Posted on November 24, 2008

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A Fictional Story on Economic Collapse (Republicae) 17:31:21
Ron Paul Speech @ Houston - END THE FED ** DIGG ** 20:04:27
End The Fed Rally Updates from Around the Country 20:04:26
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Strange path to the RFID Chip 23:56:25
Jim Rogers full hour on Bloomberg tonight 23:51:27
Is it a dollar bubble? 23:34:03
Free Sherry Jackson 23:26:46
Fed is not private in a meaningful sense. 23:23:25
Obama's FEMA will be its "own thing" 23:04:42
Joe Edwards with Michael Beiter on Rule Of Law Radio TONIGHT (11/25)! A true PATRIOT! 23:02:45
Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences 23:01:57
Lindsey "100% prediction rate" Williams on America's Future 22:46:50
Ron Paul on TV tonight?? 22:40:46
Don't count out the use of precison guided bombs to bring about the NWO! 22:19:10
VIDEO: Pittsburgh End The Fed Protest! 22:16:41
The Housing Crises spreads with no decrease in velocity... 21:47:31
Neil Cavuto in screamathon with Ben Stein 21:30:37
Even Hitler got whacked in gold stocks 21:23:30
Time to meet my fellow lovers of Liberty Face to Face. 20:50:21
Does anyone know how much we borrow from China to keep NASA running? 20:30:52
If only.... 20:22:16
A One-World Government Would Save Mankind. 20:00:04
Ron Paul "End The Fed!" Video Is On Google Homepage! 19:45:31
New Film: Fuel 19:42:33
Icelanders demand the Prime Minister resign! 19:37:47
Does anyone have the list of "the family's" moneymaker businesses? 19:33:55
***Capitalist Terrorism*** 19:06:47
Citigroup's Real Situation 19:03:30
So lemme get this straight 17:59:58
so much for deflation!l 17:59:49
My Resume 17:50:37
How can they 'make this fly' again? 17:31:03
Keep EPA from Stopping Future Construction 17:19:32
I know how to inject value back in the dollar! 17:00:21
Ron Paul loses a lunch buddy in congress, Rep. Virgil Goode 16:58:26
Fight or Flight? 16:39:23
Our rights, all of them are "un-a-lien-able"! ... 16:38:30
Alan Colmes to leave "Hannity and Colmes" 16:33:20
NBC News: Videotape of 9/11 Hijacker Being Coached by Al-CIA-da 16:30:13
The Bailout Surge by Dr. Paul 16:29:35
Driving from Phoenix to Springfield, MO (I've got some cool shirts) 16:25:13
Bloomberg reports of 7.76 TRILLION bailout by Govt today 16:05:34
gold question 16:02:01
Combined Force of GOOD WILL 15:57:17
America Is Now Ready...To Surrender Their Freedoms! 15:27:20
***No Shalam No Shalom*** 15:24:57
Blue Mondays?? 15:05:58
Veteran's widow needs help (chipin link added) 14:45:34
End the FED Atlanta: VIDEO 14:25:45
Marine Speaks @ End The Fed - LA 14:15:07
"Bring back the link between gold and the dollar" (Financial Times Op Ed) 14:14:40
The Free Lakota Bank 14:12:13
ammo confiscation 13:55:30
~~~~~~ANDREW JACKSON~~~~~ Hitler of the 1800's!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13:52:44
SPAM ALERT!!!!! 13:51:12
Working today... just touching base.... what's up with the market/gold? 13:40:36
Lakota Launch Private Bank for Only Silver and Gold Currencies 13:38:46
The Lakota Nation creates new bank! World's first non-reserve, non-fractional bank with gold and silver only 13:38:21
Bush 'Very Pleased' With Iraq War/Occupation Outcome 13:12:18
Why is the religious right getting blamed for the GOP's loss? 13:07:47
Question re: Saving's Rates on "free-market" savings accounts 13:06:31
Indonesian AIDS patients face microchip monitoring 13:00:13
Bailouts Have Confirmed the Death of the Dollar System 12:50:23
A Great New Music Video With Dr. Ron Paul 12:48:44
Free Lakota Bank-New Private Bank for only Gold and Silver Currencies! 12:44:48
A Great New Music Video With Dr. Ron Paul 12:37:37
Meet the Team - Noon EST 12:34:31
John F. Kennedy and the Federal Reserve - Let's set the record straight. 12:15:17
ATTN: KOOLAID DRINKERS—Obomba to Name Gen. Jim Jones as National Security Adviser 11:55:15
Korean Air Lines Flight 007, shot down by the Soviets, and Cong. Larry McDonald 11:51:05
"Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it." 11:35:29
10,000 Taser stun guns for police officers across England and Wales 11:17:21
The Federal Reserve (government) Pledges $7.4 Trillion 10:52:29
Terrorist attacks in Iran 10:52:11
***Iran Nukes Funded By US Taxpayers!*** 10:39:26
Supreme Court to Review Citizenship Arguments 10:36:14
Adam Kokesh interview on at 10 10:27:27
Peter Schiff on Yahoo Finance 09:45:22
Iran: We uncovered Mossad espionage ring 08:53:09
New site with free documentaries 07:44:26
$20 Billion to "rescue" Citigroup 06:11:38
The Rich Love Socialism! 05:56:11
Republican Party Corruption Continues 05:24:33
GET a free DR Pepper - Its 4:15AM NOW, you have 13 hours PASS IT ON! REPOST AND BUMP 05:21:41
WA State Ron Paul Delegates Interviewed 05:01:27
Audio: Gary Johnson at hempfest a few years ago 04:26:05
***New NYC END THE FED VIDEO***Must Watch!!!! 04:04:43
People should not be afraid of their governent...GOVERNEMNTS SHOULD BE AFRAID OF THEIR PEOPLE!!!! 04:02:48
Bloomberg: Fed Pledges Exceed $7.4 Trillion to Ease Frozen Company Credit [Popular on Digg] 03:19:58
Nice opinion in MSM on potential collapse of fiat money 03:18:54
Here we go again... Citi bailout with Treasury/FDIC/Fed on hook for $300mill 03:03:45
look look i found a good cop! 02:48:06
video of Bob Barr's funeral. sad 02:32:06
Arizona LD 4 Video **Must See** 02:27:36
Proven! - Smoking is Good For You!!! 01:39:17
Video: Gov. Gary Johnson on Bill Maher (2002) 01:24:17
Blessed Unrest | How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beauty to the World 00:50:46