Posted on December 11, 2008

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Greek Violence Spreads Across Europe 13:35:59
How Ron Paul wins in 2012 - A MUST READ! 13:32:37
Why Banks Are Not Lending (Republicae) 09:27:28
John McManus at the Boston Tea Party 2008 19:52:47
Video: Ron Paul Admonishing Congress Over Auto Bailout 19:52:48
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Auto bail out will die tonight (12/11) 23:39:23
GOP Senator Warns of ‘Riots’ if Automakers Are Bailed Out 23:37:49
President of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Richard Haass on the Colbert Report 23:21:08
Big Storm on the horizon 23:10:41
Off Topic..Who Wants To Bail Me Out? 22:50:20
My Ron Paul playlist recap 22:01:20
Don't sell the dollar (or Yen) 21:47:17
Police SWAT Team Holds Entire Family at Gunpoint for Hours 21:43:26
McCain HQ selling office equipment 21:29:44
SILVER Cheap Right NOW UPDATED!!! 21:22:40
Will Ron embrace those like Colin Powell? 21:22:12
Free Markets and Monopolies--need some help here 21:18:32
WTP Press Conference on Obama Eligibility 20:41:04
Obama will not prosecute Bush and Cheney 20:31:48
What Makes You Believe the Government's Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory? 20:21:30
MANY??? Jobs Available for both America and Canada. 20:17:15
Alarming military escalation 20:04:12
Check your state's legislative agenda. Ohio almost became #33 of 34 states required for a "con-con" today 20:02:53
Major Bankruptcy on Friday? 19:47:40
Obama Is Here To Stay 19:39:09
Richard Hass (CFR) on Colbert Report 19:36:35
Peter Schiff - "Remember, I Supported Ron Paul" 19:35:15
Ammunition Accountability: Maybe we’d better take this bill seriously 19:29:58
United States Senate Seat, Like NEW! Barely Used! [PIC] 19:25:31
Natural Birth Law and Public Office- THE OBAMA QUESTION 19:17:44
***Senator DeMint Speaks Against Bailout Warns Of Riots*** 18:02:10
What I did for the Republic today. 17:12:51
Jim Rogers is buying oil 17:05:56
Any Cures For Cervical Cancer/HPV? 17:01:24
Video: German Government Attacks UK's Rescue Plan of Bailouts and Borrowing 16:46:06
House Democrat Urges Obama to Keep Bush's 'Intelligence' Chiefs 16:35:47
Georgia Guidestones Vandalized 16:35:01
Dollar sinking nowhere fast! 16:33:36
Fed taking first steps to selective default and devaluation??? 16:18:31
UPDATED--SMOKING GUNS!! >>>>2 Videos find Obama Birth Certificate Not Authentic!!! 16:10:33
Doug Wead: How Ron Paul can win in 2012, part 1 16:02:58
Operation Northwoods Exposed 16:02:24
Credit Crisis- 4 phases 16:01:15
New Speech from Ron Paul 12/11 16:00:40
Operation starfish.....This would be bad. 15:50:08
Ron Paul: Bailouts Will Destroy The Dollar 15:36:50
Obama's "New" New Deal 15:33:39
Open Source Economies: An Emergent Solution? 15:32:23
Obama asks the web to submit questions. You know what to do. 15:23:24
PLEASE PUMP! Lets do a petition drive, demanding Congress take a 50% pay cut for making such a mess of things! 14:47:06
My well being is at stake... I need a good vacation, need to focus on my career more but without leaving DP 14:42:47
"Barack Obama is an immigrant...he is one of us..." 14:40:31
Governmentium 14:31:51
Just My SUHO (Stupid Uneducated Humble Opinion) 14:30:45
Trade Deficit in U.S. Widens as Exports Decrease 14:29:32
Peter Schiff 12-10-2008 Kudlow and Co. 14:25:59
Another one bites the dust: KBToys faces liquidation 14:25:47
Cloud computing, malicious code, and new exploits top users' concerns 14:24:19
RipplePay + Sound money/banking @ ronpaulforums 14:19:22
Beware the New Globalism 14:05:02
Richard Haas, of the CFR was interviewed on the Colbert 14:04:56
12/10/2008 Peter Schiff On Kudlow & Co: Market Drilldown 13:57:50
One thing I've learned about educating people about the truth.... 13:49:12
Bailout of Ford helps Russian workers 13:33:21
Fluoride 13:30:04
Jason Hommel: What if they returned to the Gold Standard 13:02:06
California Budget Deficit Grows to $14.8 Billion 12:57:41
The Compromised, Corrupt, Criminal CFTC 12:54:29
Officially screwed by real inflation 12:39:57
***We're Out of Time*** 12:16:20
New special election. 11:04:49
""8 Really, Really Scary Predictions"" 10:51:24
Critical Ohio Vote Today on ConCon 10:43:20
Troll Blowback on MSM? 10:10:32
***Gold Backwardation - What Does it Mean?*** 10:01:46
US economists..... Clearly the worst in the world! 09:58:39
Observations from the House debate last night 09:54:38
federal judges 09:16:54
Creation of artificial life stirs fears of Huxley’s Brave New World 06:20:14
Top 20 insane legal facts? 04:28:53
This is Why I Worked So Hard for Ron Paul. 04:23:26
CFR on Colbert 04:01:33
Democracy Now Headlines- Wed. Dec. 10, 2008 03:51:15
Definition of "SHEEPLE" 03:45:52
Next showing of Freedom to Fascism Sunday DEC 14th at 6PM 03:21:58
12/08/2008 Peter Schiff On CNN International: Whithering The US Economy? 03:11:28
Laid-Off Workers Occupy Chicago Factory, Seek Pay 02:40:03
Anyone want to help me make a video? 02:16:10
haha, check out CNN: Ron Paul's picture shown as a candidate for president, but apparently he's a democrat.... 01:52:34
India and America want Pakistan to fight terrorism harder 01:25:11
10 clues: A new inflation bubble is blowing 01:11:20
Grocery shelves empty in CA today? 01:02:19
Youtube of Baltimore Protest in solidarity with "sitin" workers. 00:32:02
Want a Cheap, Beautiful Vacation Spot? 00:30:20
Enlightened Rap 00:28:44 coming soon from my buddy who introduced me to Ron Paul 00:27:37
Cummulative Bankruptcies as of 11/24/08 00:12:25