Posted on December 5, 2008

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That "not reading the bill before voting on it" thing happens EVERYWHERE!!! 12:37:08
40 Techniques of the Globalist Elites 12:19:32
SWAT Team Raids Ohio Co-op 10:58:26
Obama's New World Order (Time Mag Headline) 05:52:38
New World Order Being Taught In Schools! 03:30:12
Local Currency in Milwaukee! 00:28:45
Can Paulists help this Soldier seeking Asylum in Germany? 21:01:43
A Long Train of Abuses... 16:55:34
What The Government Doesn’t Want You to Read About the Financial Crisis 19:03:41
"National Security" Gardens: An Everyman's Revolution! 01:17:02
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Obama Birth Certificate Controversy. **A MUST READ** 23:59:40
Former detainees suffer long after captivity ends -- even without torture 23:51:09
Let's go to Korea!!! 23:33:31
IS BUYING 10,000 dollars OF GOLD A SMART THING TO DO? 23:23:53
Professor Antal Fekete: Red Alert: Gold Backwardation 23:05:00
connecting the nwo dots. 22:58:52
The Beginning of the END 22:31:21
You got 3 minutes to warm up your car 22:17:35
Milwaukee neighborhoods could print own money 22:03:58
Outlook 2009-2012 21:59:25
Mark Cuban endorses the broken-window fallacy 21:22:37
Wack Job of the week! 20:52:51
Corruption: the "officials" way of life 20:50:07
For all those who would follow Ron Paul to the gates of hell 20:43:05
Please God! Bail out the auto makers. 20:39:06
Jeff Flake on Bailout Blues... 20:33:04
I got a letter from my Senator 20:12:12
What's your rank in the Revolutionary Army? 20:07:52
Any news from SCOUS re Obama birth? 20:06:29
533,000 jobs lost in November. 19:51:24
Judge Napolitano to be on Restore the Republic Radio!! 19:44:56
Russia Today on the 20,000 troops 19:26:43
Missile-shield shootdown test is success, Pentagon says 19:10:53
Ultimate political scandalous babe? Fawn Hall. What's yours? 19:03:49
Too big to fail vs. Rule of Law 18:58:21
This HAS to go viral 18:50:25
Why are we such chumps? 18:49:35
***Ron Paul On Fox With Cavuto Video*** 18:31:48
*Write-in votes go to Ron Paul Hillary Clinton Mickey Mouse and Jesus* 18:26:38
Any word from the SCOTUS about Obama's Birth Certificate? 18:20:52
Ron Paul, if only we listened 18:17:17
Government inefficiency at work: After 6 months FCC "autoreplies" 18:13:47
What's with the hostility towards collectivism? 18:13:30
****Exploit the Children**** 18:07:31
Is America about to get what's coming to her??? 18:02:59
insoluable, adj. accepting of no solution or explanation 17:46:04
Bush acknowledges recession, automakers' troubles 17:37:30
No More 'What's your sign?' Now it's "What's your blood type?" 17:25:44
How much is 11 trillion 17:23:32
Ron Paul on FOX News w/ Cavuto... NOW! 17:20:28
I was in the middle of reading an article 17:16:57
First MSM report on Obama's legal eligibility I've seen 16:46:45
NYROB UNLEADED August '08 $3.40 a gallon...TODAY...92 CENTS 16:46:26
Update: This makes us sound looney 16:39:29
Drivers Wanted in Tri State Area (PA,DE, NJ) 16:29:15
Does anyone here believe the jobless report can drive the market UP? 16:27:24
Patrick Henry: Enemy of the State 16:22:01
1 in 10 in mortgage trouble 16:20:59
Bill O'Reilly to step down from 'The Radio Factor,' 16:17:28
Ron Paul is a First Class Humanbeing! 16:16:30
New stupid laws in AZ 15:42:18
Call Your Senators and let them know how you feel about this bailout biz!! 15:32:09
Stop worrying about all that could occur tomorrow 15:11:49
Homeland Security Reality Show - coming to ABC 15:00:21
I.O.U.S.A. on "short list" for Academy Award 14:30:58
From the panic of 2008 to the "Collapse'' of 2009 14:16:39
Gold, Silver, PM Current Updates? 13:54:56
The D word as in Depression said on CNBC! 13:47:54
Free Nation Project 13:32:44
FYI: GM wants to become a Bank 13:20:52
Supreme Court Vigil today 13:04:25
Confirm Thy Soul in Self-Control!! 12:57:55
CNN gets Obama citizenship twisted. 12:42:13
They Live, they Control and they Feed. 12:38:12
Look at what one of the sheep bleated at me today 12:26:46
World's oldest marijuana stash totally busted 12:15:55
Rand Paul speaking at BTP rally 12:12:29
Two Cows Economics Explained 12:01:49
Save our country-Take your kids out of school 11:56:31
Dow Close 12/5/08 8,635.42 up +259.18 +3.09% 11:48:29
30+ NATIONWIDE NEWSPAPERS ARE FOR SALE!!! Can you imagine if we pooled our $$ to buy them?? 11:41:16
Bush: The "Excuse me" video 11:23:38
Ron Paul was right again - this time on foreign policy 11:11:29
Bobby Fischer (Chess Genius) 10:50:10
BREAKING NEWS: New Amero Paper Currency 10:42:27
Proposed tax on cows & hogs breaking wind 10:36:59
*The Federal Reserve Is Engineering The Economic Collapse* 10:26:56
There are only four kinds of real money, Palladium, Platinum, Gold and Silver. 10:20:32
Supreme Court Deliberates Obamas Birth Certificate Today 10:06:44
533,000 Jobs Lost in November 09:46:07
You Guys will Love THIS! 08:59:11
Will USA follow Australia's move of bailing out the car industry? 07:53:58
The Perfect Storm! 07:48:20
Shooting the Government By Joel McNally 06:24:19
The Ultimate Civil Disobedience! 06:18:26
Send Bush packing but learn about what he wants to push thru before he goes 06:13:24
Obama gears up troops with "Change Is Coming" 05:10:06
Youtube's "watch in HD" 04:29:44
OPEN THREAD for debate from Sarah Site 03:25:33
Vote for good things 02:54:02
I'm taking bets... Will the Justices hear the Obama birth certificate issue? 02:25:18
NEW POLL: Should The U.S.Government Bail-Out GM, Ford, and Chrysler, OR NOT and allow a Bankruptcy Re-Organization? Vote Now 02:24:59
The banned Saturday Night Live Skit, watch it before this disappears as well 02:19:12
Take a look at the picture at 02:04:26
How to survive during an economic collapse 01:59:23
Why we should stop using the words "Zionism" and "Zionist" on the Daily Paul 01:22:21
China tells US to get Economy in order 01:19:56
Very Suprising Answer Given To A Thread Topic (Who is this?) 01:05:56
Nixon Tape Discusses Bohemian Grove (funny) 35sec 00:42:22
Tin Foil Hats No Good! Study Says. Everbody quick, take them off! 00:34:17
Why do Americans vote in idiot Senators (Dodd)?? 00:21:02
Great Article from fellow patriot - please digg. 00:15:04