Posted on December 20, 2008

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Rioting in Greece Continues 12/20/08 22:52:42
Letterman's Top 10 George Bush moments (before the shoe throwing) 21:08:05
***Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show"Save The Internet"*** 18:51:16
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My dealer is buying gold for himself. 23:46:57
Help on Retirement Fund What is safe? 23:23:31
Veteran psychiatrist calls liberals mentally ill 23:20:35
Came across a $1 bill stamped "Ron Paul 2012" 23:14:52
Olbermann is pissed about Bush's 911 21:17:25
BREAKING: MIKE CONNELL, GOP 'IT GURU', Bush GOP Insider, Rove Threatened 21:17:19
The New Capitalism 21:11:54
So this is america now ? sell heirlooms to feed your family ? 20:52:24
A Reminder From Thomas Jefferson 20:21:52
Rhino: EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!! 20:01:15
This needs to be fought. Congress votes themselves another pay raise. 19:57:55
"10 Excellent Reasons for National Health Care"??? 19:56:50
191 links on "Obama's Birth Issue" and Constitutional Eligibility 19:46:58
Trashing the Constitution to allow for Obama's hidden birth certificate 19:36:34
Jefferson Banking Quote- Fake? 19:29:25
Democracy and the religious. A toxic combination. 19:22:18
The Final World War 19:19:32
People Getting Desperate Out There [Update] 19:16:55
Help Joseph Gazzoli beat back the Obamaton Tide, VOTE ONCE A DAY,and make a bit 'O Gold 18:58:33
Ron Paul is a LIBERAL! 18:52:23
America's First Gay President Concludes Second Term 18:51:08
Kim Jong-il assassination thwarted 17:47:11
America Will Soon Owe More Than Its Citizens Are Worth 17:30:01
CONSUMERISM? - Is There A Better Way To Live? 17:22:48
*Corruption in Denver Jobs to Illegals Equals More Homeless* 17:22:12
Zeitgeist Exposed 17:19:35
Peter Schiff Auto Bailout 12/20/2008 17:14:15
Fred Thompson explains American Economic System - take notes 16:14:15
Peter Schiff,CNN On Your Money 12-20-08 15:50:46
California Cops to DEA / Help us undermine State Law.. 15:46:49
Tom Clancy’s EndWar: WWIII Coming Soon? 14:44:04
Now we need more CO2 to stave off ice age? 14:34:23
False Idol propped up by Rupert Murdoch's publication 14:32:25
Bush IT whistleblower killed in plane crash 13:51:22
Bush Koolaid Drinkers Hanging-on Out There in the Wilderness 12:50:01
Is this a joke or an Ayn Rand quote? 12:37:42
Gunny G: What The Hell Has Any Of That BS To Do With Government In A REPUBLIC? 12:29:48
U.S. to send 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan 12:27:52
Depression and Tax Resistance 12:23:03
Bank of America caves in 11:18:58
Sarah Palins "in law" mom Arrested on Drug Charges. 11:14:49
The Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Is Still On My Car.... (VIDEO) 11:00:00
***Ron Paul on FOX Business 12/19/08*** 10:26:10
It's the Most Socialist Time of the Year! Bailing out Madoff victims? 10:06:26
Gabriel over the White House 08:06:00
Change? Obama Inner Circle Filled With Bilderbergers Buzz up! 05:34:43
Are there any Ron Paul for POTUS in 2012 buttons yet? 04:37:16
Snopes claims Jeffersons quotes on central banking systems are false 03:21:24
I Just Stood up for the Constitution, and then was arrested. 03:13:20
Nathaniel Macon and The Way Things Should Be 02:17:42
The Bill Nobody Noticed: National DNA Databank 01:51:08
***MUST READ - ALAN STANG - How We Got Here - Where We Are Going 01:31:28
We need to email Governor Blagojevich and tell him we are behind him 100% 01:19:59
Why Pay Taxes? 01:18:12