Posted on December 30, 2008

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I am off to ECUADOR! 23:44:14
The Wall Street Ponzi Scheme Called Fractional Reserve Banking 23:33:54
"Just let me die" 18:58:08
I just realized something 17:53:09
"Debt" is an emotion 17:52:45
Richard Viguerie: Conservatives Betrayed; The GOP Must Reject Big Government 14:06:28
The Trolls Among Us 14:14:54
City of Ember - A Libertarian Must See! 14:06:29
Kucinich criticizes Israel; wants U.N. probe 11:37:30
***What is Your Opinion of Freedom to Fascism?*** 11:15:38
*The Revolution A Manifesto Amazon Most Loved Book of the Year* 14:06:30
Saving (and even DRINKING) your rainwater 14:06:29
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farmantv, the voice of the ron paul movement 23:50:22
Excellent Article by Chuck Colson: "Pray for the Church" 23:46:45
Retailers may close 73,000 stores in the first half of 2009 23:29:33
Economic what if? 22:53:44
McCain's been awfully quiet lately .... 22:19:08
Have a Happy Recession 21:51:01
"Do you take American dollars? It's all I have." Treasury Makes Subprime Auto Loans 21:50:10
The Reason Why Gold Costs So Much Is Not Only Because It Is Worth It! 21:48:26
Run from the Dollar! Peter Schiff 12/29/08 21:24:50 looking for donations 21:12:30
This is who takes over 21:05:46
Flu updates 21:02:28
RNC draft rips Bush's bailouts 20:32:56
Ron Paul 2012 20:24:46
The Fed and Who Owns It 20:22:51
The Battle To Save The Fiat Money System Has Begun 20:03:46
spiders on drugs! 20:03:17
Ron Paul Tupac Changes ( Promo for C4L) - Must See and DIGG 19:45:22
The Prince 19:41:56
Uncle Jay Explains the news. 19:39:20
"Secret History of Gold" on NOW 6 pm EST National Geographic HD 19:04:42
Ron Paul #6 Top Searched in Politicians 18:59:13
The war with Iran closer than ever!? 17:58:14
Do something Michael 17:27:59
U.S. man pleads guilty to acting as agent for Israel 17:23:35
Peter Schiff on CNBC 12/29/08 17:23:05
>>>>I CONFESS<<<< 16:58:38
You Select RNC Chairman Debate Questions! Please Vote! 16:57:55
martial law warning ! - the spirit of modern wolverines 16:34:26
Tax Money Funds Illegal Immigrant Employer 16:28:55
Five Steps to Food Independence. 15:47:22
I am being hacked!!! 15:46:06
US says will give $85 million to help Palestinians 15:42:49
***CHINA WATCH 2009***UPDATE 1-4-09 15:40:27
Cynthia McKinney's relief boat rammed by Israeli ship. *UPDATE* 15:30:07
BRRRRRR! Happy New YearBRRRRRR! -50F To -60F BRRRRR 15:09:58
Domestic Torture via Radiation Weaponry: America’s Horrific Shame 14:45:07
2/3 of Government Revenues come from Investments, not Taxes (CAFR) 14:41:30
Great Rush (Radio) Today 14:19:39
new film: core of corruption 14:01:44
Silvers perfect Storm! plus the CFTC investigation...... 14:00:56
RNC Rips Bush on Bailouts and for going socialist 13:54:55
Michael Mc. The Daily DP Lurker 12:46:13
Ed Asner on The Alex Jones Show"End of The American Empire"1/2 12:40:12
Cynthia McKinney Aboard Boat Headed for Gaza, Intercepted by Israeli Naval Force 11:34:07
Want to know if Wheat (grain) would be a good currency? 11:27:52
Cynthia McKinney on board relief boat rammed by Israeli Navy 11:17:57
***RNC draft rips Bush's bailouts*** 11:12:30
US Retailers soon to be Vacant Lots 10:58:53
Is Posse Comitatus a Myth? 10:05:09
Choosing Freedom: The Irene Gravenhorst Story 07:36:40
The Big Picture (Final Cut) 05:46:04
Gaza Blitz could last for weeks 03:07:14
Sprayed Aerosols Could Ease Climate Woes 02:53:06 In a weak economy, a weak dollar is better 02:18:12
Sovereignity Does You Little Good In Prison 02:10:27
What happen to my post? 01:59:04
Gun Control, in England.. 01:21:50
Pentagon Plans For Green Zone In Iraq 01:00:53
Oculus, Buried in the NYC Subway under Ground Zero 00:48:11
Daily Paul about to come under attack, may have already been infiltrated 00:39:56
I can't remember who did the video that was not allowed on Youtube... 00:31:38
Please google Wes Penre, 2003, Hidden History 00:26:56