Posted on December 6, 2008

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The Idea Whose Time Has Come: NOW! 21:03:14
***Season's Greetings from the Ron Paul Family*** 17:53:48
Last night an investment banker turned to me at the bar and asked me what I thought about our govt. 11:23:02
VIDEO: "The Illusion of Freedom" - Human Cattle on the National Farm 17:53:46
*** Ron Paul on Cavuto *** 17:53:49
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Angry laid-off workers occupy factory in Chicago 23:42:53
How can we guarantee that a small government will follow the law? 23:28:20
Plaxico Burress case highlights draconian gun laws 23:20:16
My Question is . . . 21:48:43
Does anyone remember 21:47:01
John Adams HBO series 21:40:15
Current TV? 21:22:41
Do a Google search of your username. 21:02:52
Great Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto Anthology 20:14:41
What is Libertarianism? This is an introduction thread for the curious 20:04:55
Is anybody aware of any political documentaries to watch? 19:35:11
Hardest Truths to face 19:22:40
Old school sit-in going on 18:34:46
Help!! How do I post these scanned pages and notes in the Daily Paul?? 18:33:22
Yale’s Secret Social Fabric 18:27:09
Coming Soon to the U.S.? 17:32:09
YouTube is Dead 17:29:49
***This Video Made Me Cry*** 17:28:35
How To Nullify Equal Opportunity Laws 16:56:19
***The "automakers" are not "Detroit"*** 16:56:02
DailyPaul, I got you! Great website for freemasonary. 16:39:28
I was pulled over by a cop,and I was on a bicycle 16:35:39
Chinese ready to raid US property 16:22:21
Restoring our Constitutional Republic members----Meetings tonight 12-18-08 7:30pm EST and Pacific (10:30est) 16:17:52
*Hyperinflation forces Zimbabwe to print $200 million notes* 15:42:57
Constitutional Law Enforcement Association 15:40:30
Bush Drinking Again???? 15:09:38
Obama Violates Logan Act Committed a Felony 14:49:46
Safety Deposit Boxes Confiscated,,,,Put back up for the new DPers 14:29:26
Clergy Speak out Against the War on Drugs.. 14:25:07
The US Constitution is NULL and VOID 14:14:07
Border Official Accused of Hiring Illegal Workers 13:51:30
***WAKE UP, AMERICA. We Have the Right to Choose and not Have This Imposed on Us*** 13:46:06
One Hell of a Coincidence 13:16:26
Went to an investment class at work yesterday and tried not to scream 13:09:47
Would C4L have legal standing to challenge U.S. government departments 13:04:12
Restore the RepublicS, not Restore the Republic 12:18:35
15 important truths about medical lies 12:15:05
A Long Train of Abuses in High Quality - Please Help 11:59:22
Swat Team Conducts Food Raid in Rural Ohio 11:35:25
For those who love truth above all else 10:55:57
JIm Rogers " America is out of control " Video. 10:27:23
Interview With Likely Libertarian Presidential Nominee in 2012. 09:20:38
New Video Meteor Canada 08:59:25
I.O.U.S.A. 08:48:22
Mr. Obama's Eligibility to be Aired Monday in DC 08:33:01
sitting here thinking 08:15:13
Not your kid? Pay child support anyway...... 07:45:47
OJ Simpson sentenced to 15 years...full sentencing video 07:35:57
Humorous Farce - The Great International Bankster Binge 05:23:58
ohio family house invaded by swat and food taken 04:36:01
San Francisco Chronicle: chart that breaks down the $8.5 trillion! 03:08:06
Stocks bought with bailout money lose $9 billion in one month. 02:18:59
"California May Pay With IOUs for Second Time Since Depression" 02:14:27
We've Got to EDUCATE and INCREASE OUR NUMBERS! 01:51:45
Blog It 01:40:47
Video Contest: Democracy is ..... 01:38:43
Restore Our Constitutional Republic Meeting- Friday nite 01:13:22
Court Could Stop Obama, A Different Angle 01:07:37
Need help with constitution question 01:03:38
Conservative lawmakers bring God, pledge to Capitol Visitor Center 00:26:51
Evidence suggests CIA funded experiments at state hospital 00:25:55
Restoring our Constitutional Republic Members, please read 00:10:09