Posted on December 1, 2008

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Recession in U.S. Started in December 2007, NBER Says 13:47:09
William Greider: Change We Can No Longer Believe In 11:54:35
Will Ron Paul be too old in 2012? by Doug Wead 10:44:31
20,000 Troops Coming to Patrol the Streets of the U.S. 09:55:36
CNN Deepak Chopra Speaks Truth About War On Terror 21:59:38
Cops taser old lady for taking wrong seat at football game, 18:27:47
Ron: "I support term limits" 12:02:26
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Ron Paul, if only we listened 23:15:42
The GOLDSMITHS 23:11:58
Getting Ready: List of Essentials Should The Government Collapse By Global Design 23:05:32
I know it's waaay off topic, but does anyone have any ideas on how I can make 22:19:01
How Obama Got Elected... Interviews With Obama Voters 22:18:59
All You ZOMBIES 22:13:42
i thought net neutrality was bad? 22:12:32
Media Fail to Connect Dots on Bailout 21:55:37
CEO of big bartering website was just on Fox Business talking about bartering and their own digital competing currency 21:37:15
Survival: Homegrown Revolution - Radical Change Taking Root 21:12:00
War Crimes website 21:10:23
Just Think That The Majority of U.S. Citizens Don't Even 21:01:57
Web-Bot Project Says Giant Quake by Dec 15 -- Avoid New Madrid Fault 20:41:55
Impeachment ads now ? a bit late huh ? 20:35:03
"Will OBAMA Be Blamed For Giving Away The Gold in Fort Knox?" 20:27:54
Rhino: If Barak is not a "natural born citizen" .... 20:27:08
Price of gold in China vs. "The West" 20:23:53
George Carlin: Airport security 20:21:34
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Commends US and UK Authorities for Following Its Lead 20:07:15
**How to destroy a currency.** 20:03:25
BOSTON TEA PARTY 08 19:33:54
Most EXPENSIVE YouTube Video EVER! 19:30:52
Article: Ron Paul, if only we listened 19:16:31
Philly 911 Truth Confronts Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff 19:06:36
***Algae Revolutionary Biofuel*** 18:57:34
Will the foreign markets follow us down? 18:30:51
I wonder how much of a boost to the economy 100% legalization of cannabis 18:02:37 A way to monitor them 17:53:49
Oh no, here comes Jindal 17:40:20
Dangers of Paper Money by Thomas Jefferson 17:22:56
Question: Was the warning ignored? 17:11:06
Heard This On A Radio Show About Gold 16:59:01
Hey, who here was making up the anti-Obama signs?? 16:58:46
Dow 12/1/08 close 8,149.09 down -679.95 -7.70% 16:58:02
***DOW Jones Down 700 pts*** 16:57:39
John Beard... Reporter, American and Libertarian 16:52:37
Paulson cooking up new spending plan 16:29:31
Credit-card industry may cut $2 trillion lines: analyst 16:26:47
Judicial Watch Statement on Obama’s Selection of Hillary Clinton 16:16:38
The ECONOMIC ELEPHANT in the Room! 15:54:49
Fast Food Causes Alzheimer's Disease, Makes Population Stupid (Ron Paul mentioned in article) 15:53:51
High Altitude Blimps for Homeland security 15:52:31
12.01.08: Reaching Out to the Left by Anthony Gregory 15:52:25
Drum-roll Please! UN team warns of hard landing for dollar 15:52:22
Florida town proposes communist police state tactics. 15:42:17
The Neo-Alchemy of the Federal Reserve by Ron Paul 15:07:47
Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust 15:02:59
Bush to Receive First-ever International Medal of Peace 14:52:13
Texas Militia Field Training Exercise - Dec 20th 14:51:43
Government hurts the poor 14:51:27
Looks like the afternoon dive is happening early 14:45:37
Putin & His Holiness Alexy II team up to dish Obama as Hitler clone 14:37:56
Is President-elect Obama appointing too many Establishment Insiders to his Cabinet and as his advisers? New Poll...Take the Poll 14:16:47
Odd Job Resource Management 14:04:38
Screw the Big Three look at this... 13:49:32
how can america save money ? lets see , oh yeah okay let the criminals out of jail ? 13:49:09
Another site for DPers to help fight with tools 13:35:39
The next major theatre: USA 13:34:33
3 US carriers & nuclear subs converge in Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf 13:28:19
A great day for the Plunge Protection Team 13:08:40
Paul Craig Roberts' Prophecy About to Come True (Column posted April 01, 2003) 12:50:22
More of the Same You Can Believe In—Obama to Keep Bush's Secretary of "Defense" 12:46:04
★Big Three needs a loan or 3 million lose their jobs★ 12:07:30
Electronic Frontier Foundation Sues NSA for Spying on Americans 12:04:55
"Eating Is A Political Act" 12:00:01
Bailout Dollars Hard At Work - Citi fund buying Spanish 11:03:10
can someone tell me why all my threads are being deleted? 10:59:41
Very interesting video. The Indiana Jones of whole foods. 10:44:06
THE TRUTH & LIES OF 9/11 07:45:07
December Comex Delivery 30.1% After One Day of Possible Delivery 07:30:30
Too cute tshirts! 06:59:04
Why We Must Be Pacifist Libertarians 04:48:28
POT Press Release 04:28:00
$7.76 trillion dollar question (CAFR'S) 04:11:38
Ask Rep. Paul to endorse OC rights restoration in Texas 03:36:13
Obama Birth Certificate in Question - Petition - Sign then PASS IT ON !!!‏ 03:05:04
US prepares for "continuity of government" 02:34:45
I hope this woman gets millions from the cops! 02:25:22
Video: Milton Friedman schools the minimum wage! 02:20:49
Someone needs to get this. 01:55:27
You ever get one of these in your inbox? 01:50:11
True survivalist, never runs out of food. 01:47:16
Other than the Daily Paul, what are your favorite sites in general. 01:42:54
"Food Crunch Opens Doors to Bioengineered Crops" 01:30:34
Radio Interview With Gerald Celente - Economic Meltdown by February '09. 00:56:58
Post Oil Man 00:38:46
Britain joining Euro 00:20:33
{ { { MAKE THIS VIRAL } } } Call your senators! 00:19:47
International Court 'To Punish' Nations that Fail to Prevent Global Warming... 00:17:46
Article: B.O. proposes economic suicide for U.S. 00:17:07
Obama's Birth Certificate is NOT an Issue 00:00:43