Posted on December 7, 2008

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Apopka FL, your Ron Paul sign made my weekend! 20:24:05
Poverty in America, the Bailout, and You 19:38:47
Boston Tea Party 2008 - Next Sunday 20:24:06
New TV Extravaganza - Martial Law is Awesome 13:06:28
Henry Ford's Hemp car 1942 suppressed by the government. 10:34:30
New reality show exposes cops, KOPBUSTERS, war on drugs exposed. 10:18:35
'The Monthly Paul' - Republic Magazine Blowout Sale 19:38:48
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Recycling Industry Is Tanking, Big Time 23:49:34
More fun in Pakistan, 160 NATO vehicles roasted 23:41:18
Evidence / Arrest emerges that the U.S. was involved in Mumbai 23:41:09
While in Alexandria this weekend 23:01:51
*KopBusters* New Poll.... 22:43:39
Obama is not that different from Bush 22:27:36
Sara Evans LIBERTY Bowl Half-Time Performer 21:58:31
Ron Paul meet-up group at the sit-in? 21:47:42
Drone lands in ND in preparation for border patrol - Forbes Report 21:19:32
Forbes Quote - Economy pace toward "worse" so great that hard to see how rescue measures can come. 21:15:12
Iraqi relatives want death for Blackwater guards 21:09:46
US gun company Constitution Arms says its guns for elderly will be subsidised 20:59:37
China's Dry Container Shipping Grinding To A Halt - Forbes 20:53:35
Will World War 3 be stopped? 19:47:01
Gold Suppression reported on CNBC 19:21:30
Give Up Your GUNS For Food?! 18:12:32
***Alex Jones on Press TV - Obama's Bush Like Policies*** 17:21:14
The S*H*I*T Has Hit the fan IN Canada - NAU!? 16:56:42
American Open Currency Standard 16:51:32
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Boxer 16:42:39
Mumbai blowback: Prank call set Pakistan Air Force on "High Alert" 16:31:48
Are We Being Conned Again? 16:27:26
Which Obama did you vote for? 16:25:57
***CFL Victory Clark County*** 16:23:13
*Gold Peace and Prosperity by Ron Paul* 16:15:53
MadTV last night 16:09:45
The other day I went on the Boston Tea Party '08 site and watched the video on there but I can't find it 15:57:48
Get your Genuine Obama Gold Coin 15:36:31
Is This What Happened to Conservatives? 15:27:44
Jackie Mason is a Swine 15:11:22
"Ring Of Power" 14:47:51
Another Obama BC Lawsuit heads for the Supremes 14:34:03
Police State proof it is already here 13:42:34
Mumbai blowback: Israel directs India's soldiers to strike against Pakistan 13:41:13
Obama Will Go Down In Flames If We Keep The Pressure On Call CSPAN To Make Sure They Cover/Air This Press Conference... 13:09:54
Eric Holder as Attorney General -- Foe of Internet Privacy 13:02:45
Not all doom and gloom on DP 12:27:52
Recommendations 12:09:31
Just received this e-mail- tell Obama what to do 10:47:11
Can you believe this? MT Property values rise 55 percent in reappraisal 10:36:27
Carry the wisdom of Ron Paul, buy pallas. 10:31:55
A Different Christmas Poem 10:03:06
Kurt Wallace Live Sunday Dec 7th 9am EST 09:59:20
The Nuclear Football 09:48:21
Army supply depot completely torched 09:33:16
Riots in Greece 08:33:38
Ruppert Murdoch on promotional tour to Australia for the NWO? 08:29:48
Is the Boston Tea Party still happening? 08:12:33
Internet censorship Youtube, 07:43:06
This is just how retarded we've become in this country 06:56:21
Breaking good news: Rookie Republican wins LA 2nd district 06:47:35
Merchants of Death: Exposing Corporate Financed Holocaust in Africa 06:28:56
Is Anybody Here Involved With These Guys? 05:52:39
The Destructive World of "Troubled Assets": Paulson shoots another arrow into the heart of the Economy 05:49:55
Depression 2009: What would it look like? 05:05:55
Obama Birth Certificate NOW on CNN--FINALLY...... 04:34:28
To all leaving DP 04:08:00
Treasury's Paulson Seeks More Bailout Funds, Obama Team Joins in Talks 03:58:56
Peter Schiff identifies real cause of financial disaster, CNN cuts the feed.. 03:25:45
Just Found: Gold Coin Sale at APMEX 02:51:03
Pentagon expanding number of foreigners recruited 02:46:39
Bush:" Welcome to my hanging" 02:22:29
Blackwater Guards Indicted For Iraq Shootings 01:46:34