Posted on November 28, 2008

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THE INTERNATIONAL! - A new movie about international bankers to be out in February 2009 19:50:32
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National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books 23:59:10
Ron Paul on Russia Today 23:32:19
Fed's Emergency Loan Program Increases Activity 22:35:05
One of the best Ron Paul videos I've ever seen! A blast from the past! 22:13:28
A Thanksgiving Day positive development 22:08:47
FBI agents ordered to India to investigate attacks 22:07:47
School of the Americas 21:50:17
From Hawaiian Historical Records: The Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii Began in 1874 21:42:23 a front for I.A.O. 21:36:33
Let's get the truth on TV, it's easy! 20:57:05
Food for thought for Christians and others 20:34:32
Your Guns, Your money and Your Rights GONE in 1 bill SPECIAL ALERT 20:21:14
Bush Pardons: Texas S&L Swindlers Need Apply 19:45:36
For Those Interested: 1975 Interview with Von Hayek 19:43:15
When do we find out how bad 'Black Friday' was? 19:37:38
Friday bank watch... who gets the ax this week? 19:34:28
GOP Comedy Submission 18:17:23
India gun control enabled Mumbai slaughter 18:07:17
Friday Night "Anything Goes" Thread 18:04:52
A question for gold investors 17:21:28
This is something you don't hear everyday. 16:56:46
I want to share something with you. 16:40:26
Mumbai Massacre Russian connection 16:31:30
2008-D, 1 AMERO copper prototype coin on eBay 16:18:57
Now a FOX news video surfaces of WTC 7 collapsing AFTER reporters said it already collapsed 15:41:22
OK, this is hilarious! 14:48:48
good punishment? 14:40:28
The propaganda of credit scores! 14:14:47
Cheney indicted on prison abuse. 13:48:35
Abolish the Fed! Ron's Rep Speaks at DC Rally 12:47:42
Star Visitors confirmed- UPDATE 12:38:50
Expatriate's taxation bill. 11:41:08
Wal-Mart worker dies in rush/Legal ramifications,Judge Napolitano explains 11:23:52
something scary in Mumbai... 10:37:35
Peter Schiff on Bloomberg 11/21/2008 10:17:44
Giving Thanks for Self-Reliant Americans 10:03:06
GOOD VIDEOS 09:08:54
Proof that Fox news knew that building 7 was going to fall , new evidence video 08:06:32
★ ★Sarah Palin Eat My Skeet ★ ★ GO RON PAUL 06:01:12
Ron Paul: World Central Bank is on its way 05:17:25 NEEDS HELP! 05:14:30
Good article by Pat Buchanan 04:49:28
Bailout more expensive than anything, ever... 04:48:23
"Worse than the Great Depression" Former head of Goldman Sachs 04:16:08
Kit Kittredge; An American Girl - Movie shows insight on the Great Depression 03:56:07
Remarks of Paul-Martin Foss, Ron Paul's Representative, At End The Fed Rally 03:18:56
The security of a person : 02:48:58
This is what the next march on the fed should look like. 02:43:51
<<<<Th@nksgiving Parade rickroll<<<< 02:41:54
Why do I hate Liberals 02:30:23
CAFR's 02:03:27
"Everyday Anarchy" 01:57:39
Chemtrails December 12 00:27:39
Thanksgiving-"Anything Goes" Thread 00:20:23
Jan Helfeld interviews Congr. James Clyburn on Racism 00:14:23
McClintock locks in win over Brown in California's 4th! 00:14:23
Important: Bruce Fein on Eric Holder 00:13:29
A site that I feel Ron Paul Supporters may find of interest 00:07:31