Posted on February 1, 2008

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Ron Paul draws MASSIVE Denver crowd 23:56:54
Daily Paul Upgrade & Ebay Poster Update 23:21:06
Message from Carol Paul 21:26:55
Call in the Reinforcements...Tell McCain the Surge is working...The Ron Paul Revolution Surge! 14:58:21
It is Official! Ron Paul Biggest GOP Fundraiser Last Quarter! 14:58:22
Ron Paul - Speech in Seattle, WA (1/31/08) 13:11:24
Great Video: Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo 13:08:42
Terry Jeffrey Defends Ron Paul on Hardball 13:03:25
Rolling Thunder - Call Talk Radio For Ron Paul 12:54:44
Feb 1 Money Bomb! 23:21:07
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Ron Paul vitamins for McCain 23:55:36
Someone break down Maine for me... 23:53:51
Cheney "Iraq is a quagmire" comments 23:50:29
Just got back from the Denver Rally 23:48:31
OFFICIAL From HQ: Ron Paul in TX for Rally and at MySpace/MTV debate 23:46:28
Ron Paul 1983 Sound Money 23:45:06
Well let's just usher in the Bible predictions 23:42:28
Please digg this story! Written by an intellectual! 23:42:05
Complete Video of Ron Paul in Denver tonight 23:40:40
Czech Ron Paul fan's theme song. 23:40:06
you say you want a (media) revolution 23:38:13
Please help me donate! 23:36:20
Ron Paul 1983 Sound Money 23:33:00
One man's thoughts on Freedom and the Revolution. 23:32:49
Report: Mike Huckabee Set for Libertarian Party Nomination Run 23:31:53
Nader Might run for 4th time for president...should know in 30 days.Good quotes Flaming Mccain(08)/Bill Clinton(circa 96)...LOL. 23:28:26
Ron Paul Topps Trading Card 23:25:06
BJ Shea invites Ron Paul on his radio show 23:18:20
we have to break 5 Million tonight to report with win in Maine tomorrow 23:14:21
Must See Ron Paul on Colbert for some Classic Edutainment! 23:13:37
We are taking the fifth 23:10:19
PBS: Cheney’s Law 23:01:16
sign Petition protest to CNN's snub of Dr. Paul during debate 22:45:54
** Email Now ** Dr. Paul excluded from Fortune/CNN economic challenge 22:42:00
The Connection Between Economy and Elections 22:39:17
Do you think this would work? 22:37:39
McCain = Bush; Romney = Kerry 22:35:49
"Those Ron Paul Military donations Stats made it to Lewrockwell blog" 22:27:12
Rand Paul in Montana - Fantastic Speech 22:25:45
$1433 to Go - We have 117 donors as of 6:25 Central Time on February 2nd - THANK YOU!!!!! 22:25:23
Paul to Appear on MTV/MySpace's "Closing Arguments" Saturday 6:00pm!! 22:17:46
Where can we WIN on Tues? 22:14:16
Congressional letter from Ron Paul 22:09:19
Read this right now! 22:06:54
new ron paul rally-1/31/08 - spokane-wa 22:06:29
Ron Paul 21:58:42
planted-questions-in-youtube-debate. 21:58:17
Ron Paul speaking live on the web! Its Awesome! 21:55:58
Pat Buchanan's Conservative Magazine Endorses Dr. Paul 21:53:34
Turbo Tax 21:49:35
Romney engaging in VOTER FRAUD in Maine! 21:37:54
New Hampshire Recount 21:29:18
Call4Paul needs help 21:29:06
paul-supporters-out-in-force-for. recount 21:25:39
Ron Paul beats McCain in Maine! 21:25:22
How to Beat McCain - for REAL! 21:24:32
Ron Paul NOT speaking Live now - Need Link! 21:23:49
Ron Paul live stream in Denver Now until 7:30pm Mountain TIme 21:20:27
Ron Paul's Book hits # 3 at Amazon! 21:18:28
Can I do this at my caucus? 21:13:04
I have a great idea. 21:09:37
Recycle the Rebate to Ron 21:07:34
21 Billion $ Market 21:05:08
Good News From Maine 20:50:42
"The American Conservative" magazine endorses Ron Paul 20:50:17
The Revolution my journey and yours 20:49:19
Cheers to Wilmingoton, NC Meetup !!! 20:43:51
Nuclear Bomb 20:41:36
Support Richard Matthews, a RP Republican, Needs Donations By Feb.12th! 20:40:34
US 'unable to defend its own soil' 20:40:26
Whoa! Must Listen Ad 20:31:49
Company I do work for got email that we will be boycotted by RP supporters 20:29:27
Ron Paul Military Donations again blows the other candidates away!! 20:28:29
H.R. 2755: Abolish Fed, Take Action Now! 20:26:37
To: luvthatveto in response to.. 20:12:27
I would like to know the number of emails collected from HQ 20:08:00
Best videos to show to possible supporter? 20:07:59
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Addition of New Policy Advisors 20:04:54
Don Luskin is on CNBC Kudlow & Company now. 20:03:19
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Addition of New Policy Advisors 20:02:32
Why Ron Paul is the only Liberal in the race 19:58:25
$$$$5 million by February 5th! We still have 4 more days!!$$$ Get Busy!! 19:57:56
Why this movement is so important 19:51:47
Ron Paul for President says The American Conservative- Official Endorsement 19:48:50
God-Tube - RP missing. . . 19:45:23
What media conspiracy? I thought Hillary was a solid choice? 19:39:58
All Of The Negative Posts You See.... 19:39:11
How do you eat an Elephant? Is my pun to subtle? 19:38:23
Facebook MySpace Money Bomb Push!!! 19:36:23
The media is winning 19:32:23
Endorsement : American Conservative Magazine 19:30:43
Need a Calling script for Dr. Paul 19:30:13
Maine! Is there a primary today?! Any news?! 19:23:46
Live Stream of Paul in Colorado tonight at 6 19:23:46
2007 - a bad year for personal privacy 19:23:31
Take a break.....check this out, this guy sings backwards 19:21:42
Will the McCain please stand up!!! Get a load of this...... 19:18:58
Letter to the Editor 19:13:10
We need that State by State money bomb.... that will fire up the troops!!!! 19:12:03
Someone let me know 19:10:51
Giant Rally Tomorrow--We're only closing on halfway there!!! 19:09:48
is the campaign doing any fundraising 19:04:11
Ron Paul on Bush's "Stimulus" 18:59:11
He asked for 5 by the 5th Now he has 4.7/5+8=13 million 18:59:09
Ron Defeats the Media ( Awesome video) 18:56:16
There is no such thing as only $700,000 18:48:30
Age is a non issue..... Dr.Paul,Nader,Gravel,McCain 18:44:19
Damn, this politicking is expensive. 18:40:25
Carry Out RP's Legacy!!! 18:37:03
Not paying credit or debt 18:26:53
Snipes acquitted of tax fraud, conspiracy 18:13:41
Email from Glenn Beck: Message from Ron Paul to Beck watchers 18:12:30
BAH-HA...Actor Wesley Snipes Acquitted of Tax Fraud 18:11:02
Who wants to SAVE a country??!! 18:10:43
Why not name VP? 18:08:06
Ron Paul on MTV Feb 2nd 2008 @ 6pm Eastern 18:03:51
did anyone just see cnn 17:57:25
The Revolution: A Manifesto, Ron Paul's new book hits #3 on Amazon 17:53:27
The Revolution: A Manifesto, Ron Paul'snew book hits #3 on Amazon 17:47:58
Recount Update Alert!‏ 17:46:11
Digg this article on McPain the Insane by Justin Raimondo 17:39:06
MTV article confirms Ron Paul 17:38:26
Bad news for Ron Paul!! 17:38:05
Mike Huckabee Commericial just on CNN. OUTRAGE 17:37:44
Multiple choice: What would Jesus do? 17:37:07
SUGGESTION: What About Setting Up An 800 Number Where Ron Paul Supporters Can Request a Ride to the Voting Polls. 17:32:24
Wesley Shipe's verdict is in... statement coming soon on Headline News 17:32:09
Carrying Out RP's Legacy 17:30:12
DIGG!!!! 17:29:10
Ron Paul For Congress 17:27:19
Bill O taking his lumps from Veterans 17:13:15
Freedom Bus & Donation 17:12:10
Confirmation from HQ - Ron Paul's Schedule for FEB 2. 17:09:14
Liberal Media Bias 17:09:11
My NY TIMES interview. 17:07:59
TOP SECRET...SHHH Yo. You making those sweet videos.....i gat yah music right here. 17:05:18
Fix this web site or dump it! 17:01:15
More great McCain questions - I'd love to hear his answers, or if he could answer any of them at all! 16:54:29
Reach 5 Million Texans by Primary -- Need $ for TODAY! 16:47:18
Ron Paul Revolution: Super Tuesday - It's time to stand up for freedom 16:42:11
If you want to know more about RP and the economy: Listen: Mises and Austrian Economics: A Personal View, by Ron Paul (narrated) 16:42:06
Radio Show Talking about Ron Paul Now FEB 1 3:40 PM EST 16:40:22
Just For Christians 16:40:01
Ron Paul Calls - 17 Million Americans 16:36:03
Can Paul be the best Republican and Democrat Candidate?? 16:29:56
Can Paul be the best Republican and Democrat Candidate?? 16:26:46
PLEASE!! 16:26:06
Is (pre-)paying off the mortgage deflationary? 16:18:36
Feb. 2nd, 2008 ~ Candlemas Rosary Rally ~ 16:16:29
why-corporate-media-blocks-ron-paul 16:14:33
Candlemas Rosary Rally tomorrow. 16:13:18
Mitt Romney's $35M "investment" 16:10:35
Enjoy some Ron Paul entertainment! 16:09:07
Five Fridays This Month 16:08:45
Paul: No federal funds for TTC 16:05:59
Planning a third-party campaign? 16:04:35
Today's New Donors just surpassed 1,000!!! Woohoo!! :-) 16:02:24
++++question about revolution?+++++ 16:01:52
Ron Paul "Take-Down" Site 15:59:53
Ron Paul endorsed by The American Conservative Magazine!! 15:58:15
The American Conservative Magazine Endorses Ron Paul!!!!! 15:54:42
Don't Just Donate: Make a Matching Challenge! 15:53:35
Poker Players Alliance Releases Candidate Voting Guide 15:53:34
Lovely letter From Carol 15:52:39
ABC/Facebook Poll 15:49:52
Maxed out club - Join Today! 15:47:07
BEAUTIFUL letter from Carol Paul! Please Read!! 15:45:15
The Madness of John McCain 15:37:56
McVain is *OUR* best freind at this moment 15:34:57
Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH 15:34:08
Michael Reagan 15:29:57
precinct leader advice please 15:24:53
Ron Paul WILL be in Victoria, TX tomorrow and VIA SATELLITE at the MTV Debate!!!! 15:18:43
US Defense Missles in Poland? 15:17:10
"Where's George" your Ron Paul dollars! 15:13:33
McCain finished 894th out of 899 at the Naval Academy and lost five jets! 15:09:17
Woo Hoo! RP Leads all GOP Candidates in MN Fundraising!!!!! 15:06:41
Elvis Impersonator Knocked To The Ground By Cops & Arrested For Jaywalking Outside GOP Debate 15:05:16
Mr. McCain wanted to be a liberal democrat!!! 15:02:06
Cut the cable service 15:01:26
Beginner investors, DON'T use Swiss America 14:54:58
Great NewsMax video on the money crunch and gold 14:54:13
Explaining the Maine Caucus 14:53:24
The American Conservative Magazine Endorses Ron Paul for President 14:51:55
Encouragement from Spokane, WA, One Thousand Strong 14:50:42
A Question to Ask McCain in Next Debate? 14:45:30
Great NEW RP VIDEO 14:44:59
How to address the age issue? 14:37:22
The American Conservative Magazine Endorses Ron Paul for President 14:35:34
Ron Paul FreedomStock08!!!! (UPDATE) 14:31:48
Donate $201 on 2/01 and you get to write personal message to Ron & Carol Paul! 14:27:57
SPEND IT ALL! 14:27:43
great vid. 14:24:58
Kent Snyder to be on Alex Jones today 14:24:05
750 FIRST-TIME DONORS BY 1:30 PM 14:23:17
Free money from Debeers to donate to Dr. Paul ! 14:21:36
Congratulations Dr Paul and his lovely wife 14:16:59
Congratulations Dr Paul and his lovely wife 14:16:49
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Addition of New Policy Advisors 14:13:07
Is this an error on a campaign funding report site? 14:09:49
Ron Paul Print Ad Ideas NEEDED - We are the Media! 14:07:22
Intrade betting on Feb 2008 Dropouts in this order: 14:05:08
Who wants to start a country??!! 14:04:42
Ron Paul Racing 14:02:26
new--colbert on Ron Paul--A must see!! 14:00:08
A question on the Constitution... 13:57:58
A question on the Constitution... 13:55:42
If You Can Influence Twelve People to Influence Twelve We Can Win 13:53:06
Great Article Ron Paul Clear Frontrunner in Fundraising 13:52:21
McCain's future vs RP's present. Great Article + Simi RP Clips 13:50:59
Violent Revolution = Preemptive War 13:50:26
How are your yard signs holding up in bad weather? 13:49:26
Food for Thought about Fox news 13:47:17
McCain, Giuliani, & Schwarzenegger- The Axis of Fascism 13:34:55
NYT RP Tax 13:32:02
Why Isn't Ron Paul's 4th Qtr Report Showing Up On The FEC Web Site? 13:27:18
Ron Paul will call 500000 people in Alaska today 13:23:20
Okay, time for Maine predictions 13:22:02
Former Punk rockers and current ones as well 13:14:46
Sacromento News & Review endorsement 13:14:17
We are a team...We fight together... 13:13:54
Most important video on the Internet? 13:08:20
Money: The Point at Which Democracy Becomes a Cruel Joke 13:07:06
Good Articles from Cornell University paper 13:07:01
I'm going to get to talk to Ron Paul for a half hour in person 13:05:57
This Chart compares the positions of all 6 remaining candidates 13:04:55
Huck is not beating us in $$ LOOK HERE 13:03:24
$400,000 RAISED BY NOON!!! 5TH BEST DAY... 13:02:30
Ron Paul Seattle WA 1/31 12:58:57
Down-The-Stretch-Money-Bomb 12:56:07
New RP Campaign Advisors! 12:52:16
Credit Card 12:49:27
NYTimes Slur - Ron's New Economic Advisor a Tax Loony 12:44:44
Full Length High Quality Brilliance 12:41:40
Time to play "Connect the Dots" 12:39:49
CBS Article Says Ron Paul Could Win Maine!!!! Must Read! 12:39:32
Does Ron Paul need to talk tough ? 12:38:33
Primary vs. Caucus numbers 12:37:49
We are approaching 600 first time donors today before noon 12:37:40
Everyones 4th quarter numbers are here! Go to 12:36:55
New Bush Coins (Parody) 12:35:24
We need another free state project 12:29:24
The New Revolution 12:27:22
Call Talk Radio For Ron now up and running - HIT IT FOLKS!!! 12:24:45
It's Official - LA Times: Ron Paul Biggest GOP Fundraiser of alll Republican Candidates 4th Quarter!!!! 12:20:22
Are Local Newspapers the way? 12:18:09
MSNBC Issue Tracker 12:16:41
new on YOUTUBE - Ron Paul kicks some MSM butt 12:11:54
Florida Campaign Supplies are gathered up and moving out TODAY to points North, West and in between!!! 12:11:16
Ron & Carol will actually read your personal message! 12:05:22
Perot: Giving credit where credit is due 12:02:53
I'm scared to death you guys... 11:53:23
Donated $201 11:39:21
Colbert Report/ Ron Paul 1-31-08 11:37:41
Holy Sh__!!! MSNBC article re: Maine. 11:36:27
Jim Rogers on the Fed Reserve. Ron Paul is Right, media needs to listen 11:35:08
Anybody hear this? 11:34:31
Ron Paul in Colorado Springs today! 11:28:18
Juan McCain 11:27:07
Clinton makes vulgar slur; misrepresents Ron Paul/Republican Presidential race 11:26:12 11:24:59
GREAT REPORT from Nat'l Tax Payers Union Foundation! 11:22:12
So much for "secret plans" 11:21:18
***IMPORTANT- How to reach our 5 Million Goal TODAY**** 11:21:06
We Need To Bring All Of Our Resources Home To Protect Our Country 11:13:54
Aragorn's Speech 11:09:26
Did you read this about Dr. Paul and his spouse? 11:08:20
By reading this, we should be able to detach ourselves from the Federal Governments own debt. 11:02:01
FEC Shocker!! 10:55:52
Saul4Paul(n), your man is losing it... 10:54:57
Just a thought 10:51:44
"Mad as hell" speech...does this sound familiar "today?!" 10:50:14
Please - No More Talk of Reagan 10:43:51
Payrolls shrink, first drop in 4-1/2 years 10:39:54
Yahoo News: RP's not viable....Aaaghhhh!!! 10:39:19
No Excuse For This Shocking Omission by the MSM! 10:31:12
Just got a call from Carol Paul! 10:22:57
Old news, but interesting… 10:16:11
Walking up the down escalator 10:13:18
Ron Paul wins by a landslide 10:11:42
Old and Forgotten: Bin Laden's Threat to Bankrupt US 10:10:43
Ron outraises the competition, DIGG this! 10:09:15
Catching Pigs 2 10:04:15
Ron Paul Inaugural Address 10:00:57
BLACK Eye to the MSM BLACKout 09:58:12
Can any Political Junkie Handicap Super Tuesday ? 09:54:45
The South will rise again… 09:45:02
Fantastic banner bomb in Reno this morning 09:40:09
IRAQ: The bottomless money pit & US gov't mis-use of Iraqi funds! 09:34:56
Coulter - Vote Hil vs. McCain 09:28:05
I blew it! 09:27:45
Nancy Reagan Supports McCain 09:16:36
Coulter would support Hillary over McCain.. 09:12:58
Connecticut Straw poll Results 09:11:34
Ron's Revolutionary Manifesto -- It's #5 on Amazon ! 09:08:38
DRUDGEREPORT-karl rove to be fox news regular 09:08:23
Dedicated to the Ron Paul Revolution Ron Paul - A Game of Inches 09:08:14
Reagan and Paul. Video Makes me so sad and so mad at the same time 09:03:59
An Untapped Source of Voters Asking Sincere Questions 09:03:43
Positive article in AP 09:00:22
Sorry - duplicate post - ignore 08:59:18
Ron Paul after CNN California debate 08:50:48
Biggest Fund Raiser Q4 08:46:56
Why Ron Paul is pro-2nd Amendment, and has so much energy! 08:28:34
The United States losing status world wide. 08:10:04
The WAR Is Certainly Not Over 08:08:00
A Friendly REMINDER To DONATE 07:53:04
President Ron Paul would run the U.S.Treasury, like he runs his own campaign. 07:38:03
LA Times Top of the Ticket 07:22:24
Ron Paul will win Maine! 07:17:42
The Problem with Sean Hannity - One radio host calls him out and defends Dr. Paul 07:01:58
requested! On MSNBC's Hardball, Terry Jeffrey defends Ron Paul 06:25:17
paul-supporters-out-in-force-for.nh recount 06:00:20
*Video*-Reduce Terror by Not Participating in it--Ron Paul Appearance 05:52:09
UPDATE recount support albert howard video 05:46:12
Shut up, put your money in the liberty account at 05:36:55
McCain is officially broke: Update 05:25:14
Ron Paul Revolution - Continue? 05:08:09
***If You Desire Exposure, Make the Pledge to Dr. Paul's BookBomb!**** 05:06:48
Help: Seeking RP/Huck Comparison for Christian Voters! 04:33:23
The Revolution: A Manifesto - by Ron Paul youtube video 04:30:18
***Republican Candidates are all Broke*** 04:15:13
The Revolution: A Manifesto VIDEO 04:07:14
Who does Nancy Reagan Endorse 04:01:54
McCain Broke, Gambles own Life - Wash Post 03:53:17
AP article on fundraising for quarter leaves out Dr. Paul 03:51:52
noelle is a troll 03:43:10
Video Boost! Ron Paul: Media-Trix 03:43:07
Ron Paul in Seattle 03:37:47
You Dropped a Bomp on Me, Baby!You dropped a bomb on me,lalala 03:14:32
POLL 03:14:07
Ron Paul's Congressional Campaign Fundraising. 03:13:01
Why are hot guys so stupid? 03:04:13
Interesting video on American Imperialism 03:00:38
*NEW* Ad Concept ---> The RP Supporter 02:57:08
afd 02:54:15
Ron Paul - Front page of Houston Chronicle 02:46:54
Youtube Vid of supporters outside Reagan Library yesterday. The revolution is alive! 02:42:04
Big Rally in Minnesota Monday the 4th ! 02:37:39
WHo wants RP to win the Election? 02:30:41
What will we tell our children? (GREAT video) 02:29:45
letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger 02:27:27
Titanic Shift in Global Capital Market Power 02:22:00
Average donation over $340 02:19:16
Stevens Point, WI Ron Paul Billboard - help us get this up!! 02:18:35
How to expose Vote Fraud 02:14:47
Vote for Paul in this Poll. 02:09:30
US troops killed in northern Iraq. 5 MORE DEAD Mr. McCain! BBC 01:59:33
Sadly,I've finally figured out whats changed about this site... 01:57:08
Write to Carol and Ron Paul 01:54:16
paul speaks at student union building 01:52:44
now that the MSM is snubbing Huck.... 01:46:09
Lets start canvassing the money bomb!!!We need a catchy phrase like Nov. 5th had!! 01:44:46
BUSH sneaks in more signing statements 01:44:26
A Great One Liner On Flip Romney 01:43:38
Donate! DONATE! 01:42:51
Total CRAP! Ron Paul's fundrasing ignored by Newsmax and the AP 01:41:34
VERY IMPORTANT !! What RP is fighting!! 01:40:42
Game for all States to Blast this Money Bomb!! 01:35:13
USEFUL - REBUT THE LYING NEOCONS - Real War Casualty Numbers 01:34:24
Awesome informative website - DIGG IT, EDUCATE THE MASSES 01:30:56
Does anyone know if Ron Paul is coming to Illinois? 01:30:10
Faux News Ann Coulter just said Billary instead of McInsane! 01:28:14
MAINE - A storm is brewing, lets hope the newfound interest is from RP peeps 01:27:33
Great Books to Read; If you can find them 01:23:45
>===> The BOMB is ON<===< 01:23:02
Socrates on Civil Disobediance 01:21:51
Attention all parents! 01:20:52
Local Issue for RPRs 01:19:43
Donate $201 and have your message personaly delivered to Paul 01:14:09
Ready--Set--GO!!!!! 01:08:40
revolution-manifesto-by-ron-paul.html 01:08:37
Just broke 4 million!!!!!!! 01:07:22
Celebrate 51 Years with Revolution Television 01:07:15
A Very Special 51st: Message from Ron Paul 01:04:23
This just in! Ron Paul will be the next president!!! 00:59:17
Judge Napalitano was just on Colbert 00:59:03
Foreclosure bill rejected by one vote 00:55:40
Ok I fell for it again, I give up!!! 00:53:45
Ok I fell for it again, I give up!!! 00:51:37
Ok I fell for it again, I give up!!! 00:51:31
Statement Ron Paul Racing regarding inflammatory and false postings 00:46:14
News: Democracies Not Holding Authoritarian Offenders Accountable 00:46:10
Seattle Is Fired Up 00:45:59
Official Email from HQ about Donation Day!!! Well, kinda. Please Read 00:44:17
What would Ron Paul do about Health care? 00:40:16
USA Not Prepared For Foreign Attack MSNBC Says 00:28:36
+ + TIPS for wildfire forum communications + + 00:22:49
Paul's Prospects looking up in Maine (Good news) 00:20:51
National Taxpayers Union: Only Ron Paul Would Cut Spending 00:19:03
When pundits say "so-and-so bowed out with dignity", were those jabs at Dr. Paul remaining in race? 00:17:04
Please Read; I'm Excited About Ron Paul Story in Local TX Newspaper! 00:13:32
Help with Precinct Data Spreadsheet 00:12:32
Obama Raises $32 Million in January 00:08:57
Those who have the youth, have the future. 00:07:42
best ron paul video ive ever seen 00:07:38
=== Ron Paul 1/30 debate highlights=== 00:04:52
hillarious american idol spoof video 00:03:23