Posted on December 25, 2008

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What are your "Ron Paul" goals for 2009? 22:32:43
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The Federal Reserve Abolition Act 23:48:11
I Miss John Lennon 23:37:45
Dick Cheney: "President Doesn't Have To Check With AnybodyToLaunch Nukes" 22:56:14
Down With The Fed 22:18:11
The 2009 Depression Prediction Game! 21:30:05
Merry Christmas Michael Nystrom! 21:20:48
Investing With Peter Schiff 20:22:21
Rhino: The kids are asleep already ... 20:11:04
Times are tough all over - crimes are increasing. 19:39:05
Weekly Unemployment Claims: 26 Year High 19:11:40
Former British Foreign Secretary says Al Qaeda Is Not Real 18:05:30
DP's favorite president(s)? 16:51:57
AOL poll: Is capitalism dead? 16:37:32
RONALD REAGAN 1981 Christmas Address 16:32:05
For those of you needing an education on Gold and silver! 15:54:18
Hear Gerald Celente Interview with Upcoming 2009 Happenings. 15:28:17
Adeste Fidelis 15:11:03
I think it is almost time for Oil...?? 14:45:31
Andy Griffith PROPAGANDA 14:16:47
Shadowy Muppet Overlords and the 1st Amendment 13:58:15
No Reason to be Jolly - 11:18:47
India, Pakistan: Signs of a Coming War 09:40:43
David Walker "Very Concerned Future of America/Time For Washington To Wake/We Can't Continue To Borrow From Foreign Lenders" 09:32:59
Obama Brings New Life To The North American Union 09:28:30
Bush's Final F.U 07:57:16
Christmas Bread 07:01:23
Military flights 06:44:16
Where have all the leaders gone? 05:19:09
Digital T.V. 05:14:28
Christianity and War - Who is Laurence M. Vance? 05:09:27
In the old days, buying a Senate seat was not unusual 04:31:47
Colmes to Coulter: ‘You are a hate crime’ 03:42:33
Nuclear endgame attacks and surviving radioactive fallout 03:14:42
What if they called a war and peace broke out instead? (The Christmas Truce of 1914) 03:06:16
So I Spoke to My Neighbor Yesterday... 03:04:10
Our Christmas Message from Lion and Lamb Ministry 02:59:27
Hey! What are y'all doing up so late??? 02:49:38
30 Little Known Facts About AmeriKa 02:32:38
Merry Christmas you DPer's 01:57:22
US Army ready if the downturn gets out of hand 01:45:56
What's everyone having for Christmas (or Christmas eve) dinner? 00:49:59
2009: Already Looking Bleak 00:09:07