Posted on November 3, 2008

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Thank You ..... 22:42:25
I used to think I was crazy and the world was normal - Now, I'm rethinking that whole proposition. 20:28:41
Ron Paul to discuss Berg v. Obama tonight 11/03 10:00 PM 18:52:04
More important than the election, will be the Bretton Woods II financial summit on Nov. 15, 2008. 18:59:16
The Moral Hazard of Regulation 16:16:50
Russian President blames US for global crisis 14:35:09
Constitution Free Zone 14:09:21
Dean Barkley for U.S. Senate 14:35:09
U.S. Dept. of State: YouTube Q & A 14:35:10
Presidential Poll of DailyPaulites 22:42:26
Voting Reminder: Useful Links - Ron Paul PAC & Bailout 17:39:42
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Sarah gets punked 23:55:57
Who to vote for in West Virginia? 23:48:17
Sarah Palin Prank Call with 'Nicolas Sarkozy' - Hilarious! 23:44:27
The BEST MESSAGE we can possibly send!! 23:34:05
Dollar Democracy exposed 23:29:28
Coast to coast Obama's grandmother and what she said 23:08:36
*Tomorrow A Miracle Will Unveil* 23:01:00
Ex-CIA Man Warned Top Executives To Leave New York On 9/11 22:44:41
Just listen to the Good Doctor's words... 22:40:38
My son had the only write-in vote in the 5th-6th grade 22:03:07
Don't Vote for the Two Party Dictatorship 21:57:51
Ron Paul on Tonight 11-3-08 21:54:53
Zimbabwe Central Bank refuses to pay for gold - mines going under 21:16:47
Ron Paul Republicans/Congressional Candidates List 20:53:42
***108 Year Old American Patriot Votes For The Revolution To Continue*** 20:52:32
Penn Jillette on Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Harry Browne and libertarians 20:48:16
Sherry Peel Jackson IRS and the new NTDI. Scary 20:44:15
Sarah Palin: HS, classified military issues and counter terrorism 20:41:46
WHERE HAVE ALL THE WOMEN GONE? Has America lost it's heritage of virtuous womanhood. 20:41:46
Nader on CNN right now 7:32pm et 20:31:23
Morale Boost - Will you sing with me? 20:30:26
NY Voter - "Write - in" Question. 20:27:20
***Big Brother Dracula Meets Your Kids Brains*** 20:17:54
9:30pm EST Discussion of FED protest plans and possible Nov 15th action 20:15:34
Barrack Hussein Obama is a LIAR! 20:14:21
Tomorrow will be a Democratic landslide at all levels. 19:54:16
Dodge pollution before voting 19:33:49
Ron Paul says The FED is EVIL? 19:23:35
Remember, Remember, ... the 5th of November 18:55:31
Government to borrow a record $550 billion 18:53:48
Obama's grandmother dies one day before election. 18:14:43
Obama: I need some Ammo 18:09:20
*Nader Has Some Choice Words For Obama* 18:03:00
I am not and will never "vote". My refusal to contract with Corporate government. 17:48:36
Anyone Tried the Liberty Manager? 17:44:30
Senator Barack Obama's campaign continues to air false and inaccurate advertisements 17:39:21
***Guantanamo Bay*** 17:20:40
October Surprise! Barrett's 9/11 Theory Proved Correct! 17:04:03
Infinite Banking 16:58:35
New Adam Kokesh Video - On AJE TV - Solid as Usual 16:52:56
1/2 Oz. Maples... 16:47:58
***Nader C-SPAN Video*** 16:46:50
Jim Rogers: "`Close the Federal Reserve and problem solved`" 16:32:56
What states have NOT initiated Real ID 16:20:41
AOL lumps Baldwin and Steve Kubby with fascists and communists 16:19:07
Child support Scam 16:16:31
Any Guesses 15:53:10
Watch Barry Goldwater documentary on HBO 15:38:39
Is BO Like His Aunt In This Country Illegally? 15:29:22
***MSNBC Story On Nader*** 15:21:44
I don't exist 15:10:53
THIS November 5th - What are you going to do? 15:04:58
Courtesy Tip to my Daily Paulers... Gold Making Low Today.. 15:03:13
Sign this END THE FED petition - targeted to those on the left 15:01:23
*Nader's VP Says Abolish The FED Vanity Fair Interview* 14:56:48
Prediction: Election will be turned into a toddler sandbox war farce. 14:48:56
Chuck Baldwin: Here's the ballot situation in your state. 14:27:14
Tomorrow Our Future Begins! 14:09:44
Congress knew in March 2008! - Colin Powell's mystery warning? 14:01:08
Any Ron Paul Republicans on NY state ballot? 13:39:32
The Esoteric Agenda-- An alternative to Zeitgeist 13:23:45
Another excellent analysis from Justin Raimondo today 13:23:41
CSM: Sacrifice Theme Returns to U.S. Politics 13:15:01
The Kobayashi Maru Election--the No-Win Political Scenario. 13:07:40
DIGG "The Two Party Monopoly" 13:04:32
The Mafia-like gang of grasshoppers is the NWO and we are the ants! 13:04:28
Obama admits he intends to bankrupt Coal industry 13:01:10
Positive thinking.... I can't wait for either McCain or Obama to win! 12:58:45
The truth behind the shadows are 12:51:52
Proposed Ideas for End the Fed! Action Program 12:42:57
Favorite RP music video. Here's mine,what's your's? 12:33:54
Election 2008: Tips To Make Sure Your Vote Counts 12:08:50
Sovereign Crusaders 11:59:26
Why Voting in the U.S. Election is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME... 11:51:36
New Youtube Video: Bob Barr Asks For Your Vote 11:42:02
My button... Voting in tomorrow's election. Need some help. 11:05:43
I thought I was up on the "mysteries" of 9-11... Did you know about this? 10:55:58
December Delivery: Gold will reach minimum 1500 10:45:02
The one good thing about Obama. 10:34:03
Bush administration denies funding for FBI probe of mortgage mess (sound familiar) 09:34:04
Screw you, Dondero! Former Ron Paul Senior Aide & Bob Barr backer makes plea to Libertarians to back McCain/Palin 09:15:50
Just for smiles: Obama Birth Certificate 09:01:24
If you home school, is it required to report to state? 08:58:36
Lew Rockwell on Understanding the Boom and Bust 08:53:59
STOP THE ELECTION: By: Devvy 08:47:39
Take a break from the cr#p. A reminder of just how right you were. 08:34:27
C-SPAN 08:06:30
How about some facts to help you wake up others? 07:52:19
this ladys for real! dam 07:19:44
To hell with both of them 06:45:20
To hell with both of them 06:44:43
Ending Taxation ... Walter Burien turns up the heat 05:18:59
90,000 jobs loss possible with Chrysler-GM Merger 03:44:42
My email to my grandpa, an Obama supporter--he thinks voting for Obama is a "protest vote" lol 02:40:45
Nader Platform on Domestic Issues 02:28:09
Wall street and the Bolshevik revolution 02:27:25
Ron Paul being associated with Ayers and Wright? 02:21:45
Global interdependence and the Aspen Institute 02:20:32
GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 02:10:34
Philip Berg was on tonight 02:06:45
My convo with a Veteran 01:42:28
Civil Unrest & Gangs Likely to Riot on Election Day -- Police Prepare 01:39:00
Jesse Ventura CIA Shadow Government 01:28:59
Deflation is Everywhere!!! 01:23:06
What Would Happen to You? 00:56:24
I was so annoyed by this that I finally figured out how to login 00:41:08
A 3rd party vote is a vote for Obama 00:33:14
Pointing the US Surveillance Apparatus at the American People 00:13:42
I want to sell my house and use the equity, if I have any, I probably will to pay cash for a condo, good idea, or no? 00:12:28