Posted on December 12, 2008

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I am Making the r3VOLution BIGGER! Here is what I am doing. 19:50:09
Fed Still Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion 15:03:07
Million without power, we can learn from this: 14:59:37
Bush Changes Mind, May Save Auto Giants 11:59:29
Stunning Forbes Article: Devalue the Dollar 11:00:45
Think You Got It Rough? 02:52:15
First Southern National Congress News Release 11:31:35
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Regarding the natural-born citizen issue... 23:50:03
Ron Paul on How Financial Bubbles Are Formed and Why They Burst 23:31:41
Fox News loses it's only Liberal ? okay now what ! 23:28:12
Struggling Companies and Industries Still Found Funds to Sponsor Political Conventions 23:27:12
Bank Failure Friday 23:24:06
mercury and melamine -- yum, yum!! FDA Approved! 23:11:51
Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion 22:31:44
13th and 14th Amendements = CONSTITUTIONAL SLAVERY of We the People 22:19:52
I am a UAW member 22:10:38
Advice on Guns 22:04:15
Madoff Charged in $50 Billion Fraud at Investment Advisory Firm 21:43:56
"Dollar Devaluation To Fix The Great Recession" 21:19:01
How Ron Paul Wins 2012 20:56:08
See Argumentative Peter Schiff Interview From 12/10/08 20:50:43
Ron Paul on bailing out the auto industry from his office 20:48:07
Illinois Governor Stands Up Against Bank of America, is Arrested on Corruption Charges 20:40:44
Survival Food 2009. 20:29:36
how to talk to girls! LOL!! 20:27:50
"Ron Paul is weak on National defense" 20:27:38
Listen to Jim Rogers on Bloomberg 12/12/08 Today. 20:20:03
Documentary on Torture Illustrates why President Bush & Co. Should be tried for Treason and Sentenced via Capital Punishment 19:57:00
15$ Tax on all cattle.???? anyone heard this 19:45:18
The S**T is hitting the fan 19:40:41
Ron Paul Attack Ad 19:27:56
Urgent: Financial Forecast Information 18:53:50
#24 Haven Trust Bank of Duluth, Ga. fails 18:33:22
Tightening the vice on Rumsfeld 18:22:32
Check out the money ticker on the LP website 18:10:47
Salvation (doublespeak) by robots due before Summer 18:00:40
State's 9 electors unmoved by anti-Obama pitch 17:57:23
Gas prices on the rise again! 17:55:11
People are rising up all over the world 17:53:20
Another sign of economic collapse... 17:46:45
***Best Rap Anti-NWO Song*** 17:22:05
Rhode Island : Presidential Write ins 16:52:36
You tube! media lies 16:49:09
The statist JBS 16:37:22
We borrowed over $5 Billion per day during November. 16:32:18
Libertarianism: No Longer an Option at 16:25:08
Australians think we are dumb and Nepalese love Ron Paul 16:23:27
F**k the Fed! Hugely funny video. (If "F" word bothers you, pass on this.) HAS LINK NOW! 15:55:48
For those who think Baldwin is a theocrat! THINK AGAIN! 15:40:07
We should all Call the Feds on the Fed 15:35:32
Ex-NASDAQ Chief Arrested for $50B Fraud Scheme! 15:33:42
ACTION NEEDED!! If you live in state with asterics, Please look up the con-con's status 14:54:11
Judge whittles away a bit more at the 1st amendment. 14:42:37
CNBC Anchor: "Physical gold very hard to find." 14:40:49
A reason why oil is getting cheaper? 14:35:09 Interviews Ron Paul! 14:29:25
"And now for a world government" - Obama's roadmap for "change" 14:27:34
***Alarming FEMA & Homeland Security News*** 14:25:54
Business was shut down again 14:23:27
Sovietizing the Economy: The Final Phase (by Will Grigg) 13:44:51
ATR Computational Neuroscience Labs: We see what you dream! 13:44:48
Mike......Bots are back.....cokmuhabbet 13:30:35
"We'll be there for you, if we survive." 13:17:23
Question ? 13:16:16
Tonight's Super Moon will amplify ocean tides -- NASA explains 13:11:49
David Frum seeks to define the new Republican image! 12:59:24
Most sinister part of economy is population control by insiders 12:35:30
Greek Fire spreads across Europe 12:23:53
Where Were You Born, Obama? 12:21:07
The Big 3 will get their funding from our new Dictators (Bush, and Paulson) 11:49:29
Death From Above: Leviathan Devours a Family by Will Grigg 11:46:10
Privatization Raise Serious Question- Who Owns the Water? 11:44:12
Plunge Prevention Team is hard at work today. 10:58:31
Need help from you 10:58:17
NEW Ron Paul Video "What Creates These Economic Bubbles?" (The Federal Reserve Bank!) 10:38:54
From Ohio General Assembly 10:20:02
***Taleban Tax Allied Supply Convoys LOL*** 10:00:48
*** read this very important to all freedom lovers*** 09:59:59
U.S. now only 2 states away from rewriting Constitution 09:56:51
Oil prices will fall to $30 a barrel in the next three months, Goldman Sachs said on Friday 09:49:08
IMF to flood market with 3,000 tonnes of gold tomorrow(12/13). 09:42:33
James chapter 5 verse 3 08:55:17
No Auto Bailout , World stocks fall drastically. 08:43:50
Jdayh 07:24:28
Zimbabwe introduces $500 million note 07:10:44
"Pay to Play" in Afghanistan 06:59:33
Police officers looting WalMart - Aftermath of Katrina 2006. 06:32:24
Obama's Transition Website Censoring Questions About Blagojevich 05:31:29
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil 04:22:37
Video: Joe Grano: The Last Word. 03:48:13
Time person of the year nominations: Ron Paul suggests Ludwig von Mises 03:41:20
Coinage Act of 1792 03:10:00
*** U.S. now only 2 states away from rewriting Constitution *** 03:08:04
ADP's HandScan clock-in?? 03:03:30
The Chrysler Bail-Out Bust 02:47:45
The Meaningless Constitution 02:12:26
Man Sodomized by Police with batton for allegedly smoking a joint. 01:59:04
Automakers Financial Dilemma Solved! No Taxpayer Stress! (courtesy of wife) 01:34:30
Im not a fan of Fred Thompson but this is good! 01:17:07
My best guess 01:10:20
Auto bailout fails and gold gets smacked. 00:53:53
$50 billion scam! 00:44:18
Looking For Obama Video - Admits He's Not Natural Born 00:43:46
Nikkei going down, down... 00:25:29
Roadmap to Energy Independance 00:15:11
Senate Bill S.2433 The Global Poverty Act 00:06:07