Posted on December 16, 2008

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New Taxes in New York Include... 23:18:34
Awesome Industrial Hemp video ! 22:28:35
Hamilton's Counterfeit Capitalism 22:22:54
Off topic...but IMPORTANT for those of you using Internet Explorer! 21:21:36
Indian farmers using Pepsi and Coke as pesticides 11:37:42
Cheney Latest NeoCon Hawk Offering Praise for Obama's National Security Team 10:22:23
Way Of The Infinite Explorer (relevant!) 23:18:35
Noam Chomsky Comments on Obama's Cabinet 03:17:51
New Video from ARAVOTH: "The Philosopher's Stone" 02:09:58
DIGG! Ron Paul Huffington Post Interview by Michael Bendetson 00:39:06
Money, oh where to start....... 00:23:43
Galt's Gulch Exists! The NH Free State Project 23:18:34
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Hallelujah this isn't another religious thread. 23:56:23
This guy sure sounds a lot like "SIERRA" 23:26:04
Bush Administration created executive pay loophole 23:22:38
The Domestic Crusaders 23:16:57
U.S. report warns of 'strategic shock' leading to massive unrest 23:16:03
New Video: 2009 Housing Collapse worse than 2008 23:13:01
Ron paul gets a plug!!! 22:51:30
Emergency Storage Food Among Products in Highest Demand 22:35:03
lets all send good wishes to Thomas Tamm :) 22:08:34
Marines Establish Military Presence in California 21:43:16
Australia: "Discrimination against white males will soon be encouraged" 21:36:38
New Video 12-16-08: Peter Schiff on CNN 21:33:30
Calling all Minnesotans. Judicial reform Act being introduced- we need help 21:19:00
Ron Paul War Room shut down, one main blogger and scientific insider moving to http://informationalwarfare. 21:02:24
Response from Senator Boxer (CA) to my "no bailout" email. 20:59:50
Dollar plummets - Thank you Mr. Fed! 20:57:13
Doctors vs. Gun Owners 20:55:23
Bush and the Shoe: Full Uncut Video 20:30:07
fyi- "the mom song" 20:09:52
IMF chief issues stark warning on economic crisis 19:47:19
This might be of help to those on here that are in need with their Mortgage and Finacial troubles. 19:33:07
***Mouth Shut Eyes Wide Open*** 19:25:56
NEED HELP! Is this normal? 19:23:35
A Thought About the Election/Obama 19:02:51
*Australian doctor creates 'healthiest wine in the world'* 18:50:54
What is the REAL price of Gold? - Help! 18:43:19
Kucinich and Muny Light - Battle with the Banks 18:26:02
Video: America needs a Paradigm Shift in Foreign Policy 18:25:54
16th ammendemnt didn't change anything? 18:24:04
10 false flags operations that shaped our world 18:13:06
Teacher Arrested 17:56:27
**Please take this quick fluoride poll** 17:47:09
Blagojevich's Crime: Honesty 17:43:16
Ideas for Change in America 17:31:49
Hey ROCR members----If you missed Round 1, there's still Round 2 10:30EST Tuesday Night 17:22:59
***Send Old Shoes To Bush*** 17:20:33
Ron Paul Interview Tonight 17:17:57
Who wants a FREE trip to Davos, Switzerland?!? [[[Video contest ends Jan. 20, 2009]]] 17:15:53
JIMR1150GS So You Hire Richard (Martfuncher) Then You State... 17:06:58
Christmas Message by 'GW Bush' 17:06:04
Spot gold up 20 points just today 16:59:04
Advice For The Next Mayor of New Orleans: 10 Points 16:42:52
Shoot unarmed men? Or no? 16:34:36
The fundamentals of the USDollar are mired in failure 16:29:56
Bush survives shoe thrower. Trowing Shoes for LIBERTY 16:25:41
Is this why they say there's going to be hyperinflation? 16:25:06 16:22:16
Remember the cop who knocked the bike rider off his bike in NYC? 16:20:58
Reagan's biggest deviation on free-markets 16:12:45
Russia Today interviews Winslow Wheeler, editor of America's Defense Meltdown 15:47:31
***Times of Turmoil Require More Patriots*** 15:35:28
How do you like that FED CUT!!! 15:29:36
Star of Bethlehem FOUND at June 17, 2BC - Here's the Star Chart 15:22:13
NWO - How are we progressing? 14:52:09
If You got to re-write the federal constitution what would you change? 14:50:40
The Purpose of the Economic Meltdown 14:45:45
*Mossad Pension Fund Lost $900 million in Madoff Ponzi Scam* 14:35:23
You must act now to stop the CON Con! 14:34:18
Some Humor 14:09:04
MUST WATCH! From today's Obama News Conference. 13:50:52
Cool site recently updated 13:46:22
Criminal Reprieve Assistance Program (CRAP) 13:37:39
Could Obama's Job be to make EVERYONE distrust and dislike him 13:34:49
On A Lighter Note 13:23:52
A: President-elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana. 13:21:42
Biden "Mark My Words" 13:03:25
Can someone please explain the Madoff scheme to me... 13:02:38
Morgellon's Disease - Just a note 12:41:35
SILVER & GOLD {I Still Don't Understand}..... 12:24:48
Obama: the Naked Emperor 11:45:36
Soviet Union cracks down on protesters 11:14:45
George W. Bush has united the world... 09:45:47
CNN discussing the FED printing money and possible dollar destruction 09:26:19
Most Americans Don’t Understand Basic Economics 09:24:24
Greedy Galway - property crash in Ireland - (Sinead O'Connor backing vocals) 09:00:56
Bush Excluded by Latin Summit as China, Russia Loom 08:52:02
Vintage Keynesian Propaganda 08:26:31
Global Warming, Run for your lives ! 08:18:24
The Mass Man (vid) - A look at the Global citizen and the Mass Idiot Culture. 08:01:10
Have you picked up on what Wall Street is doing? 05:31:03
Families’ 9/11 liability suit could go to trial 05:11:24
NEW! A Promise To The NWO From The Georgia Guidestones (American Stonehenge) 03:52:08 03:00:38
Cheap Real Estate on The Big Island 03:00:03
DO YOU NEED A LAUGH!!! I KNOW I DO ( Its about Bush) :o) 02:49:21
Congressman Ron Paul for United States President 02:35:14
Cheney admits to authorizing torture on ABC !!! 02:23:12
Shoe-throwing reporter receives Bravery award from Libyan charity group 01:47:34
DOOMESDAY: Report about massive civil unrest! 01:47:21
Official: Emanuel fast-tracked immigrants to get votes 01:35:21
**MUST SEE** HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION - Radical Change Taking Root 01:23:54
911 families may soon and FINALLY !! have their day in court. 00:54:04
New aravoth video - Spread it far and wide! I nominate this video for an Academy Award for "Best Short Picture." It is wonderful 00:49:09
SILVER! but No Silver Lining! 00:47:32
IEA sees peak oil in 2020 00:42:48
"Pay With Pennies ... Go To Jail???" 00:39:04
Pastor Lindsey Williams-The Next 12 Months 00:26:23
Shoegate Thrower Charged 00:22:09
★◄George W. Bush, President Attacked By Shoe◄★ 00:08:33