Posted on December 9, 2008

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Greedy Humpty Dumpty = NWO 23:20:02
First Time Ever: US T-Bills Trade at Negative Rates 23:20:01
National Service a Military Draft Trick? 21:48:31
Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic 23:20:02
Good Temporary Job and Spread The Revolution doing it 13:45:09
Some good news from the Obama camp? 09:23:48
Greek Riots: The veneer of civilization is very thin indeed 01:57:07
Boston Tea Party 2008 Posters 13:46:09
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George Mercier's "Invisible Contracts"- Citizenship Contract p 386-434 23:44:57
Revolt? An Image 23:39:50
George Mercier's "Invisible Contracts" p 1-88 23:37:13
Philip Berg on American Voice Radio tonight. 23:12:32
Why libertarians should be against privatizing social security 22:46:43
Statism is Dead - Terrorism 22:43:47
Statism is Dead - Terrorism 22:43:03
Army calling for all youth to mandatory service immediately 22:30:25
END THE FED Conference call is going on right now Tuesday 9PM EST and you can listen online link here 22:27:53
***Hamid Gul on The Alex Jones Show" CIA Ties to Terrorism"*** 22:11:21
Hoppe: The Consitution is itself unconstitutional 22:04:52
***WANTED*** info on the 26,000 pastors re FEMA camps etc***** 21:58:02
Al Gore sued by over 30,000 Scientists for fraud! 21:32:45
The Open Source TV Experiment - FINALLY!! 20:56:28
Governor arrested day after shutting out Bank of America. Now we know what the NSA wire tapping program is used for... 20:47:23
***Chemtrails Go Mainstream With New Metallica Video*** 20:34:23
Illinois Governor Messed With the Fed's Favored Bank... 19:48:25
Power Out in Nj! 19:36:24
News about the New Madrid Fault Earthquakes 19:31:53
Video"s!! that will help you wake up more people around you, about the world banks and the oil companies 19:30:34
NY cops are getting M4 MACHINE GUNS for New Years eve street beat !! 19:28:25
***All Prepared For Obama To Attack Pakistan*** 18:44:05
Please take this poll: FLOURIDE coming this weekend! 18:43:22
The safety of debt 18:41:44
Auto Bailout - My Way 17:56:06
Oh NO ! Here comes the Bird Flu 17:53:30
The Grand Unveiling - What is Truth 17:22:13
UPDATE: The U.S. Dept. of State STILL refuses to grant me a passport. 17:19:52
Once a "foot-tapper", always a "foot-tapper" 17:19:48
Treasury Bills Trade at "NEGATIVE RATES" as Haven Demand Surges 17:12:04
Selective Constitutionalism By Chuck Baldwin 16:54:27
Al Jazeera live welcoming calls on "Humans rights" issues w/ U.N. Rep. 16:41:45
Cancer Worlds Top Killer by 2010 16:37:00
Illinois governor indicted and arrested for 'seat' selling and 16:28:05
Drudge Headline: "And Now for a World Gov't" 15:58:24
al gore being sued for fraud 15:40:18
Daily Laugh - A New Gadget for the Bad Economy 15:29:15
Obama's senate seat for sale! 15:24:16
Where is the anthrax? 14:58:23
Obama 'Native Born Citizen' Suit Update 14:50:52
***VOTE*** 14:47:45
And now for a world government 14:43:43
Are you ready to kill your neighbors! 14:41:53
Bubbles, Tiny Wall Street Bubbles 14:39:44
For those watching for the twin Quakes. 14:30:24
Shouldnt we be trying to take over the republican and democrat party? 14:29:51
Pro-Capitalism Article from the UK 14:00:45
Daily Paul is great 13:58:52
Sharing my plan to wake up the relatives. 13:58:08
Everyone on the DP needs to learn Martial Arts Because... 13:22:02
Even when the truth is right in front of you, DPers still ignore it. 13:00:14
The War Drums Beat on! 12:58:22
hey jdayh is alex crawford a good insight in why to not to be violent??? 12:58:00
Transpartisan Alliance - American Citizen's Summit Feb. 12:39:42
Obama, the greatest con man in history, at least we knew huh ? 12:30:06
St. Louis Post Dispatch reports on GOP Chairman youtube 12:14:27
UPDATE VIDEOS!--Gold went to backwardation for the first time ever in history 12/2!! --means>NO GOLD/SILVER FOR ANY PRICE!! 11:57:56
The Day after Illinois Governor threatens Bank of America he gets arrested for something else! 11:52:02
What the hell. Illinois Gov arrested for trying to sell Obamas Senate seat 11:51:10
Still Waiting for the Fire. 11:47:08
Sen. Durbin (D-IL) Pleads To Bush To Commute Convicted Felon George Ryan's Sentence 11:37:15
Is this guy a "kindred spirit"? 11:23:40
Update: Another person Tazered: Another person dead 11:08:15
Roman Law vs US Law 10:56:12
chicagos governer 10:27:25
Sup. Ct. lets stand decision upholding state medical marijuana laws 10:06:51
RPLAC Reorganization Last Saturday. A Victory for Grassroots! 08:06:09
BMV new facial recognition rules for license photo 07:57:44
Obama: What the true story on the Supreme Court Ruling? 07:40:49
Arm Yourself & Learn How to Shoot! 07:38:28
Does anyone want to buy some gold? 06:40:52
Hearst News bans 06:30:02
Mumbai attack: did more evidence pointing to CIA have to be destroyed? 03:47:32
Getting the word out locally : Low-Power AM & Phone Trees (more ideas?) 02:52:47
Completely off topic but 02:33:16
ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ATTACK, IN LOS ANGELES ??????? 01:37:12 ... Vote for This Idea..**Please** 01:32:02
Did you know "The U.S.Capitol is a Temple"? 00:31:27
This should put all 9/11 conspiracies to bed, right? 00:08:24
Need a flashlight? 00:07:54