Posted on November 8, 2008

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Iceland: The Future of America 18:12:14
Great Blog Post- How a GOP conspiracy continues to cheat Ron Paul 13:40:47
Weekend Watching: Orwell Rolls in His Grave 11:01:42
The Good Stuff 01:02:10
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the Federal Reserve Bank of New York 23:58:07
world slaves read this so you can save yourself 23:53:11
The Center for Public Integrity 23:10:03
Ron Paul for House Republican Conference Chair-Elect A Statesman to Leadership-Day 8 23:02:10
Rahmbo vs. the Chicago Peace Movement 22:56:47
2 More banks go under #18 and #19 22:15:45
Petition to Obama, Bring our Troops home 22:07:01 22:05:12
Does Anyone Have A Final Vote Count 22:01:45
Does anyone here know how to dig a hole? 21:58:22
Force Majeure 21:57:35
If you are willing to die for Ron Paul post here 21:48:30
Foreclosure Phil: Who's to blame for the biggest financial catastrophe of our time? 21:23:34
A Conspiracy So Immense by Naomi Wolf 21:19:34
I don't wanna break no rules---masta may whip us good 21:11:43
What Muslims believe 21:07:32
Details Emerge on new WTC Collapse Videos 21:03:53
who could beat obama in 2012 20:37:42
Stupid in America 20:16:46
Time for Paulers to Reach to Palin 19:31:48
DIGG new ideas to rebuild Republican Party!!! 19:19:14
Book Recommendation Betrayed from the bench by John Stormer 19:18:29
Dr. Paul did a pretaped interview yesterday that will air tonight between 6-8pm CST on KLBJ Newsradio 590AM out of Austin 19:13:37
4 year Out Reach Program to Obama supporters... 19:04:06
*Peter Schiff: Let the 'Big' Three Fail* 18:31:07
An Open Letter to Michael Nystrom 18:11:36
Ive been to Dubai! A Muslim country. Why didnt they kill me? 18:11:27
Vodka commercial conditions us for martial law. 18:09:39
Need Help!! 17:54:56
Boener being pressured to step down, Ron Paul should run.... 17:33:19
Bar codes Please spread this to everyone 17:32:52
Black teacher belittles soldiers child for supporting McCain 16:51:44
"A TOAST TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER, WE ARE IN CONTROL NOW!" Quoting From the Animated Movie, "The Barnyard"??? 16:40:25
Should we consider Iceland to be "the canary in our coal mine"? 16:36:00
Thought crimes vs crime defining "extortion" and "terrorism" 16:20:52
You can see Russia from Alaska 16:14:35
The Men Behind Obama 16:13:44
Dr. Paul to speak in Houston "End the Fed" event - with your help! 16:09:50
Brazilian president urges global financial overhaul 15:46:15
Who has "changed" an Obama supporter and how did you do it? 15:39:56
Best Bailout Plan Yet! 14:48:51
The billions shift from side to side... 14:24:16
My last Ron Paul related video - Death of the Freedom Flyer 14:21:27
Who is Jim Rogers? 14:09:52
A Man's Greatest Fear...... just a fun article for the weekend 13:39:47
Goodbye.... 13:32:54
Ron Paul: What a member of the R3volution does 13:31:10
Why invite the ignorant to the polls? 13:14:14
What Amazing Change: Obama to "adjust" his stance on Iraq, continue with European missile shield, continue hard stance on Iran 13:06:55
Cloture Rules: How Obama May Bring One-Party Rule to America 13:05:03
1st time I ever agreed with Michele Malkin 13:00:41
Is this a warning for USA pension funds?? UK: Brown seizes 17,000 from private pension 12:51:02
Death Watch for GM? 12:44:26
Happy Hallow-Christmas???? 12:39:59
Silver finally going to da moon? 12:03:58
Dems Target IRAs and 401Ks 12:00:04
Two more banks go belly up. 11:58:27
when do you think the obama supporters will realize theyve been had? 11:54:14
Reminder: Hempstead 15, this Monday at 8 am 11:39:23
Politicians Don't Lie 11:23:33
Rahm Emanuel-Mailed a dead fish to his enemy 11:10:30
Has anyone read this book? "Revolt in 2100" by Heinlein 11:10:15
Son: Billy Graham's work with presidents is ending 11:05:37
GM Opens New Factory In Russia 10:51:29
It never occured to me that BO had been chosen to usher in the NWO until: 09:48:58
Man arrested for wearing McCain/Palin t-shirt at post election party 09:14:40
Specter of gun regulation prompts sales 09:11:48
What $35 means to me 09:09:36
Home Study Course in Austrian Economics 08:58:05
The bloodsucking healthcare industry is caught AGAIN 08:23:54
Message to the "Christian right" 08:07:02
Junkyards 08:00:36
GOP looking for new blood 07:50:26
Another bank tanks 07:35:54
Australia and its NAZI Government 07:29:28
Anybody going to do anything about November 15? 07:26:38
what will the puppet do? 06:58:23
New Day? 06:22:45
I can't see these Ron Paul 'YouTube' videos! Help! 06:17:51
Peter Schiff anti Obama video on Digg First page. Its getting Buried!! 04:12:29
CBS Cameraman Arrested in Newark While (Legally) Filming News Story 04:08:31
Warcrimes of the Heart: episode 3 03:25:31
Trouble is brewing 03:20:38
Is America Being Blackmailed? 02:52:50
The Weaver -- a poem of encouragement and perspective 02:32:57
Seriously, how many of you believe our future president is a muslim, and does it really matter? 02:25:48
11/7/2008 -Peter Schiff On CNBC Special Reports 02:02:13
Want to read THE NWO gameplan??? 01:53:45
Question for DailyPaulers. Can you name me one Chicago politician? 01:51:33
Bloomberg Sues Fed to Force Disclosure of Collateral 01:47:57
Want to know what Obama plans? 01:44:03
Amazing Quote by Emanual's Father. What a real winner we'll have as Chief of Staff?! 01:26:33
Blair, Bush could face probe at The Hague 01:17:29
Favorite Founding Father Quotes 01:13:42
Would killing my self help the world? 01:07:01
How Do You Stop A Fox From Killing the Chickens? 01:04:05
Baldwin increases CP votes by 75%. Barr increases LP by 23% 00:51:05
10 MILLION OUT OF WORK ! 00:49:10
Kinda Interesting.... 00:39:30
Obama's Mother: Fascinating and Revealing!! 00:16:35
Petition to our new President. Bring our troops home, end the empire 00:12:27
It's Getting Bad When Casinos Are Laying Off 00:06:44
November 22, 2008: End the Fed! 00:00:34