Posted on December 26, 2008

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Stop the CON-CON! Action needed now to protect the Constitution! 23:48:23
You Know You're a Ron Paul Fanatic If... 18:58:00
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Watch this video of what we are doing in Iraq !You want reality here it is ! 23:49:52
JUNK ECONOMICS: BUYING Gold and Silver 23:21:49
Pinky versus "the stinky": Something to concentrate on 22:33:56
The Austrian Theory: A Summary 22:31:52
On the Origins of Money 22:24:26
Free Market Education 22:17:05
Has anyone has success using Nutrasilver for Morgellons? 21:54:13
Why hasn't Usama Bin Laden been charged with the crime of 9/11? 21:40:48
From Theory to Reality: Barriers Confronting Libertarians 21:16:47
Our Constitution Petition 21:11:38
The Political Economy of Fear 21:06:34
Bureaucracy by von Mises 21:04:32
Natural Elites, Intellectuals, and the State 20:53:40
Liberty Defined 20:50:22
Planned Chaos by von Mises 20:47:04
The Rise and Fall of the City by Hoppe 20:44:31
Disquisition of Government by John C. Calhoun 20:41:32
Think Winning A Lottery Will Save You? Think Again. 20:36:42
Take Money Back by Murray Rothbard 20:35:39
Rothbard on Orwell: Two Essays 20:33:51
Definition of "IRONY" = Obama Cartoon from our Communist Comrades 20:29:21
Anatomy of the State 20:28:33
The Fallacy of the Public Sector 20:25:32
Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure 20:19:59
Education: Free and Compulsory 20:17:07
Great "Revolution Continues" t-shirt at C4L. 20:14:46
Rating the Rating Agencies and Securitization 20:04:51
Who Owns The Mainstream Media? Here are the Big Six! 19:58:30
Are Politicians Failing Our Lobbyists? 19:44:07
Religious comments before party votes stifle the liberty movement. 19:32:11
Ron Paul warns of Military Dictatorship plus bonus footage! 19:11:44
CIA warns of nuclear war in subcontinent 18:39:38
The Tenth Amendment-YES! 18:02:35
J.F. Kennedy, and Obama......... 17:27:04
Cash4Gold 16:06:28
14th Amendment Citizenship: Citizen or citizen? 16:02:51
*Ahmadinejad congratulates Abrahamic faiths on birth of Jesus* 15:50:13
Off topic news , but Ohhhhh :( this is just so wrong !! 15:33:36
If not Ron Paul in 2012, then let's pull for Stan Jones of Montana 14:34:32
Why did GOLD just JUMP??? 14:32:23
Commodity Futures Market Looks Frightening And Grim. 14:19:19
The story of Monkeys.... 14:10:31
America on the Brink! 13:40:37
Government tool to see devalueing of our money since 1913 13:34:09
*Russia's S-300 missile sale to Iran marks Israel's decision point* 13:25:10
Blago - Deathwatch 13:08:25
Chrismas Presents for our dear web-Friends 12:35:27
Heading toward the Con-Con.... 12:35:11
Lets hold Obama's feet to the fire ! 12:04:50
Ron Paul talks about the "Truthers" 12:00:37
Cheap "Gold" coins - Get them while you can ! 11:06:16
Industrialized Nations Debasing Their Currencies? 10:02:53
Dog walks into supermarket and steals bone......ridiculous! 09:07:49
"OBAMANATION" Anti-Obama song by Ash Soular 04:43:06
Survival during Vietnam Hyperinflation 04:00:42
Rezko attorney 'owns' Obama mansion 03:41:00
Brit Mass Internet Censorship 03:32:22
Retail Sales Plummet 02:55:32
Iran aid ship to break Israeli siege? 02:24:37
Newsweek: It's time to demolish the FCC 01:51:09
What if George Bush Was Not Elected in 2000 and 2004? 01:40:24
The Federal Reserve Abolition Act 01:06:54
Santa Claus Bailout Hearings 00:54:10
Feds consider searches of terrorism blogs 00:30:22