Posted on November 5, 2008

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DIGG!!! Ron Paul is invited to CPAC 2009 - John McCain isn't!!! 20:39:06
The election in Mouseland: A video short 16:18:04
Remember What We're Fighting For!! 19:19:03
One year ago today I was right here hitting the refresh button 19:55:28
Last Line of Defense, Jury Nullification 16:18:04
Note to Turncoat Former Ron Paul Delegates 16:18:04
Three Big Obstacles to the Movement 15:13:10
Who Do We Want To Run In Four Years? 19:28:19
Fox news owned by Ralph Nader after Obama wins election. 11:23:06
Sgt. Matthis Chiroux Interview on Police Abuse and Brutality 10/29/2008 10:50:15
Bob Barr was right... Ron Paul scattered the 3rd party vote. 00:32:24
AP has Real-Time Results w/ 3rd Parties 00:32:34
ELECTION RESULTS: Lawson (37%), Miller (15%), Barkley (16%), Conley (42%), McClintock, Bailey (28%), Cunningham (25%), and more 00:32:29
Ron Paul Continues to Tell the Truth on Election Day! ***DIGG*** 00:32:25
The big day: VOTE! Reports from the front lines 00:32:27
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Looking for the thread on the stockmarket 23:51:39
The band Pavement seems anti-NWO to me 23:42:33
***RIP America*** 23:35:23
Help!! 23:25:24
The One World Order vs Freedom 23:00:23
*Just The Beginning* 22:58:20
Great voting video- Hilarious! 22:46:01
Where are they now? 22:37:58
I propose that from the ashes of the Republican Party should come... 22:23:19
What is money, invitation to email discussion 22:19:21
Why I'm encouraged that Obama won 22:04:34
It's official, Michelle Obomb'a fashion is Fugly! 22:04:29
*Montana For Paul And Nader* 22:04:00
The Mother of ALL Conspiracies!! 21:56:20
Video: Greasing the Skids for Martial Law 21:52:50
Is this more Fearmongering? You be the judge 21:43:20
Zelikow(ard) Confronted in Chicago 21:34:55
Why Lawyers for 9/11 Truth? 21:21:52
New Words For The GOP To Learn (Courtesy of Merriam Webster) 21:21:41
UK Libertarian Party sends "Nineteen Eighty Four" to every member of Parliament! 21:12:22
"Sure. You can still OWN a gun. You have to keep it with us though" 21:02:59
Rand Paul N 12. You can't beat the pedigree 20:59:32
We will never win if we don't do this 20:47:08
People's Awareness Coalition Broadcast For 5 NOV: Brother Gregory and His Holy Church 20:44:24
Will Ted Stevens be pardoned by President Bush? 20:43:16
Was Obama the chosen one for the NWO? 20:43:08
Ron Paul invited to CPAC 2009 - but John McCain isn't!! 20:40:26
You heard it on The Daily Paul first. 9mm handguns are unreliable. 20:34:18
Change, and the former Goldman Sachs chair 20:32:50
The Republican party is now experiencing what Dr. Paul calls "Blowback" 20:31:04
Liberty Recipe 20:08:29
Ron Paul, Aimee Allen Live November 5th 8-9pm EST 20:00:03
coworker just sent me this email. where do i begin??? 19:59:45
Don Rasmussin will be on RBRadio tonight at 8:00PM 19:58:36
Ron Paul to be on CNN American Morning 11/6 @ 7:54am 19:58:23
A state of permanent preparedness for impeachment. 19:54:03
Can I get an "Amen" from the choir? 19:36:46
What are your thoughts on Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff? 19:36:19 ?? 19:14:46
Richard Viguerie: All Republican congressional leaders should resign 19:07:44
The death of Republican Zionism 19:04:08
VOTE HERE! 18:54:03
Planning on running for city council this spring... 18:49:40
~What the 2nd Amendment is For~ 18:46:44
The Daily Joke Thread! 18:45:09
More odd things in the skies over southern CA 18:39:14
1/2 oz Maples... 18:33:27
New World Odor...something stinks 18:23:09
How do we legally become sovereign as individuals again! 18:22:11
Credit where credit’s due. 18:18:57
***Obama Your New Bush*** 18:14:54
Dr. Paul will be on CNN's American Morning 11/06/08 at 7:54 am eastern. 18:14:25
One more opportunity to vote RON PAUL 18:09:34
Wiki Shows "Ron Paul" as Time Person Of The Year 2008.. 18:08:31
How Healthcare will be nationalized. 18:07:49
We must hold Obama's feet to the fire. 18:02:58
*Nader Starts* 17:50:29
End of U.S. financial leadership 17:37:41
Did this hit on 9-11 17:29:35
NEW Liberty based site, I worked really hard on this... 17:27:06
The 'new' wears off Obama in 5....4....3....2.... 17:22:04
Michigan voted to allow medical use of marijuana. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 17:13:32
Global Economic Recession, Country by Country 17:02:30
1PM Pacific 16:59:50
FIGHT FOR 2012 -- WE LOST 2008 (LET IT ALLLLLL GO) 16:57:44
California Results 16:54:14
***Hold Your Heads Up High*** 16:51:04
My predictions for Obama's first term (read it again in four years time) 16:49:36
Sincere Honest Gold Question 16:43:28
Reflection from a college student 16:41:56
Who's this Tom McClintock? 16:37:49
Paul, Ventura, Thompson, Barrett: Third Party Coalition? 16:32:10
Every MP to receive a copy of Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" ... 16:27:29
OT Michael Crichton dies of cancer today 16:19:24
Obama is "The Game" of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Is Ron Paul Wesley Crusher, or are we? 16:16:52
Antidote to despair: Live strategy for freedom, entertainment, nostalgia, live internet tv- 16:15:12
The “I want my mommy!” election is over 16:05:43
Great article in Esquire magazine about how the Federal Reserve and government regulations caused the financial mess 16:01:05
Ron Paul "Campaign for Liberty" out on XBOX360! 15:59:59
Protester kicked out of GOP rally for?? 15:54:25
Time to See the Future!!! 15:54:12
(((***))) What did we do right &/or wrong? (((***))) 15:48:22
Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show- November 05, 2008 - Youtube 15:43:33
Is another civil war looming? 15:40:33
Still several possible outcomes of the election. 15:39:05
Will Obama's Revolution be like Fidel Castro's Revolution? 15:18:14
Obama Ad Libs from the heart 15:17:08
Quote of the day 15:08:24
Congratulations! 15:04:45
time to steer the local County GOP 14:55:46
Singin' the blues today? This new song will help. 14:46:49
The Price the GOP Paid for Backing the Wrong Horse 14:45:56
New Recruit 14:44:53
Something I don't see anyone talking about today....... 14:44:18
Ron Paul for Texas governor? 14:37:20
Las Vegas Sun Reports Nov. 5 14:25:39
The world is still spinning 14:18:41
The Wave 14:11:14
How do we seduce the Republican party to our way of thinking? 14:08:35
Join the grassroots effort to become the media - advertise yourself on RTR Radio 14:01:45
NOW - Adam Kokesh, Trevor Lyman on --live major freedom event 13:55:06
Banners, Flags, Etc. (Revised) 13:53:06
US faces Greatest Crisis in its history! 13:32:23
"How strange is this":Japan names a town after Obama" 13:31:21
Real change thru organization 13:11:26
Recycled Toilet Paper 13:06:25
Live Today- All Day! Nov. 5th celebration - Ron Paul appearance confirmed 13:06:24
11:05 a.m. central time 11-5 rp on alex jones 13:04:37
Ron Paul on Alex Jones NOW 12:06PM Eastern Time 13:04:13
Ron Paul on alex jones 11 am eastern now! 13:02:02
America's role is changing from being the consumer and economic power to that of policeman and military bully. 12:57:42
What the HELL happened to the new Bldg 7 Video?????? 12:50:13
Good news for Gold Bugs? 12:49:53
What are the best crisis / survival preparedness books? 12:42:39
Tired of being an "armchair warrior" 12:28:55
Campaign for Liberty link in the menu of 12:28:26
GET REAL! - BO will not be charge! - Never forget who really sets the agenda and tells the president what to do. 12:25:00
This is the Real Homeland Security 12:23:11
Why does the MSM refer to our president elect as 12:22:25
I Woke Up This Morning... 12:19:53
Lets use myspace to network 12:15:59
Welcome to the USS of AMERIKA 12:11:15
Remember Remember the 5th of November 12:00:51
Yes, Now Is The Time to be Even More Focused and Committed 12:00:37
With the precision to deliver bombs anywhere on earth will this technology be used to "encourage" compliance from the top? 11:59:38
An idea for 2012 11:58:32
Alright People! We've got 2 Years to Make it Happen!!! Let's Get to it! 11:27:00
Election Night Successes..... and the politics of fear 11:26:24
Think the united States is the best country? 11:25:08
A New 9/11 Question 11:03:02
Rahm Emanuel (son of a terrorist bomber) the next president of the United States? 11:00:24
Start selling "So where is the damn change?" signs now 10:41:58
How about Ron Paul for.... 10:40:24
Why McCain lost 10:39:01
Dow opens down... -111 10:29:48
Time to vote 3rd party.... 10:07:37
Next up: End the Fed 10:04:19
So where is Baldwin?? He didn't even show on the radar?!?! 09:47:47
ITS NOT OVER 09:43:23
What should have been.... 09:21:52
MT -- double Barr + Nader 09:12:27
While the Finger-Pointing Begins... 09:05:04
So where was the "truther" vote ? 08:49:48
AP Headline: McCain vows to help Obama 08:36:20
President of Kenya declares tomorrow a national holiday 07:46:39
This man scares the daylights out of me..... 07:42:38
I'm glad to see that the country broke so heavily for Obama! 07:19:19 -- our next big recuiting tool! 07:02:20
Principles of the Thomas Jefferson and betrayal 06:36:15
How did the crook Drier stay in the 26th district... 06:25:07
Catherine Austin Fitts--Was I Hearing Things? 06:15:00
Next Step - Time to take over the Republican Party? 06:12:41
Max Keiser on AJ (audio) - on gold and collpase of the dollar 06:11:19
***Rand Paul 2012*** 06:07:12
Obama Karaoke 06:01:46
Wall Street Journal: From Fluoride to Marijuana: Health Comes to Election Day 05:42:08
I just read the first Ron Paul related email in my inbox from May 2007 that won me over. So cool to see how far I've come! 05:25:17
Can anybody explain how this was allowed to happen? 04:57:22
What's that giant sucking sound? 04:19:49
Remember Remember The 5th of November 03:48:06
I just read my first Ron Paul related email in my inbox from May 2007 that got me into this. So cool to see how far I've come! 03:41:05
Beware the 'Intriguing' Man 03:25:45
There is no "Mandate" ... 03:20:49
Goodbye My Old Friend 03:17:24
President Obama? Maybe I should take advantage of the assisted suicide initiative my state just passed... 03:10:33
It's over, almost 03:08:07
Bob Barr Causes McCain to Lose North Carolina AND Indiana!!! 03:00:51
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss 02:58:38
Ron Paul's Message to OBAMA! 02:52:15
I guess America wants to learn its lesson the hard way. 02:47:14
Introduction to Devaluation and Demonetization 02:20:45
Reason to be stoical, if not optimistic!! 02:18:05
Dr. Paul To Be On Alex Jones 11/5/08 11:00 am CST 02:08:20
Well I'm out of here . I hope you all find perfection :) 01:59:06
If i looked at it right 01:56:55
Hey everyone, look how Israel is responding 01:55:55
Request for information 01:49:17
Anyone Else Need A Little Comic Relief After The Inevitable? 01:47:22
I'm keeping the napalm in check tonight. 01:37:06
Now is the time for a preemptive strike if you ask me, who is running in 2012, we need to fund them starting now 01:36:07
A Message to Ron Paul 01:35:42
Swiss financial guru Marc Faber sees bankruptcy for the United States 01:33:37
Stars upside down on flag again? UPDATED - original post deleted 01:21:02
A little shallow but Michelles' dress is hideous 01:19:26
How many of the traitors 01:13:22
Obamas Victory Speech NOW! 01:05:34
Thank You BJ Lawson 01:05:13
Lindsey Williams is a fraud! 00:55:55
Ron Paul won 12.3% on Roosevelt county, Montana 00:50:23
The REAL Post-Obama Presidential Anthem. 00:47:29
People are Freaking Out? 00:43:37
Is a concession binding? 00:39:13
OH THE HORROR....... 00:37:24
Why do Hawaiians even bother voting ? 00:31:38
Look on the bright side McCain LOST! 00:30:35
Weep! 00:23:15
"You should've Voted Ron Paul!" 00:22:55
Today is no surprise for us. Let's make the next few months a surprise for them 00:19:09
Libertarians' "Pragmatic Choice" Sure Worked Well 00:18:20
Hey - SomeBody - Get the Lights! 00:16:31
Celebrate - Ron Paul won texas d - 14 house seat 00:11:37