Posted on December 17, 2008

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More Clinton / Goldman Sachs All-Stars in the White House 22:20:45
The "Third-Worlding" of America 22:20:43
Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Myers civil suit for conspiracy on 911. 22:20:44
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 13:07:24
deleted 08:37:07
Peter Schiff On Kudlow & Co: Target Rate To Record Low 03:37:30
Has anyone made a large storable food purchase yet? ***UPDATED*** 01:41:47
Christmas Card From Ron Paul 13:07:23
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Campaign for Liberty needs 300,000 precinct leaders to meet its goal 23:45:57
When the Earth warms, it's Global Warming. When the Earth cools, it's Global Warming. 23:14:58
GM Opens Eighth China Plant?? WTF 23:06:51
11,000 Troops on the Ground in DC on Inaguration Day. 23:04:28
Ron Paul on Alex Jones dec 17th . 22:53:18
National Geographic is anti-Second Amendment! 22:38:01
Code Pink and Iraqi vet against the war Does " Shoe-in at White House Rally" 22:14:02
Chrysler To Shut Down for a Month 21:52:08
850 billion Obama stimulus deal 21:49:15
What Happened to the Libertarian Party? 21:21:18
Michael has an article in the latest edition of Republic Magazine -- good job manystrom! 21:20:43
How sick is this:Neocon Says That 4000 US Troops ‘Had To Die’ In Iraq 20:40:53
Daily Paul phone/email list -- PLEASE DISCUSS. 20:36:46
***Ron Paul - An American Tune*** 20:21:16
Here comes the pork train! 20:12:40
Short the Dollar with Jim Rogers 19:54:49
Madoff and Company Spent Nearly $1 Million on Washington Influence 19:48:40
Tax protester Irwin Schiff gets 30 years 19:43:22
***For Patriots Who Are Alone This December*** 19:41:32
in a debate with my friend,need advice 19:28:08
GM, Ford Opening More Plants in Mexico Even As They Ask For US Bailout To Keep US Plants From Closing 19:18:14
Foundation for Rational Economics and Education 18:53:02
"Bush says sacrificed free-market principles to save economy" 18:52:49
Poll on CNBC: After the Fed's bold spending actions announced Tuesday, will our credit crisis turn into a currency crisis? 18:48:47
California shuts down construction projects 18:48:00
"Bernanke Is Man of the Year in Business" 18:42:11
Change? Obama Inner Circle Filled With Bilderbergers 18:42:00
President Bush and the Flying Shoes: A Cautionary Tale 18:27:24
KGB alive n kickin 18:17:32
A letter to my Senator - D. Feinstein 18:04:42
Chrysler has announced it will close all 30 plants for one month 17:46:32
***Swiss gold bullion in huge demand as trust in banks dives*** 17:41:25
Barbara Boxer on the Auto Bailout 17:33:25
Iceland and Gold 17:17:37
NOW! Ron Paul On Alex Jones 4:08 pm est 17:08:39
Wealthy Out-of-Town Donors Foot the Inauguration Bill 17:07:23
Nevada Update 17:02:38
Current account balance of the USA 17:00:22
Times Person of the Year Cover went To 16:53:52
***STUPID FED!!!*** 16:53:13
Hey ROCR's, have you seen the new look? 16:48:37
Action Alert - Quick Phone Call 16:37:44
NY governor proposes 88 new fees and taxes to fix massive state deficit 16:33:04
European political study group: Global systemic crisis will experience new tipping point in March 2009 16:32:32
9/11 Silverstein Irony 16:10:40
Beyond the tired Obama citizenship debate. 16:05:37
(Too Funny!!): Bush Shoe-Toss Immortalized In Games, Animations.... 15:00:58
Peter Schiff for Senator 2010! Support here! 14:18:57
Court Declares Part Of The Patriot Act "Unconstitutional".... 14:07:34
"Cheney Admits Authorizing Detainee's Torture" 13:56:45
Ron Paul Endorses Mark Cross 4 Florida GOP Chairman 13:17:26
Ron Paul on NOW with Alex Jones Show. 13:07:18
*** WE NEED DIGGERS ---- Obama citizenship issue has merit, AOL poll says - take poll and add comments! 12:59:15
Dr. Paul On Alex Jones 12/17/08 11:00 CST 12:49:22
US Mint Plans to mint a medal in HONOR OF HENRY PAULSON 12:48:18
"Suspicious" packages sent to Guard, Reserve 12:47:16
One Small Thing We Can All Do: Help This Kid Find Some Hope 12:39:22
Paulson declares victory! 12:26:56
Allies see Germany trying bailout with a thimble 12:15:34
Republicae: I was expecting a new one by now. 12:09:33
Expose of Mumbai false flag and the staged gearup toward an Afghanistan and Pakistan war 11:52:56
Biggest Ponzi Scheme in the World 11:23:09
The idiocy of Bernacke's Bubbles 11:01:32
NAIS Now Trying to Kill Horse Ownership 10:47:30
The Baltic Dry Index! 10:33:13
UPDATED-computer glitch at citibank 10:31:25
Motorola to permanently freeze U.S. pension plans - MarketWatch 10:31:10
MSNBC: Is America's political 'nobility' undemocratic? Kennedys, Bushes, Rockefellers demonstrate genetic popularity and power. 10:04:12
What Happened to the Libertarian Party? 10:03:00
More US Bases in Central Asia 09:58:54
Preparing for the Worst - When the Economy Tanks 06:12:24
Organizer's Toolbox: Citizen's Councils! 05:19:46
Wyoming lawmakers oppose Constitutional Convention 04:09:48
*Gold Rush Has Started*-*Nervy investors spur rush at Swiss gold refiners* 04:07:36
McColley writes "Enough with the Nepotism " 03:53:46
Cody Willard Rips the Federal Reserve on Fox Business 12/16/08 03:26:50
Cody Willard Slams Barack Obama's Economic "Dream Team" 03:24:33
Court sides with ACLU, strikes down Patriot Act gag provision 02:27:05
New Poll...Please Vote 02:06:20
When Argentina calls us a banana republic! 01:39:41
A must to be submitted in all lawsuits!!! 01:32:53
The real 411 on the Greek riots 01:32:07
Jim Rogers Getting out of U S dollars 12-15-08 Bloomberg 01:02:35
10 million offered for the shoe thrown at Bush :) 00:52:45
JIMR1150GS the A^%* Hole and where is Martfuncher 00:36:48
So, the FED reduces rates to zero, what's next? 00:33:06
I guess there's no budget shortfall here 00:22:37
Worst-ever ice storm in New England a godsend. 00:06:46