Posted on December 3, 2008

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CFR-Brookings Report Reveals Obama's Mideast Strategy 22:00:23
Bush: "I was Unpreprared For War, "I'm Sorry" For the Economic Crisis.. 11:12:53
Ron Paul -Texan of the Year 08:59:55
Ron Paul Endorses Young Americans for Liberty 11:12:54
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Jeb Bush Considers Run for US Senate 23:15:01
Einstien , Insanity, and Drugs. 22:45:47
Wolf's new movie "The End of America" watch it here 22:42:43
Bailout? When has a cancer patients parents 22:39:15
Hey you ROCR's 22:26:37
Working on his Ark, working all by himself 21:28:03
Lindsey Williams on Rense radio tonight. 20:40:09
Ron Paul voter Donofrio- Obama Birth Suit at Supreme Court Friday 20:39:56
CIA Radio Commercial 20:38:00
Goldman see's 400,000 job loss for November 20:24:38
Dick Armey pushing Flake and Demint 20:15:19
Picture of the new american union fiat currency 20:14:35
Timothy McVeigh = Constitutionalist??? 20:03:34
EU Says DrugMakers Blocked Cheaper Drugs 19:39:11
Here is why we have to get ANGRY 19:32:11
Beware of Peak Oil Agenda 19:15:41
Obama and the New World Order 18:51:13
*Metal prices fall further than during Great Depression* 18:49:49
*Citigroup says gold could rise above $2,000 next year* 18:43:00
Obama’s National Security Team: Minions of the New World Order 18:21:08
MikeLawson...... 18:16:04
OT: Merry Christmas! 18:12:54
U.S. Army, Navy building robotic soldiers 18:01:36
FOR THE RECORD...... 17:29:51
***Ron Paul 1983 - The Dollar*** 17:12:23
CIA, Heroin Still Rule Day in Afghanistan 17:11:44
International Liberty & the "MSM Online Spin" 17:09:16
Rove contradicts Bush 17:08:34
NAIS and Monetization of Our Land 17:05:28
The End Of America 17:02:01
You people who think talking about the NWO is less important than talking about political action 16:56:15
Pearls of Wisdom. 16:56:10
PPT has their hands full today 16:54:55
Judge Andrew Napolitano interviewed on the bailout on Revolutionbroadcasting link here 16:52:30
Vaccinations are NOT evil and Ron Paul has NOT spoken out against them! 16:39:46
No plane debri at the Pentagon 16:29:07
To those who Follow Prechter and bash metals! 16:24:39
Metal prices fall further than during Great Depression 16:17:39
Fred T holiday message,why does he get it now?He sounds like RON 15:58:50
12-3-08 2:50pmEST----Is anyone listening to Alex Jones 15:51:28
Cheating in an election. uh legally. 14:45:34
I would like to attempt to clear up any Campaign for Liberty misinformation you have! 14:31:48
Anyone want to run with this idea? 14:20:35
Obama "Salutes" Bush as he Receives "International Medal of PEACE" 13:51:35
9/11 Questions and Answers 13:47:10
Lindsey Williams is right! 13:35:46
Japan calls for "Obama Bonds" 13:28:10
***Alex Jones on Russia Today 12/3/08*** 13:22:28
Wahington sports reporter attacks 2nd Amend.--wants players disarmed 13:20:58
Icelanders Storm Central Bank 12:31:41
They Want to Know 12:29:51
The next shoe to drop has arrived 12:07:15
More of the Same You Can Believe In: Rove Says Obama Security Team Represents 'Continuity' 12:02:08
My Congressman, Stephen LaTourette, Is Getting Over 5,000 Emails A Week! 11:44:05
*** Vote RP Texan of the year *** 11:24:23
plaxico burress gives us great oppertunity to teach kids jury nullification 11:22:43
Ron on the Neo-Alchemy of the Fed -- and Abolishing It 11:15:01
on the funny side! 10:59:57
End the income tax, save America 10:59:09
Dennis leary and the show "Rescue me" will air a 911 conspiracy plot highlighting building 7 10:57:51
Question on Credit Default Swaps 10:57:24
just throw money at them? 10:49:46
Freedom fighter radio host arrested for upside down flag. 10:24:14
Morgan Stanley purchasing rights to operate Chicago parking meters! 10:10:42
Ron Paul a campaign for Liberty... 09:41:52
Report from Georgia - Diebold at it again... 09:23:18
U.S. Steel to lay off 3,500 employees, just before christmas :( 08:37:04
Ron Paul called "darling of Wahhabi lobby" by Worldnetdaily 07:10:01
Buy Palladium the other currency!!! 06:49:29
Military Officer Speaks Out! Ex-prosecutor says Guantanamo is "Stain on America" 04:56:59
Wake-up Call, documentary on the financial meltdown of early 20th Century 04:23:47
Hospitals in Hawaii to Obama: You were not born here 04:05:29
Newly released Nixon records show operatives 03:57:32
City Government Illegally obtains Federal Funds. 03:37:42
Electoral College scam: Where dead people vote 03:30:14
9/11 Video - Check It Out! 03:29:16
Cops show how legalization can help economy, hurt cartels 03:06:34
Good Tune. "Beyond the fence they're watching you." 02:45:29
Article on MSN- at least some people know what's going on 02:33:06
So are you celebrating Christmas this year????? 02:19:55
Washington DC Declared 4th Amendment Free Zone. 02:15:51
Dec 2, 2008 UPDATED NEWS ALERT: Democrat asks Supreme Court to halt electors! PLEASE PUMP THIS ONE! 01:49:10
Dr. Paul Interview - Point Of View - 12/2/08 01:32:37
Sanford stands against Greedy gov's 01:08:34
The Recession: 6 ways to seriously lose your sh*t 01:06:37
The Shadow Government 00:55:49
Police confiscation of property without charges 00:41:56
The Rockefeller Plan 00:41:40
Dollar demise much exagerated 00:26:54
A message to the citizens of the U.S from Australia and the U.K: "Do Not Under Any Circumstances Give Up Your Guns" 00:14:25