?? 17:17:27
Tim Geithner, head of NY FED chosen to be Treasury Secretary - What does that tell you? 17:15:27
New Treasury Sec. is Bad News 17:14:22
Dow Close 11/21/08 8,046.66 up +494.37 +6.55% 17:04:02
Prosecutor who had Cheney indicted yells at judge 16:54:01
COPS DON'T LIE 16:51:25
This Is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House 16:36:04
hempstead ny school changes its name to b obama 16:10:44
~~Iraqi Shiites burn Bush effigy to protest U.S. Pact~~ 16:06:11
CHANGE?? 15:54:12
Microsoft GOLD! 15:47:34
GOLD. up 55.90 so far today! 15:47:07
Forensic audit on home loans - Remember this post? 15:05:33
What bank do you use and why? 15:02:44
Iraq "Security" Pact to be Unratified Treaty 14:53:33
Lindsey Williams? 14:28:18
Perth Mint forced to suspend all orders 14:25:15
WTC 7 CIA Field Office Records Exempt From Disclosure 14:19:51
NYT's Thomas Friedman Accidentally Reveals the True Agenda of the Green Movement 14:08:03
Is Ron Paul really right about the Fed? 13:51:09
Gold up to $800 today? 13:44:56
Quick Question??? 13:25:19
Ron Paul Interviews 11-21-08 13:01:02
Short squeeze in gold? 12:38:51
Peter Schiff: How the Gov't Wrecked the Economy 11:58:38
ETF: SKF going through the roof. Which means bank stocks are getting killed 11:58:03
Peter Schiff On Campbell Brown 11/20/2008 11:49:39
Ron Paul Could Run in 2012 11:36:41
Petition to see the birth certificate 11:06:02
Prosecutor Who Indicted Cheney and Gonzales Disappears 10:43:25
This Is Not A Normal Recession: Moving on to Plan B 10:42:26
"The Uber Rich Like Government Bailouts" Video 10:42:16
The NAU has begun already!?!? 10:29:51
What Changes Should we Make to the Curriculum? 10:25:55
Video - Secrets of the CIA 10:24:39
URGENT - 5 Days to STOP the FDA from BANNING interstate trade of Vitamins and Supplements 10:15:29
Barack Obama the Hawk? 10:05:00
Frank Caliendo - Libertarian 09:37:32
US economic, military and political dominance is likely to decline according to a new US intelligence report on global trends. 09:17:32
Raw Video: U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapses, 11/20/2008 09:06:50
NIST final release now of building 7 with diagrams . Too funny have a look. 08:37:07
US dominance is over / Medvedev 08:08:58
Auto Execs Fly In Style To Beg For Bailout 07:05:03
Is Mitt Romney actually getting it? 04:32:02
NEED HELP! Used to be able to burn DVD's from Youtube to pass out to the public. - Can't any more. HELP!! 04:26:46
The Constitution poses no serious threat to our form of government. 04:25:06
Supertanker Takeovers by "Pirates" has Insider Fingerprints 04:17:50
California may triple vehicle tax 03:10:19
Most secure way to protect assets? 02:30:58
C4L/End the Fed Shirts 02:10:20
Who knows the history of “Don’t Tread on Me”? I feel a R3volution! 01:28:05
Attorney General Michael Mukasey Collapses 00:18:46
**Attorney General Mukasey collapses while giving speech** Any comments??? 00:14:49
Homeland Defence At It Again 00:04:52
Homeland Defence At It Again 00:04:52
Homeland Defence At It Again 00:04:51