Posted on November 9, 2008

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The Time to Build the New World Order Has Come 22:42:07
I went old school and bought a CB radio today, 22:03:23
Rebuild the Party 19:32:37
What Businesses Do Well In Hard Times????? 00:41:33
Grassroots Ron Paul Docum3ntary in the works - Help Us Name It!! 13:15:22
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What were the Ron Paul patriots doing exactly one year ago? 23:54:08
Anyone have these documents 23:43:41
You are going to love this. Look who the Republicans want to run in 2012. 23:39:35
The Virus Myth 23:14:42
US gun sales soar after Obama victory 22:52:56
I feel sick.... 22:50:46
Are YOU an American Patriot? 22:49:47
A Gift for the 111th Congress 22:16:08
Gary Johnson or Mark Sanford 2012? ideas? 22:08:05
USA-TODAY-ad Open Letter to Mr. Obama: Are you legally qualified to hold the Office of President? 21:54:04
UK's Brown: Now is the Time to Build Global Society 21:48:20
Newt Gingrich Plan 21:40:52
Pathetic Republican Party - Looking at Bobby Jindal - Check out his Neo Con voting record 21:39:42
The Real Reason for the Bailouts 21:37:17
Adam Kokesh's Video on The Federal Reserve 21:32:08
Media Getting the People Ready for Obama Presidential EOs... 21:20:37
38 states needed for a Constitutional Convention 20:59:55
And this little piggy went “wee wee wee” all the way home 20:38:33
Bloomberg Sues Fed to Force Disclosure of Collateral 20:26:20
If State Signs Were More Truthful 20:11:57
Obama prepares to continue pattern of subversion by executive 20:04:49
Dec 16th money bomb for CFL - 20:02:20
G20 Summit.. November 15... Coincidence? 19:58:15
If you are willing to die for the revolution post here 19:56:34
Dare you to watch the insiders?? Do you Hide from the truth?? 19:53:09
Just 3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry 19:32:53
I’m a Ron Paul Supporter, but ? 19:26:26
Government sponsored Healthcare can work! 19:22:59
A couple of 'truther' questions: 19:21:16
Global Gardener Video Library 19:16:44
BOOKMARK & make a pot of coffee/tea...this is really educational!!!! 19:15:02
Baron David de Rothschild sees a New World Order in global banking governance 19:14:56
?????? The SECRETS of 9-11 SURFACING????? 19:09:34
Most popular Republican candidates for 2012, Ron Paul not even mentioned! 19:03:54
Obama will soon be intervening in all our lives 19:02:57
Listen to Max Keiser 18:37:41
Republican Party wants to know the plan for the future 17:53:16
Kitco has silver at $737.10 17:25:30
Natural Sequence Farming (Video Library) 17:22:09
Arkancide Is Obama safe from Arkancide?? 16:32:26
Crash Course - Free - Watch & pass along 16:29:11
AFTER THE O-BOMB - Meditation in time of disillusion 16:25:35
" Obama team reviewing 'virtually every agency,' aide says" -CNN 15:51:37
What Happened? 15:42:54
China's doomed, too. 15:37:55
What happened to Mike Lawson's thread? 15:31:44
You Tube Bomb 15:30:50
Is Iceland's fall part of the International Bankers agenda ? 15:27:07
Obama Requires Community Service and Removes his Agenda from Website After Scrutiny. 15:14:37
Putting Together "Liberty Class" Please help with rough course outline 14:52:17
Jesus promoted Love: So why the fist fight today? 14:38:21
Slavery Banks and those that control them 14:35:44
The world's most profitable industry - banking 14:32:51
Save your energy and money 13:53:07
2008 Credit Crises by Joan Veon 13:46:21
Rockefeller shares WNO plan with AAron Russo 13:40:35
The Obama Logo 13:34:30
Obama - Israel ties 12:52:56
Obama wants "mandatory community service?" Hello! Isn't that slavery 12:51:43
'Ignorant Christians in This Country are to Blame More Than Anyone.' 12:40:26
New collapse footage of WTC7 and North Tower - Nov 2008 12:13:20
Obama shows his hand 12:08:24
God bless America 11:23:33
How a Top U.S. Zionist Picked Sara Palin for Vice Persident 10:57:16
Internet & Guns 10:46:31
Republicans Forcing Jindal, Palin, Romney and Pawlenty on Us 10:44:49
Rebuild the Party Site: See the #1 Idea Submitted! 10:43:28
US funds Iran Nuclear Plant through Russia 10:42:57
Ron Paul Supporter Hit-and-Run: Death in a 'Sanctuary City' 10:38:06
Bloomberg Sues Fed to Force Disclosure of Collateral 10:16:27
Human Sexuality is just plain FUNNY. Why are people so uptight? 10:08:50
Should we expect both a terrorist attack and a financial crisis in the near future? 09:45:01
Predicting the grim effects of the coming depression (feedback desired) 08:56:32
GREENING THE DESERT (Video) Water Harvesting Methods 06:58:05
the Declaration of Arbroath/Indepence 04:36:35
So Much for "deflation" 03:45:48
King Midas 03:28:47
I have never been a truther, but always do my on homework... 03:26:32
UPDATE<<<<Buy Made in the USA!!! Please see this list..and feel free to add to it!! DIGG IT!! 03:15:46
Grassroots Ron Paul Docum3ntary - Pre-Teaser Trailer View Here 02:41:14
Please support this thread on the new GOP site! 02:07:05
Freedom Force and Reality Zone 00:45:42
Two Different 9/11 Stories; Live and Produced 00:41:34
Liberty in a nutshell- great video, high quality 00:34:00
For those of you interested in rebuilding the Republican Party 00:25:14
Why work for a profit when you can create money? 00:25:10
Fox News or Fixed News 00:20:56
Don't sign up for animal ID system 00:16:48
Why do most have to labor for what a few get to create? 00:01:33