Posted on November 26, 2008

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What If - Americans got tired of going into debt to aquire STUFF? 20:12:21
The Nation: Maybe Nader was Right. Return of the Wall St. Hustlers 17:10:26
Thanksgiving Day Lesson: Overcoming Socialism 11:50:17
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At Least Bush has kept us safe from terrorists 23:58:11
here's your chance to tell rebuild the party your thoughts on Ron Paul 23:53:44
Photo Thai protesters shut down airport 23:35:52
"The Office of The President Elect" WTF??? 23:04:27
I love this ......Obama, show me your papers!!! - this is a must see! Boom shaka laka !!! 23:04:20
Michigan Numismatic Society Coin Show 22:27:18
Vaclav Klaus views and the EU 22:25:23
Tipping the balance! 22:07:59
End the FED Rally again this Thanksgiving 22:00:00
Taxation Without Representation 21:53:23
An idea to spread the message 21:51:34
***Happy Thanksgiving DP Family*** 20:42:46
Ron Paul's Theory of Blowback can be seen in The Attacks in Mumbai 20:34:44
Global warming scam at work: Carbon taxing has begun 20:27:51
Free Speech Under the Obama Administration 20:21:14
Happy Thanksgiving 20:21:04
My gift to each of you on Thanksgiving! May you see your Light! 20:20:49
Ready for REAL money? 20:03:21
***Support Patriots On Youtube*** 20:03:08
1500 euros cash -- just name your baby after Mussolini 19:57:17
Ok, what's going on? 19:28:42
CNBC Fast Money Analyst predicts dollar collapse 2010 18:47:04
***Cindy Sheehan End The FED Speech*** 18:45:28
Jim Rogers says 18:42:09
Tyranny of the majority is causing the demise of Amerika - DrKrbyLuv 18:15:14
A 100-year bear market? 18:06:49
What is God? Who are We? Will politics ever give us peace of mind? If you don't have peace of mind, are you truly free? 18:02:44
30% reserve rquirement: Why money is flooding into Lebanese banks. 17:51:51
BREAKING: Gunmen Kill at least 78 in Mumbai 17:39:55
Want to learn more about developing a self-sustainable community? 17:23:45
Looking for position? G.Edward Griffin seeking warehouse and shipping manager 17:19:12
Steven Barnes freed after 20 years in prison for 1985 murder 17:02:24
I got your president-elect right here...... 16:53:11
Interesting Federal spending chart 16:48:33
This is what happens when you abolish guns. 16:42:31
Mexicans taking over America? 16:34:51
The worst is yet to come... 16:19:15
Alleged hijacker can't keep a straight face in martyr video 16:16:24
BEWARE OF TROLLS Advocating Violence! 16:06:24
American Open Currencies Standard 15:50:11
We'll have to elect a kenyan-born, indonesian president before anyone takes action I guess. 15:43:49
4 Million People to Attend Inauguration 15:31:56
Do we have time for a future? 15:16:20
Don't Think You Can Afford a Gun? 15:14:57
Velvet Revolution Says Saxby Chambliss Election Fraud: Attorney Files RICO 15:07:26
Reactionaries 14:53:43
why Mumbai? 14:36:17
What To Keep More Money of Every Paycheck in 2009? 14:34:35
Another Marines opinion of Afghanistan 14:34:12
Say what you want on TV - SaysMe TV 14:26:51
The brother of the new senator representing Alaska is the author 14:06:40
Christianity and War..... FABULOUS presentation by Lawrence Vance 14:01:03
Advocating self defense & preparedness 13:59:24
An Analogy How The Bail Out Works 13:35:40
What scares me 13:28:56
Flying the Flag o' Fear 13:28:32
Ron Paul topic that needs our support !!!! 13:19:49
Why wait until Jan. for new president 13:19:05
Paul Volcker to Chair Obama Economic Panel 13:16:50
The Real Truth behind the Citigroup Bank Nationalization 13:09:32
Ford and GM stock prices bouncing 13:05:43
New Details Emerge About False-Flag/Inside Job Anthrax Attacks Cover-Up 12:59:43
Idiots guide to the NWO 12:27:40
can someone tell me what happened to Snow? the singer 12:25:11
Real Money vs Funny Money 11:55:16
The Porcupine Docialist Society/Party 11:54:52
This thread is dedicated to SIERRAHPBT 11:44:57
Gates Agrees to Stay On Under Obama; Jim Jones to be National Security Adviser 11:23:04
More *ahem* "change" 11:20:54
With the HUGE purchases of gold by world gov'ts... 10:32:18
What the hell was this ? 10:10:34
Bailing Out Ignorance 09:15:37
Obama Impeachment Petition..... Lets Get Rid Of This Criminal Scum 08:20:29
Chief Judge Gets Away With Obama Donations 08:13:20
Anyone interested in seeing who got what from the bailouts ? 08:06:09
Police brutality at Czech woodstock concert 07:00:07
What's the legality regarding the Lakota ICO silver rounds? Has anyone done a successful transaction with them? 06:25:08
Vaclav Klaus, the Thorne in the EU and Lisbon treaty 06:17:25
Free Martin A. Armstrong! 06:08:57
Russian Analyst Predicts Decline and Breakup of USA 04:29:25
Let me see if I've got this right! 04:04:23
Palin Campaigning in Georgia 03:50:48
Refuse to Tolerate Torture - New report details shattered lives of released Guantanamo detainees 03:38:56
38 of Obama's "Not Exactly" statements of not so true facts! 02:39:28
[[[ It's a REPUBLICAN RENAISSANCE! ]]] 02:39:04
"THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD"---to all DPers: Would you have the guts? Or would you hide? 02:20:43
Republic or Democracy 01:54:00
Neocon Economics - David Frum One Year Later 01:40:43
The media is not controlled! 01:40:31
9/11 Debate: Jon Gold Vs. Pat Curley 01:34:22
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The FED is now printing money without the approval of congress. That means "taxation without representation"! 00:12:25