Posted on February 11, 2008

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Recount news from NH - It's not over 16:47:07
Is John McCain Electable? 15:47:36
Ron Paul in Austin - UT Rally Feb 23! 13:45:25
Tribune: Ron Paul Will Not Endorse McCain 13:38:56
This Race is Far From Over! 13:45:26
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Impeachment begins!?!? Need your support to make it happen 23:55:48
Why do they hate us? (foreign policy) 23:55:15
FILE A Class action law suite aginest ****FOX*** too! 23:54:11
CD to convert Huck Supporters 23:48:45
Weapons of Mass Deception 23:47:48
Waning Funds:New Money Bomb Strategy -- GET THIS TO HQ!!! 23:47:39
***Ideas*** We need 10 Ideas (10 PLANKS) of the Manifesto/Revolution ***Ideas*** 23:46:45
*** RON PAUL CAR BOMB *** 23:43:31
A thought regarding communications 23:40:13
Sentenced to 10 years in Prison 23:34:44
Precinct Captains in States that have voted.. You're not done 23:31:47
Naomi Wolf on Coast 2 Coast AM 23:31:15
Gallup Poll survey excludes Ron Paul but includes Mitt Romney 23:22:56
Media reports about its bias 23:21:41
30-year hindsight 23:19:12
Another poll we are winning with 66% of the vote 23:11:30
Can someone help me with a website banner? 23:05:32
We need a couple videos 23:02:07
Hugo Chavez Speaks Out 23:01:08
UFC 82 Lets sponsor a real fighter! 22:53:11
Can Ron HANG 10? 22:48:11
Maryland votes! 22:47:13
Today's RP Donations Total $6,246 With Just Over 2 Hours Left!! 22:46:47
Value click against Ron Paul?? 22:44:26
WWW.WAGOP.ORG is a troll!!!!! This is great!!! Let's do all states! 22:41:45
Who will be the Libertarian Party nominee? If not Ron Paul. 22:40:48
Remaining States Delegates Breakdown Shows McCain Will Lose, Well Short of 1,191 22:29:44
A reason to never go DEM...Obama's Flag 22:28:19
|||| Calling all Paul Revere's |||| 22:26:56
Just sent this to about 50 friends - Rip It or Copy/Paste What You Like 22:20:31
Ron not invited to April 18th science debate! 22:15:37
Corrupt WA GOP (Please BUMP) 22:11:55
this aint good 22:10:08
This press release is from "press media wire......our race car!!!! 22:09:53
John McCain's "Yes I Can" video. 22:07:30
A Must see video on the Iraq War & Iran coming up 22:05:19
WE ARE (NUTS) - Not Understand Terms Surrender! 22:03:59
Unconstitutional Acts: input please 22:01:53
Ron is the only one..... 21:59:11
How to get MSM to eat itself 21:57:51
I am a "Bill O'Reilly conservative"? 21:52:49
John Mccain wasn't going to Seek Re-election? 21:45:51
Illustrated future of USA because we didn't get Ron Paul in the White House 21:39:32
Student sentenced to death for downloading womens rights document 21:39:11
Good Video about the media and whats happend to them! 21:39:07
++ - Trevor Lynam - End the Media Stranglehold + + 21:31:17
how many people here have cancelled their cable service? 21:26:26
***NEW -FOX-NEWS**** commercial "And then there were two!" 21:22:19
Why don't we donate a bunch of money on the 21:19:50
does it cost money for the campaign to put out press releases? 21:18:06
2 Concerns 21:17:08
New Liberty-Based Media Station Proposal 21:15:19
would anyone mind sharing examples of letters they write to people on the precinct lists? 21:10:42
Washington GOP's Luke Esser <<Exposed>> 21:08:17
On the top of the hour ***Ron Paul pulling in the delegates**** He is so still in this race!! 21:05:16
Is there a central bank in Iraq? 20:48:58
Have you guys seen this? It's awesome! 20:45:03
AT LAST! The CD to convert Huckabee Support 20:43:18
Declaration of Intention by the Supporters of Ron Paul 20:38:19
Do you have the Ron Paul Myspace List? 20:35:36
Declaration of Intention by the Supporters of Ron Paul 20:34:18
Just got this e-mail from Trevor Lyman 20:25:38 20:23:36
aol poll refreshed, please vote 20:19:11
Gold at 900 20:17:43
Brokered Convention Nearly Guaranteed--Check these #s. 20:13:40
Ron Paul won't back McCain... DUH 20:09:57
Ron Paul Democrats.... 19:52:15
As President..... 19:49:25
That Idiotic Message On The Official Site 19:47:36
Wichita Falls 19:46:28
German Ron Paul Girl Introduces Herself at Youtube 19:44:39
Bush attacks Ron Paul 19:43:08
Proof Huckabee has met with CFR!! 19:36:22
MSNBC's Tucker Carlson is still with us! 19:35:52
True numbers on delegates 19:35:08
What do you guys think about this idea? 19:31:14
Bumping is creating a vicious circle- please stop. 19:27:15
Whatever happened with the NASCAR idea??? 19:26:48
Texas Evangelicals Huge!!! 19:12:36
Ron Paul push 19:10:09
If we REALLY do have a shot at this..... 19:05:17
Ron Paul - SPEECH - Texas Rally 19:04:38
NEW inspirational video about Ron Paul and upcoming money bombs! 18:53:10
Why doesn't the average person realize tyranny is here? 18:51:50
This is unacceptable. We will support him. 18:44:54
No response from delegate sign-up 18:44:45
Huckabee has a hard time gathering 2000 signatures for PA ballot 18:41:30
Please stop the "Ron didn't write the email" posts 18:33:06
Graphic illustrating what Ron Paul is trying to fight against in relation to foreign policy 18:32:29
Ron Paul Signs missing 18:28:52
Texas caucus rules 18:28:29
Ron Paul speech Lake Jackson Rally 6 parts 18:22:12
DIGG - where has the left-wing love gone? 18:20:18
Car that runs on...air! No, not the Ron Paul Blimp, a car. 18:13:03
Ron Paul: Our Power Our Responsibility 18:12:31
Neo-Cons Admit Ron Paul Has "Changed GOP Forever" 18:09:33
V is for Valentine (mass donation event) 18:09:06
*** I AM MOVING TO D.C. TO FIGHT FOR LIBERTY *** Who is with me? 18:06:38
Maryland Direct Mail? Anyone? 18:03:42
Can somebody bring Neil Young up to REAL speed?? 18:01:32
The Media Lies! This WILL be a BROKERED CONVENTION! 18:00:31
CNN Situation Room now! 17:54:32
Obama parody video targeting McCain 17:44:29
Nasty Stuff 17:42:29
Ron Paul Racing, "get er done" 17:38:55
Tony Snow at CPAC 17:38:04
McCain and the Hundred Years' War 17:35:58
GOP Tea Party Pledge - Never to vote for McCain 17:32:06
If It Gets To A Broker Convention Romney Will Not Encourage His ... 17:27:51
Tell Texas Our Eyes Are Upon You! 17:27:09
A little something to make you smile 17:26:03
Should I apply to be a national delegate for Illinois? 17:08:02
Withdrawn Candidates Even Get Better Billing 17:06:43
Ron Paul is a Libertarian (and so am I) 17:05:59
Huckabee on Hannity just a few minutes ago 16:57:38
Does my conspiracy theory about why Hillary is being "anointed" have any legitimacy? 16:50:52
QUIT- are you Joking? 16:40:06
Help Ohio win - 88 delegates at stake - March 4th Primary 16:15:46
ENJOY Talking Heads 16:11:37
Washington 16:06:10
Ron on the cover of Newsmax in Feb 16:03:20
Would McCain or Huck call for an audit of the US Gold supply? If there's nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear! 15:53:20
Ron Paul : Patriotism (Who are the Patriots?) 15:51:52
Buck stop at US solider, not commander or, god forbid the President--DIGG 15:50:45
Say What? And the media wants you to believe Ron Paul is the kook! 15:47:43
Live On C-Span2 They are debating The FISA Bill 15:47:12
Wow, LA Times says Paul pushed out Romney, Giuliani and others 15:35:37
Weekly World News Roundup .. 15:29:42
Donate When You Post?!! 15:03:31
For those of you interested in the recount, a message from AH. 14:55:38
Trolls Needed Immediaetly! To undermine the democratic process by every dirty trick you can think of - No Moral Compass Needed! 14:54:28
"No You Can't" Video - negative for John McCain - probably done by Obama supporters, but good nonetheless. 14:53:36
A nice explanation of the Washington caucus. 14:40:27
He has not downsized... 14:31:00
Has anyone noticed a new confidence, commitment and fire in RP lately? 14:31:00
President's Day MoneyBomb!!!! 14:25:08
Why Isn't HQ Proclaiming Victory In Washington? 14:23:59
Just come home. 14:21:45
HAS *ANYONE* considered Ron Paul lets Buchanan take over his torch?? 14:14:27
Awsome upgrade to the Precinct Leader Program.. Get off your arses and get to work!!! 14:03:41
Tom Lantos congressional seat vacant - fill it with an RP candidate! 14:01:05
I Dare You to Knock Me Off the Widget 13:52:15
Filmmaker Spike Lee & The African-American Community's Obama Sentiment 13:51:29
Feb 28 Houston, TX MSNBC Presidential Summit 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET 13:49:55
Foreign Policy 13:47:25
Blood Oil! It is making my blood boil! 13:46:22
Does Ron Paul want to disband the FBI? 13:45:20
Challenge Obama to a debate 13:44:49
GOP be warned - if McCain is your nominee, I'm voting Democratic. 13:39:35
Ron's Congressional oppponent... 13:31:42
Tail wags Dog 13:30:00
The Republican Plot to Steal Paul's Seat in Congress 13:29:44
What did Rush just say? 13:22:18
David Limbaugh: "Critics of McCain's Critics Want Leftward Tilt" 13:21:51
CNN screwing with Huckabee 13:21:01
Ron Paul: No John McCain endorsement 13:19:04
Video story of Ron Paul w/ a bit of commentary by Paul, he's in the race till the end. 13:17:03
So declared the totalitarian dictator Josef Stalin. ... 13:13:05
Ron Paul Nominees 13:07:28
This is why we must have RON PAUL!! 12:58:06
Why do other other people support obama/clinton/mcain 12:52:56
If we really want to make it possible... 12:51:15
No Support for Politicians that Endorse J. McCain 12:49:08
Just on C-SPAN 12:44:10
Wooo Hoooo! Article from the LA Times! Ron Paul still in for the win! 12:40:29
Watching on CNN, about charges against terrorist 12:27:47
Neo-Cons Admit Ron Paul Has "Changed GOP Forever" 12:26:00
Michael Cherthoff's Dual Citizenship 12:19:45
Was Friday's e-mail actually written by Ron Paul? 12:11:34
Brokered Convention? How likely? Here are the numbers 12:08:37
The Russo film 12:04:36
**Use the sheeples brainwashed minds against them** 11:51:25
Washingtonians: post-caucus poll and live talk on KVI 11:49:50
The Greatest Impact 11:49:28
f THEY refuse to even let you hear his message, doesn't that give you the tiniest hint that what he has to say is GOOD for you 11:36:46
The only reason Huck is still in....... 11:28:11
Yahoo headline:• Huckabee resists GOP calls to abandon campaign 11:21:24
More encouragement that it's not over! 11:18:30
Washington still not finished counting.I smell a conspiracy!!!!!! 11:16:28
If YOU quit, Ron Paul has no choice left... 11:11:16
Lets not forget these guys while we are doing our canvass. 11:04:25
**urgent NH recount needs to know how set up webcam, anyone?** 11:02:51
Shock and Awe... Ron Paul style! 10:47:35
NEWSMAX, with Paul on front cover. 10:42:03
Rand Paul for Congress! 10:32:36
When is the OFFICIAL next Money Bomb? 10:28:02
RP Congress donation. Currently: $262,430.00. 10:25:34
★Donate!★ Donate!★ Donate!★ HELP REACH 6 MILLION TODAY! 10:17:08
★Hope Anthem★ Video! NEW! 10:13:22
Ron Paul Racing Political Action Committee 10:10:25
Comparison of candidate politics 10:08:39
Ron Paul Support Ralley 09:51:33
Huckabee is crying foul 09:35:09
CPAC Speech CONVERTS THIS McCain Supporter to RON PAUL 09:25:16
Look at Pedens Disgusting ATTACK AD!! Blame America First??? 09:19:26
What is this 'Iraq war' charge on my bill? MUST SEE 09:16:13
Chertoff Worries About Homegrown Nuts 09:15:22
Ron Paul Chocolates Will Fund Billboards! 08:20:22
Dr. Ron Paul has put this election into OUR hands! Next? YOUR Move!!! 08:16:12
Building a mighty dragon! 08:15:26
Lieberman seeks Jewish vote for McCain from Jew Paulistas 07:16:57
It was a full house for Ron Paul 07:13:37
This is truly OUR campaign NOW! RP just empowered us to run it as we see fit. 07:13:09
MSM acronyms 07:05:19
**Ron Paul Has 14 Louisiana Delegates** 06:50:54
John McCain... Electable? 06:47:42
*** Vote for Ron Paul in the LA Times Poll *** 06:47:16
China Steals 62 Billion a year and military secrets 06:44:07
Remember Bullworth the movie. 06:15:23
LA Times Poll: RP was 55%, now 43% & Obama 2nd, up to 38% 2/13 06:07:34
Okay I have an Idea 05:49:40
Media Exposure by Candidate-Interesting 05:41:49
Paul Rallys Texas today 05:36:59
Huckabee surpassed Paul this quarter for donations!! 05:23:12
What a fine day this has been.... Everyone help Paul save his seat!!! 05:14:29
Huckabee cries foul in Washinton State he is jumping on the band wagon 05:11:00
Econ Reading - Uncle Sam Crying “Uncle” 04:53:11
Huckabee is in trouble in Indiana and Pennsylvania 04:49:04
The Media 04:46:23
word from the family 04:34:32
PHONE BOMB 04:18:30
Since nothing happens without a reason, Why is this happening? 03:19:36
"He's got Obamaphilia"-Joel Stein/LA Times 03:11:34
Video of RP speech in Lake Jackson on 2/10/08 up now. 03:10:45
Video of RP speech in Lake Jackson on 2/10/08 up now. *update* 03:05:00
This Sucks, but we need help in Indiana! 03:02:02
Abraham Lincoln said it and Ron Paul has done it. 02:57:41
Scientology raided today by Anonymous, ROLE MODEL 02:54:46
becoming a congressman 02:54:37
Report straight from Washington 02:50:41
Brrrrrr!, it's chilly here in our Valley Forge,,, 02:50:41
Funded: [Colorado Ron Paul DELEGATE] Totally Funded!!!!! 02:47:40
Toledo Mayor kicks Marines out of town 02:40:22
$$$ Holiday Money bomb $$$ 02:35:05
**** **** 02:16:17
Monday February 11th is money bomb day 02:05:46
Vote for McCain! (or not...) More people need to hear the "straight talk" truth from John's mouth! 02:05:34
How can you help Ron Paul if you don't live in District 14? HERE IS HOW - PLEASE READ! 01:58:01
Any Video Of RP's Speech Today From Texas? 01:47:21 ONLY 143,000 left to go! Let's get this done!! 01:46:06
The Govt. doesn't like competition. 01:37:29
Time to support the Not Mainstream Media 01:37:06
Let's make Ron Paul the Six Million Dollar Man again, TOMORROW 01:19:02
Whos Your Candidate? - Game 01:12:05
Huckabee claims vote fraud in Washington state, threatens court action 01:10:43
U.S. Military Supports Anti-War Candidates Paul and Obama 00:55:32
my day at the Washington caucuses 2/9/08 00:51:54
Wake up America! Fight for your future (YouTube video) 00:45:43
Washington State - McCain Declared Winner with 87% of the vote counted, Huckabee Cries Foul 00:36:30
** WE MUST BECOME THE MSM – AN IDEA (BUMP this please in a major way) ** 00:36:04
Wake up America! Fight for your future (YouTube video) 00:32:57
Reagan 00:32:05
By the time of Super Tuesday, we were half a million strong 00:21:22
Karl Rove mind control on Faux News. 00:21:15
Mike Huckabee: A Danger to Society 00:20:48
Ron Paul Support Ralley KSL building Salt Lake UT 00:16:17
help, proof Obama will expand war, how to get info out 00:15:40
Huckabee @ Chuch in Central VA 00:09:04
43 more Precinct leaders for 18000 00:06:15
Smart comprise on third party run vs. Republican Nomination 00:03:44
UH Oh!!!,"Police set to search for guns at homes" 00:01:55