Posted on November 27, 2008

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Our Poor Soldiers - 1 in 3 Homeless Men is a Veteran 11:16:28
Happy Thanksgiving to Dr. Paul and everyone on the DP! 10:51:04
The Daily Paul Quilt from Quiltingsando. Happy Thanksgiving to All 11:16:29
Boston Tea Party 2008 - Save the date: 12.14.2008 11:16:31
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How many 23:49:03
Please Support Dr Manning 23:20:45
Article about the Comex 23:11:40
The Constitution 23:01:05
LegalizeLiberty, Stupidwrthlsboy, TXRedneck.....Thanksgiving Day Trolls. 22:52:45
Hail to the Chief 22:36:41
Congressman Louis T. McFadden Huge Anti-Semetic and Supporter of Hitler? 22:06:49
Is Cody Willard of fox biz one of us? 21:55:34
India, Corporate Media Moves To Frame Pakistan For Suspicious Attacks 21:35:52
India Vs. Pakistan? Is there a Nuclear Option? 21:33:41
Did rudy have more to do with 911 "truth" than W? 21:25:05
We should have known this was comming. 20:53:05
Russia to help Venezuela develop Nuclear Energy and Complete Iran Nuclear Plant in 2009 20:43:14
***Human Beings I Do Not Understand You*** 20:11:44
Mumbai terrorist photo - Evidence of conspiracy? 19:13:50
House Republican Fears False Flag Operation in Persian Gulf 18:50:01
Chem trails in Nashville ? 18:02:55
More Evidence of Deflation 17:59:27
Great Article on the Constitution vs What we have now 17:38:54
Do you know what the money hole is? 17:36:32
YT video series 17:15:51
America's Coming Financial Vortex: 6 predictions for 2009-2012 17:03:42
important - how do i attach a photo to my post? 16:53:51
Russian / Venezuelan War Games in U.S. Backyard 16:47:06
Saudi prince: US oil independence "not applicable" 16:43:29
A great defense of the gold standard! 16:34:16
Today I am Thankful for.............? 15:32:29
OAKLAND - Judge throws out suit over GOP committee - Victory for Ron Paul supporters 14:55:43
Dropped by to tell you, you are the best !! 14:44:08
Operation Paperclip 14:25:33
Please Support my Blog Post on REBUILD THE PARTY :) 14:13:28
Red Alert: Possible Geopolitical Consequences of the Mumbai Attacks 13:51:32
Will Obama be good for Israel? 13:29:51
Burn the FRN! 13:19:22
Jesse Ventura 2012 Petition 12:59:25
Peter Schiff, Max Keiser, Jim Puplava, Jim Rogers, Bob Chapmen and other investment analyst's guilty of HYPOCRISY......Maybe? 12:46:24
Notice the fear predictions in the news? 12:38:05
"If I were President of the U.S." -- Lakotah elder Russell Means Speaks 12:21:57
Housing is the key to peace and prosperity! 12:07:39
"I am not for sale!" 12:03:33
Lincoln issued his Thanksgiving Day Proclamation..... 11:06:15
Campaign for Liberty page for Non-US citizens 10:40:05
Young Turk – Key Day Meditation For Rag-Ass Renegades 08:47:15
Judge Richard Sanders calls Mukasey a tyrant before Mukasey collapses during speech 08:36:34
This is what happens when you give the government a blank check , now 8.56 Trillion 08:16:36
Yesterday, Clinton Comes To Moncton, New Brunswick 08:12:08
Can You Believe This Poll? 06:45:44
Brasscheck: What is behind the US, UK's being 'all over the terrorism in India"? 06:39:38
Unleashing INTERPOL 06:21:29
Helpful Hint for DP users 05:43:32
Iraq War Veteran Speech at End the Fed Rally 04:06:16
Is Michael Hudson familiar to you? 03:05:58
Question 02:55:51
One of my favorites just telling it like it is 02:49:26
**A Special Video ThanksgivingDay Message For You All** 02:45:56
Keith Olbermann bashes on Glenn Beck 02:26:12
New Email from Lakota Bank - 11/26/08 11:07pm 02:09:47
Germany criticizes US and EU over bailouts 02:06:41
firearm id card ?s 01:37:42
Failed Fiat Monetary System Heading for Rampant Inflation 01:17:00
Are there any good books on our Healthcare system? 01:13:10
From the War Room 01:12:13
Indians on the Daily Paul. Is it a Hindu or a Muslim terrorist cell? 01:05:32
Global Warming 00:50:51
Klein's Shock Doctrine refuted 00:28:03
OFF TOPIC: So how is your thanksgiving? (edit to remove Pre-[thanksgiving] and evening) 00:15:13
Judge Throws Out Lawsuit by Alameda County Republican Party Chairman Cummings 00:07:34
Complete list of poor nations that adopted gov't socialism & became prosperous: 00:05:31
Complete list of poor nations that adopted gov't socialism & became prosperous: 00:05:18