Posted on November 22, 2008

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Gallup excludes Ron Paul from 2012 election poll 23:38:34
on the 1st day of xmas my true love gave to me... 23:08:15
End The Fed: Dr. Paul Speaking at Houston Fed 23:03:34
End the Fed Rally | San Francisco: Cindy Sheehan 22:49:52
END THE FED - New York City Nov 22 22:35:55
Elected Officials only score a 44 on a basic US History exam 22:24:57
The Tyranny of Bureaucracy (Republicae) 22:17:07
Loved The New "END THE FED" Music Video on Youtube ... 21:57:26
Government Regulation 21:53:41
A helpful gold reminder...... 21:29:26
Video of End the Fed Rally @ Indiana University (11/22/08) 21:26:56
any good movies this weekend to watch? 21:10:10
Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only- 21:08:12
Fools Gold ? 20:57:38
5 million sheeple for Obama's inauguration... 20:56:21
"END THE FED" Day in L. A.! We Did It!! 20:48:19
Is there ANY gold in Fort Knox? 20:28:17
The Grand Design; World Government - G. E Griffin 20:18:53
The Austrians Were Right 20:12:31
A Ron Paul Speech Video from End The Fed Houston 11/22 20:11:14
DIGG! The Austrian Economists Were Right by Ron Paul... 20:05:20
Baaa aaa aaaa aaaa aaaa!! 20:01:22
End the Fed Rally/Protest Louisville, KY Style 11-22-2008 19:44:40
Gold and Economic Freedom by... ALAN GREENSPAN? 19:44:10
9/11 and the NEW WORLD ORDER: MEANS, MOTIVE, and OPPORTUNITY (in Quotes) 19:42:58
A STRATEGY TO END THE FED sooner rather than later!!!!!!! 19:29:36
Regulators shut down three banks 19:17:59
Video: Ron Paul mulling 2012 run 19:15:26
Alot of Daily Paulers will love this 19:11:57
minuteman project list of good elected officials 19:00:10
Yahoo: Peter Schiff: 'Opportunity of a Lifetime' in Gold, Intl. Assets -- Not U.S. Stocks 18:58:49
Prosecutor Talks About Indictments on Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales 18:37:27
Is it worth exploring alternatives for medical remedies? 18:33:31
What is Obama thinking of? 17:47:02
Barack Obama, Chris Matthews, Richard Haass & the CFR 17:38:49
The Police State Road Map 17:15:42
The TRUTH about your status as a slave in America 16:53:38
The Bankster Bash 16:47:41
A citizen's right to resist UNLAWFUL arrest. (Court Rulings) 16:36:20
How do subsidies raise costs? 16:31:06
Saudi Royals buy 12.5 billion in Gold in the last 2 weeks! 16:02:24
President does not have to be natural born citizen ? 15:39:50
B.O. appointees quizzed about gun ownership 15:16:28
Sarah Palin Wooed by Mainstream Media--Superstar Status. 14:57:26
Bush in Peru--Free trade 14:07:53
BFF Claims Three More 13:46:26
Nebraska's Safe Haven Law: Abandon Your Children 13:18:18
Woman arrested at Portland END THE FED going live to people there now 13:17:51
The Continental Was Counterfeited 13:03:49
Help please...Does anyone remember.....? 12:47:21
Obama's anounces new deal to destroy the American economy. 12:22:35
HAS ANYTHING CHANGED or has it only been hidden? 11:15:52
Is yahoo finance hiding the mock market action today? 11:10:45
End The Fed Rally - Great Movement That The Public Will Never 11:09:31
If you think gold is a bad "hedge" investment... 10:57:17
Eustace Mullins talk on the Federal Reserve 10:55:53
Rhino: 22 small bank failures so far this year 10:52:29
Dr. Paul's Excellent Speech Before The House 10:47:59
Must see Agenda 21 video 10:47:30
Iran executes Israeli spy 09:58:24
Slowly and quietly the truth comes out 09:50:56
Breaking News. Barack Obama: Im an illegal alien 09:22:43
Sarah Palin destroying Ron Paul in this online poll 08:59:24
Scene from "The Matrix" they never showed 07:38:47
Obama and DNC "ADMIT" Obama is not Qualified to be president of the United States ! 07:21:16
Anti-Liberty culture in the Military Industrial Complex 07:15:03
Army plans 1st execution in 47yrs. 05:51:15
Nadler Introduces Resolution Opposing Bush Pardons 05:47:26
The Last Stand of a Revolution 04:52:29
GO WRITE OBAMA NOW! 04:01:25 bumping ancient topics 03:50:54
If You Help Digg Ron Paul News Check These Links 03:43:01
The Truth About Bailouts 02:36:53
Perth Mint suspends Gold sales! 02:29:41
Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones Show "What's Next?" 02:27:13
Max Keiser-Paris money walk 02:26:30
Bob Barr caught talking crap about Ron Paul & Chuck Baldwin 01:28:04
Surveillance cameras, here we come, Cleveland Ohio's new Big Brother 01:20:58
Where is a good place to live outside of the US? 00:56:51
Problem Solved 00:55:57
Google Ron Paul.... 00:15:27
One less source 00:00:18