Posted on December 19, 2008

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CNBC to consumers: spend or ruin the economy 17:30:36
***Jim Rogers Predicts Total Decline For US*** 13:32:34
Speaking of Ponzi Schemes and Frauds.... 11:42:53
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Pay bonuses in toxic debt 23:30:06
Obama eligibility question -- nonsense or a possible reprieve? 23:17:54
Dozens of police officers injured in botched civil unrest drill 23:07:05
Why won't the Mainstream Media Tell The Truth?? 23:00:20
Remember when you joined Restoring Our Constitutional Republic Because You Wanted to Make a Real Difference? 22:30:45
Anyone know anything about Max Keiser? 22:23:33
Obama's Trade Representative Pick,Do You Know Ron Kirk? 22:21:25
Black Hawk over Tempe Arizona 12-19-08, "Classified Military Operation" 22:17:05
Is Ron looking a bit more stressed than usual? Worrying. 22:10:02
Bush Broadens Rule on Refusal of Health Services for Moral Reasons 21:58:23
**The Onion** Should Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Money Hole? 21:58:08
So umm...McCain...can you tell us the plan to capture Bin Ladin now? 21:50:29
California Proposes Database on Students 20:58:47
Real Change 20:40:07
Robin Williams about our recent election- the funniest!!! 20:26:54
"Twelve Major Banks Downgraded by S&P" 20:26:14
Mario Sikorski, are you here? 20:07:02
FBI Agents Paid For Attending Cocktail Parties, Watching Movies 19:49:15
Boston Tea Party 2008 Film Coverage :: "Restore Sound Money" Rally 19:18:30
Provident Bank sold to M&T 19:05:01
You guys will REALLY get a kick out of this. 18:27:56
Russell Means has no involvment in the Lakota Free Bank 18:27:14
Is Blagojevich guilty? 18:22:19
Rubin: Another Ponzi scheme worth 122 billion: not so widely aired 17:50:20
Successful Tax Resistance During the Last Great Depression. Let's Do It Again! 17:17:56
Thank you Daily Paulers 16:34:33
No need for a Constitution Convention When It's understood: Republic - GOOD!!! Democracy - BAD!!! 16:20:30
Barney Frank working hard on TARP legislation as we speak... 16:16:14
Support the YouTube boycott with some vintage G. Edward Griffin 16:01:11
He's sometimes called the Ron Paul of Europe... 15:52:19
Ron Paul:Auto Rescue is Damaging to Economy:Yahoo Video 15:44:39
FOX News has us in their sites 15:02:31
"Richard Gage" "9/11" "Alex Jones" 15:00:44
Patriot, Jim Stackowiak, against the New World Order at thier place of worship, Georgia Guidestones 14:54:20
True News 15 : Statism is Dead - Part 5 - Terrorism, 9/11 and Politics 14:43:10
Sacrifice your children to the Pharma Gods 14:38:27
A simple generator. 14:33:38
The other day I had the weirdest dream... We hanged Bush & Cheney! 14:31:06
FREE Ron Paul T shirts 14:13:33
Self Defense... 14:09:33
Question about natural gas prices for home heating. 14:05:24
Boycott the "Big 3" and the companies who receive bailout money? 14:03:26
1 Question? 13:52:58
Internet troubles again in the Middle East - undersea cables broken 13:51:00
Cheney admits war crimes 13:48:21
Montana Billionaries Club Is Up The Creek in Debt. 13:28:57
US reveals Stealth Hunter Killer Autonomous Robot of Flying Death 13:15:39
This is Insanity!! 13:13:01
Dr. Paul was on Fox Business. (12/19) 13:12:43
Why is the Federal Reserve determining regulations for the credit card industry? 13:05:25
Top Ten reasons a Gun is better than a 12:55:01
Vintage Ron Paul 12/2004 Article About Police States: "It Can Happen Here" 12:51:51
A WHOLE LOT of you need to think twice before calling others "Sheeple" or not "Awake" 12:23:23
Asset Deflation and Monetary Inflation: The Confusion (Republicae) 12:22:52
The Coming Resistance - No Organization, No Leaders By Alan Stang 12:06:56
Hit George Bush with a shoe Video game link here : Let off some frustration and feel good about it at the same time! 11:04:07
The Federal Reserve Is Ruining Us and Must Be Destroyed by Cody Willard 10:33:32
BEWARE OF THE RED DOT by Alan Stang 10:19:19
GM and Chrysler to receive 17.4 billion 10:10:11
So now we're saving the auto industry because ... 10:08:04
$17.4 Billion for the Automakers 09:55:26
Obama's War 09:33:45
Supreme Court to talk about Obama 3rd time, Berg eligibility case set for conference Jan. 9. 09:11:20
Where Have the Bailout Billions Gone? 07:24:56
Ron Paul 2012 T Shirt BOMB!!! BUMP THIS!!!! IS THE MOVEMENT DEAD? 05:59:46
The Wholesale Sedation of America’s Youth 05:10:15
No need for a Constitutional Convention When It's Understood: "Republic - GOOD!! Democracy - BAD!!!" 04:20:29
Next taxpayer bailout: Abortion industry? 03:53:52
Torturing Democracy- The Movie about 911 and Torture! 03:26:36
Obama's War 03:13:11
Ah, Giuliani Memories... 02:38:34
FDA Stuns Scientists again, Declares Mercury in Fish to be Safe for Infants, Children, Expectant Mothers! 02:26:15
Aspartame Disease, now a global epidemic 01:47:19
LISTEN to Cavuto's warnings! 01:23:45
The 5 dirtiest foods 01:21:58
Wow! a new internet game with over 47 million shoes aready thrown at Bush! 01:01:10
Little Movement Against Tax Havens 00:24:35
Rahm's goin' down, I hope :-) 00:08:43