Posted on November 7, 2008

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Time to leave eh? Some Rampant musings for your enjoyment 16:41:37
Flu Vaccines containing Thimerosal 11:52:16
Bush Warns of Vulnerability During Transition 11:03:10
Time to Leave? 02:01:36
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Names Surface for Obama's Top Jobs 23:45:23
Has America Jumped From The NeoCon Frying Pan Into The NeoLib Fire-Obama Will Be Controlled by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Trila 23:33:02
Obama-mania Is Putting Americans To Sleep 23:00:30
Doctors Want Boys To Get Gardasil Shot - (Yahoo News from today) 22:53:11
President-Elect Obama is Looking for Ideas 22:43:15
Wayne Madsen Report: Credit card freeze? 22:38:02
Obama Will Require Community Service - Please Digg-or American Slavery Will Be The Way Of Life Here! 22:32:06
NEW POLL: Who Do You Want to Support for President in 2012? 22:20:29
How? Why? The time is NOW! 22:18:04
WHAT are you waiting for??? 22:17:02
Get Government Out of Coin Manufacture 22:08:27
Christian the Lion - A Must watch 22:07:38
Anyone need a good laugh? 22:05:57
America's Shadow Government 22:02:13
Here is the PLAN from the ACLU 21:55:47
NEW POLL: Who Do You Want to Support for President in 2012? 21:53:54
Texas bank latest to fail. 21:47:04
Why not set up constitutional zones in our county 21:44:48
Time To Start Arresting Our Politicians 21:44:00
PHOTO OF THE DAY!!! 21:18:04
Mass Vaccination Drill gives real shots 21:13:27
How easy are people herded? 21:02:36
politically correct ark 20:43:34
Well, here's the deal 20:40:10
Martial Law - Illegal in Michigan? 20:35:18
For Palestinians, There Are Two Obamas 20:29:48
Divert, Discourage, Disband, and Divide. 20:04:31
Arizona to deploy traffic camera web Expects $90 million from tickets 19:52:44
Absolut Vodka ad shows protesters vs. riot police 19:47:28
Patriotism 19:29:01
For Fellow Marines on Nov. 10th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 19:13:37
Vote for Michael Nystrom to be part of Rebuild the Party Coalition. 19:07:08
Sar Appaulin' or Peggy Hill? 19:06:14
Nothing to worry about Bush, Cheney, and Obama are cousins... 19:05:25
Transition 2008: Advising America's Next President - Who wants to go? 19:04:44
Coop purchasing clubs...might be an answer for folks at DP... 18:46:09
The light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope! 18:43:43
The GOP wants your opinion on Ron Paul! Vote, comment, Digg 18:40:07
Idea: Let's use the word "limit" 18:36:09
The Men Behind Obama 18:33:15
GOP Wants Input! Post and Votes Needed Here... 18:18:04
change 18:10:36
Obama wants swift action on the economy? oh no, 4 more years of this? 17:42:44
So how will this play out?? 17:39:09
The saddest picture you'll see all day 17:35:12
Socialism sucks 17:30:58
How 9/11 was done - Alternative Theories 17:16:15
Are you a precinct leader for C4L? 17:07:53
I have an Idea! 16:59:47
The Only Change We Are Going To Get Is... ___________________ 16:46:25
"Conservatives Are Living in Alice's Wonderland" 16:30:01
Anyone have a transcript to Obama's Press Event? thanks. 16:27:51
Reporters And Hard-Hitting Questions 16:24:15
Peter Schiff 05-11-08 - Obama = print print print print print 16:23:21
No Change In Obama’s White House 16:14:57
What will you do! 16:04:13
Obama just promised a stimulus package 16:00:35
Electors being asked to block Obama's election 15:53:00
CNN: Conservatives blaming moderates for loss- GOP has strayed from its roots 15:13:13
Now that is one crazy conspiracy 15:11:27
YAY Tim Duncan! 15:09:18
Does anyone else think politics is dead? 14:58:56
Revolution Day Nov. 5th Interviews available 14:55:29
My father always said to me 14:52:24
What did Election Day teach us? 14:49:12
No “Change” In Israeli Manipulation Of U.S. Foreign Policy Under Obama 14:37:58
What do you all think about this education 'reform' 14:21:46
Wow, I'm finally able to post! 14:16:42
"Young NEO-CON" GOP Activists Working to Rebuild Party Online!!!!!! 14:09:30
Attack of the NeoClones. 13:54:14
Police and Military... for or against Liberty?? 13:48:14
It is Time 13:35:52
Libertarians lets change strategy! Take a page from the NeoCons! 13:25:22
We are Being Attacked Again! 13:15:25
Stock manipulation today? 13:12:25
Wanna buy SILVER? Here ya go! 13:11:41
I wish I had a time machine 13:10:14
Bob Barr Reflection. 13:00:28
Be Aware something is coming 12:47:24
Fed hires proven failure 12:43:15
GM just posted a per share loss almost twice what the price of a share is. 12:36:41
Action vs. Reaction 12:34:21
Michael, somebody, the BOT is at it again 12:33:22
# # SPAMMER ALERT # # 12:33:08
Okay no more people complaining why Ron Paul didn't run third party - here's why 12:30:31
Glad to see that FBI agents aren't above the law, or our Constitution.... 12:28:12
We need a Two-Tier, Two Party Strategy--or We Cannot Elect a President. 12:24:20
Help Wanted 12:11:08
Guess Paul's Endorsement of Baldwin didn't help him much 12:02:41
Can anyone answer these questions? 11:50:55
Democratic incumbent who lost Tuesday was a medical marijuana opponent 11:47:24
The End of NAACP? 11:22:44
Buddy, can you spare some "change" - it has begun already 11:15:06
Are pre-1964 silver coins and pre-1933 gold coins considered foreign currencies? 11:11:49
When is silver going to go to the moon ? 11:06:56
Giuliani already has his 2012 Presidential Campaign website up 10:45:18
Surreal headline: "Stocks Higher After Bleak Jobs Report" 10:44:03
Any good sources for the Austrian view of the banking crisis? 10:42:23
How did Ron Paul know this? 10:30:02
Why doesn't Rahm Emanuel pay property taxes? 10:29:19
The Real story of Thanksgiving 10:27:42
**THIS IS THE CHANGE WE NEED???** 10:26:33
Black Obama supporters theatened white obama supporters on the bus today 10:24:54
UPDATE: Michael!!! BigMikedude! We have a problem!! AGAIN!!! 10:23:26
Wakened from the dream, building a new reality 10:18:47
The GOP is done. As we say in the South, That dog just won't hunt anymore. 10:16:43
Damage report: Lessons from the battlefield 10:11:44
Ron Paul Will Now Take Your Questions 09:51:15
Farm Aid President Willie Nelson... 09:33:18
If Palin runs for Steven's seat, will Alaska RP folks support her? 09:27:27
.... 09:14:22
Rahm Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal 09:07:17
So much for Obama bringing "new" voters into the election process 09:06:17
Obama demonstrates a new level of horse's a$$ness 08:57:01
My greatest FEAR... 08:14:06
Bush Administration Committed War Crimes Against Prisoners, Reveals Physicians for Human Rights 07:02:46
After two years of campaigning 05:43:15
A recap of our fair and balanced primary debates 05:39:47
Voting is for Slaves! [video][digg] 05:19:49
Obama zombies left now with only their empty lives 04:12:12
Plans to derail the Obama government at G-20 Finance Conference 03:35:46
Ron Paul Third Party Run Impossible - GOP Forbade It 03:18:09
Next Time, Try a Libertarian -- Geoffrey Pike on the LP 03:01:55
Obama's new web site was created in <2 days?? 02:58:12
A New New World for Liberty! 02:37:51
Ron Paul MUST be in the House Minority Leadership 02:34:05
Barack Hussein Obama is not yet the next POTUS 02:16:26
Oh my God. I just realized why there is no other option than taking over the Republican party... 02:10:37
Tower 7 blasted into rubble from NEW angle, sound, and Silverstein admitting the order to PULL Bldg. 7 00:41:48
How would Paul supporters vote on Prop 8? 00:37:26
Patriots let's send the constitution to the new tyrant! 00:32:02
Open Letter to President-Elect Obama - by Ralph Nader 00:29:29
Presidential Transition Directory and fun chart. 00:17:35
Seriously people, where do you get your info 00:15:31
A video to wake some people up 00:11:33
I listened to a little talk radio tonight. 00:05:42
Question ? Anyone heard this 00:04:57
Residents Angry Over Mass Eviction 00:02:55
Brigade Homeland Tours Start Oct 1. UPDATED- Original article has been edited on the armytimes site 00:01:34