Posted on November 6, 2008

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World Money Supply Shrinking While U.S. Deficit Soars - WHY? 23:24:39
It's a Mitzvah 22:27:55
The collapse of the financial markets and the election has been impecibly timed 22:07:31
Digg this! Should Ron Paul, not Sarah Palin, be the future of the Republican Party? Vote it up! 21:50:42
Thank you Dr. Paul 17:59:56
L.A.: Sales Tax of 10.25% (If Arnold Gets His Way) 16:13:23
Why Are We Being Manipulated Again? 14:58:33
Ron Paul: The Moral Hazard of Regulation 13:59:20
Bob Barr Campaign Officials: Ron Paul is to Blame!!!! 12:29:16
NYT: Ron Paul will now take your questions. 12:17:56
I YELLED "RON PAUL"!!!! during McCain's concession speech!!! 20:29:11
Troop movements - something big about to happen? 10:19:28
CNN: Ron Paul Interview On American Morning 10/06/08 20:29:09
Single Global Currency Association 00:13:14
Must Listen: Ron Paul with Alex Jones 11/5/08 20:29:10
A Message From Ron Paul 01:35:03
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Please read the "Education" tab at 23:50:33
Walking across the country for liberty 23:43:40
Mainstream Media Covering Up Details of Horrific Crime 23:37:56
ACLU: 2/3 of US population lives in "Constitution-free" zone 23:32:37
As long as there is money Satan will control everything 23:28:13
Inside Job 23:25:37
**Ron Paul will now take your questions!** 23:20:56
***Obama’s First Appointment Is Son Of Zionist Terrorist*** 23:07:44
I'm putting together a class. Who here believes the Republican leadership is upset about the recent election? 23:04:51
Why Can't Ron Paul be part of OBAMA? 22:51:50
GOP IN TATTERS, To Start Online Forum for Ideas 22:50:15
***Remember Remember The Revolution*** 22:49:24
It's another "Great Depression" or a "World War" we have walked down the primrose... 22:35:07
DIGG!! - Obama wants to REQUIRE service!! 22:03:01
*Nader On Fox News*Transcript* 21:58:34
Digg This!!! Rahm Emanuels True Colors, Change we cannot believe in 21:48:44
A pretty educational game 21:39:45
Shariah Law? 21:34:48
PLEASE Help! 21:29:13
i'm soooo disgusted 21:28:46
A Copy Of Orwell's 1984 Sent To Every Member of Parliament 21:15:35
this will make you puke 21:05:44
Record-setting Libertarian or "protest" votes in California 21:03:39
Digg this!!! End The Fed and what we can do to make it successful 21:01:53
George Washington's Vision 20:54:28
Did B.J. Lawson win ? 20:41:51
Electoral College - THIS RACE IS NOT OVER! - Do you know this? 20:38:45
Video: Here's to the Crazy Ones! 20:27:32
Anybody need a BOOST??? 20:26:02
NWO card game from 1995 20:11:25
MUST WATCH VIDEO! Communist subversion tactics being used in the USA 19:57:04
TOYOTA to OPEN "LIMIT DOWN" When Nikkei OPENS 19:55:34
NWO Dems and Repubs are both run by the same banking bastards... 19:44:48
Tracking Obama and the NWO 19:42:35
Any New Aphorisms and Epigrams from the R3VOLution ??? 19:13:01
Interested in Gold? 18:41:09
Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are 18:40:25
At least someones business is booming 18:21:25
Next False Flag? 18:00:26
The Supreme Court Betrays the Public on Medtronic Preemption Case 17:55:08
How to move foreward: 17:45:43
Is this a good argument for those who don't support full reserve banking? 17:16:24
Pelosi, Reid, and Obama plan to take your 401k.... 17:15:50
Campaign Finance Reform 17:02:22
Draft Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina for 2012. Agree? 16:56:36
Rahm Emanuel New COS- 16:49:29
401K's and IRA's soon to be Socialized 16:35:41
....defending the good doctors name.......... 16:35:20
D.C. Elects 2nd Convict To Council 16:35:13
Tonight, Dr. Paul will be calling in to Cavuto on the Fox Business Channel. 16:33:17
Where's the Financial Posts? Dow down 900 points 2 days after election!!! 16:22:47
Bush Administration plans to open office in Iran, interesting!! 16:19:07
Obama's Adminstration: To be made up of bankers (from the FED, IMF, World Bank, etc.) 16:08:45
What is a Bob Barr? 15:34:55
Lieberman is getting the boot. 15:33:46
OT: Health / Cancer question 15:31:15
Liberty Maven's Owner agrees with the Barr campaign's smear of Ron Paul 15:23:50
The Supreme Candidate for 2010 & 2012 15:13:49
***Impeach Obama*** 14:37:02
Obamanomics 101 14:35:43
Obama: "Yes, you have to." 14:11:10
With Rahm Emanuel in the White House 14:06:47
Be prepared for the roller coaster of a lifetime! 14:02:30
Obama "Change" set to disappoint many 13:58:11
What is 13:44:25
The Law Of Unintended Consequences 13:38:20
Human Rights Activists Calling for Euthanasia for Obama Supporters.... hahahaha 13:38:08
My new Donation Letter 13:32:24
Bush Coup???: New Executive Order For Power Transfer To Obama???? 13:21:12
May lose my home next month...need your advice! 13:20:06
An "Obama Nation" an Abomination. 13:17:43
Stop Obama Petition 13:12:10
Alex Jones explains to Russia Today what Obama means for them! 12:50:26
Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages 12:48:57
A Sick but funny video from the RNC (you havent seen this) 12:32:48
Check this one out- 12:26:36
Domain Name Now Available 12:18:38
Rhino: This Had To Be Dedicated To You........ 12:15:38
What happened to this post? 12:10:50
The Graphic Aftermath of Obama's Victory: Not Very Pretty 12:08:03
C4L preparing for 2010 & 2012 12:06:51
Dow down below 9000 (11-6-08) I'm glad the Market is saved by Obama 11:47:23
On The Bright-Side: Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) -- News Corp., the media company controlled by Rupert Murdoch, plunged the most in Sydney 11:22:11
Did Nevada Assemblywoman Lisa Marie Johnson say: I believe that Ron Paul divided this party? 10:49:10
Another good reason to get rid of cable 10:46:23
ABC News: Where Does the GOP Go From Here? 10:45:12
Ron Paul for Minority Leader 10:32:52
My God! We may as well throw in the towel and just give up. EDITED 10:28:48
U.S. Treasury Sharia Financial Compliance Forum 10:22:11
Teensie Weensie bit of hope from Judge Napolitano... 10:08:15
Civil Liberties Under Obama? Judge Andrew Napolitano's Take 09:51:44
BJ Lawson in 36 seconds....... 09:48:43
The Reality of the New World Order -- Act Before it's too Late! 09:37:52
* * * Are You Part of the Sheeple or a Shepherd? * * * 08:25:55
Rahm Emanuel: Get to know him 08:18:12
Ron Paul Question for Former VP Al Gore's Digg Interview 08:16:56
A must read an see! God help us! 08:15:02
Isn't it ironic? 07:40:57
It's easy to get depressed over Tuesday. DONT!! The shadow government wants us to throw in the towel. Now is the time to fight! 06:59:06
What does the Incumbent % vs. Approval Rating mean? 06:17:20
Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration's Final Economic Heist? 06:14:03
Has Ron Paul Ever Said Anything on "Global Warming?" 05:26:41
What exactly is 'Neo-liberalism' and what does it have to do with our movement? 04:08:58
Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom? 04:03:39
Everyone is talking about gold.. but why ? 03:54:28
South Park -After Obama Wins Episode 03:42:09
What Country Are Our Troops Fighting and Dying for? And Why? 03:29:12
Paper or Plastic? 03:12:43
Great Quotes - Have a Look! 02:48:23
Pres. Obama's first choice 02:14:46
Write-in Candidate voter count in California........ 02:07:45
Important for these days..."The Scroll with Seven Seals"...from The Book of Revelation 01:54:18
Some Good News From New Hampshire Liberty PAC 01:19:40
silver at $4.00 over spot, and gold at $100.00 over spot... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? anyone have a better deal?? 01:19:18
Holograms? 01:09:16
NO more mortgage payment soon.. GET READY TO DEFAULT! 01:08:12
There is no shortage of silver... 00:49:38
Poll Worker Punched In The Face 00:47:16
U.S. Treasury teaches 'Islamic Finance 101' 00:14:12