Posted on December 10, 2008

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Today is the real CONSTITUTIONAL election for President. Are you going? 19:27:57
The Making of an Insurgent 18:26:24
UPDATE: This Movement is dying, and oh yeah your grammar ain't so good 18:00:13
CNN posting this?? Dow @ 4000?? 15:16:24
Greece: 5th Day of Riots; General Strike; Chaos 14:09:58
Switzerland is in trouble, too 13:29:52
Stop the Auto Bailout! Contact Your Reps Now! 13:22:04
50 year old Baltimore Opera company goes bankrupt, big time! 12:56:17
Fed Wants to Issue It's Own Debt 08:15:48
A Little Gun History Lesson 03:47:32
Edwin Vieira: How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary 15:16:25
★U.S.Constitution & Bill of Rights Up for Grabs!★ 00:02:59
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When? 23:58:58
The Pragmatism of Ethnic Cleansing 23:49:41
Ho Ho Ho! 23:46:35
UK National ID Card Starts with Foreigners. 23:35:27
Colorado Public Television is broadcasting Freedom to Fascism right now! 23:35:11
IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!!! Call your senators! 23:34:22
Anyone from California? 23:18:48
The Cost of Hegemony Is Beyond Reach 23:17:11
Movies that don't suck!!! 23:10:50
Texans for Constitutional Liberty thread! 23:10:24
Catholic Church (Priest) says 9/11 was an Inside Job 22:42:07
Hope you folks are following this! 22:28:31
SNOW for Dr. Paul 22:14:09
TOO LATE!!!!! BREAKING NEWS: Congress passes Bailout for Car Companies 22:03:07
So I quit my job last Friday! 21:47:19
Shut Down the Fed with Austrian Economics- Great Podcast 21:30:40
Food Advice 21:18:44
The Homeless and Christmas: Only 14 days to Christmas 21:11:15
Rules for surviving fascism 20:56:14
If You Had 10K....??? 20:43:54
Help! Mandated water/natural gas meter replacement? 20:25:11
Appeal to Electoral College 20:20:42
***"Proof" of FEMA psy camps in Alaska????**** (for dis-believers) 20:15:33
How bad has the 2008 financial year been? 19:49:54
***Man Lives With A Female Robot*** 19:42:37
This Movement is Growing and WILL CONTINUE TO GROW 19:39:15
Auto Rescue bill in PERIL!! 19:28:39
Hovering Death Robot soon to be at schools and hospitals 19:25:23
*FED Takes First Steps To Selective Default And Devaluation?* 19:19:17
Be part of it, Break The Matrix! 19:13:49
Anyone have the phone number for MSNBC? 18:53:20
RP on CSPAN at 4:30ish pm CST 12-10-08 18:18:59
Bush should be urged to pardon border patrol agents. 17:56:36
Update on Greece...Not Good 17:34:28
***Ron Paul Radio Interview ‘Nationalization’ 12/9*** 17:29:21
The real BAILOUT Facts of 2008!! $8,500,000,000,000 17:22:32
Police taser man in diabetic shock 17:01:00
The economy: What went wrong? CNBC 16:58:50
EVELYN ROTHCHILD was on CNBC's Closing Bell Today! 16:58:06
Ben Bernanke Bedroom Photo Must See!! 16:57:29
CNBC makes me so sick....Crazy! 16:48:48
Bush blames C.I.A. / C.I.A. blames Bush 16:26:03
Why We Need Martial Law 16:09:28
Kucinich is for the bailout? 16:04:15
Federal Reserve gives China go ahead to open bank in US 16:01:11
Goldman Recommends Credit Default Swaps as States Face Bankruptcy 15:54:05
Go Borg: 'Intelligent Medicine'--Dumb enough to swallow this pill? 15:52:46
Obama will keep Hussein because it is traditional with Muslims, he says. 15:01:14
The Israeli Blockade 14:51:32
Maybe instead of tazers, they should just use whips. 14:15:42
***Ron Paul economic adviser Peter Schiff was right*** 14:03:34
Firefighters Forced To Work At Councilman’s Party 13:54:03
<<BREAKING: Alex Jones Interviews General Hamid Gul>> 13:53:59
Why We Need Martial Law - Military Must Step In To Restore The Constitution 13:46:41
***Constitutional convention ? Is the count now 33 ? 1 more to go ? freedom will be returned!*** 13:42:32
A Modern Parable Ford Chevy 13:41:57
Is it time to hire our own PEACE officers! YES WE CAN! 13:33:47
Gold/Silver Inventory 13:30:45
The Dollar Gold and Silver - Top of the hill for the dollar here? 13:16:50
Anyone Listening to Laura Bush at the Council on Foreign Relations? 11:55:06
Could Blagojevich Have Been Framed? 11:54:40
This sums it all up! 11:44:33
Storing Gasoline 11:22:16
16th Amendment NEVER ratified by ANY State - Another little detail 11:11:32
8 really, really scary predictions 11:10:11
Spread the word...People are speaking out about their corrupt governments. 11:01:53
Showering With Half-Naked Teenage Girls and Homeland Security - A True Story 11:00:16
Update: Help Build a New Massachusetts GOP (Western Mass) 10:46:35
Rhino: To Republicae ... CNBC: U.S. planting seeds for hyperinflation 10:22:34
Diabetic driver tasered 10:21:19
Financial Crisis: What Goes Up... 10:05:00
Catholic Bishop Preaches About Police State, 9/11 09:27:03
House Authorizes Palladium Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Coin. 09:22:08
Obama may be more involved with the Illinois Governor than first reported! 09:22:03
How our Foreign "Policy" is working today. 09:20:55
Paulistas Invade L.A. County GOP 08:55:48
'Anti'Obama site is bogus 08:52:03
interesting 07:48:51
Obama's own Cabinet member: He's 'an immigrant' 07:18:25
usa tomorrow 07:00:49
Bush Poll 05:08:49
Border Patrol Harrasment? 04:23:17
Democracy Now Headlines- Tues. Dec. 9, 2008 03:48:08
This guy walks the walk. 03:12:24
The Case for Bigger Government 02:47:49
Low Rates, Big Problems By Peter Schiff 01:49:08
I AGREE!!! 01:38:05
There, Their, They're GET IT RIGHT! 01:29:50
Bird Flu Alert in Hong Kong - 80,000 Chickens Killed 01:13:54
★Happy Holidays from Dennis Kucinich★ 00:32:32
★ Eddie Izzard and Dennis Kucinich chat★ 00:31:13
★DENNIS! talks about Auto Bail-Out ★ 00:28:53
V for Vendetta 00:11:30